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January declutter challenge-we did it- we got rid of 9966 items!! - Page 7

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BTW- on Jan 31st/Feb 1st we should come back and give our totals even if you do not reach the 500. IMHO, if you have greater than 1 item you did good by getting it out of your house. As you leave your total, add to the pp's so we can have a running total what we got out of our homes. Does that make sense?
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Ilovelife - Definetly not a failure. You are doing a great job. You have gotten rid of soooo many items already. You keep trucking!

Amy- Definetly count little Einstein!

And I love your idea. Would love to read a grand total...however, I will need a calculator as I am number-inpaired!
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87 more items. i'm up to 217. sold some stuff on ebay and the tp. this thread was a HUGE motivator for me to list and sell. my home is looking better and my paypal account ain't too shabby.
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Okay- so we really decluttered during our move. I had thrown things for a garage sale in plastic bags as we were packing. I put them all neatly in big moving boxes once we moved in and counted them, plus added some stuff that we sorted through as we unpacked. We also tossed stuff and took stuff to the transfer station. Total items 1007! My biggest problem is keeping things that have outlived their usefulness or are broken thinking I will need them in the future. Many of these things I don’t even know how to fix! We also seem to have been a repository for a lot of stuff that other people wanted to get rid of. I don’t like to buy things new, and people who know this often bring me stuff they want to get rid of.

Here is some of what we got rid of:
Fertilizers, paints, cleaners, insecticides, etc. left by the previous owners of our house (took them to the hazardous waste disposal). Note- most of these were so old they had to have been left by the owners who lived there before that! Talk about clutter!
Cables, cords, remotes to electronics we don’t own
Videos, dvds, and cds we don’t like or use
Infant toys and electronic gadgety type toys
Sheets for double and queen beds (we have king and twin)
Crib sheets, blankets, and the crib (which we never used)
Bookshelves, an overstuffed chair, a lamp, a dvd storage tower
Expired vitamins and medicines/ first aid supplies
Trial sizes of chemical type of shampoos and soaps that we will never use
Expired food from our emergency kit
Knick-knacks of all sorts
Several sets of curtains and drapes and the rods that go with them
Kids clothes outgrown, adult clothes we will never wear again (shoes too)
Duplicate photos we never gave away
Old receipts, bills, and three years of tax returns!
Camping and sports equipment that we won’t use or is broken or worn out
Returned three items to the store that were new that we won’t use
Microwave and toaster oven that don’t work
Clocks, cameras, and telephones that don’t work or we won’t use
Assorted plastic and glass containers from food products that I have been reusing for a long time (recycled)
Lids and containers without matches
Some of the moving boxes (don’t laugh- I would ordinarily keep all of them- broken down in a neat little stack)

It is liberating to get rid of all this stuff. At first when I was packing I felt a little bit exposed, or something, by getting rid of so much stuff. Now, though, I feel really blessed because we still have so much and only stuff that is beautiful, sentimental, or useful.
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Erika- : wow, you have taken this to a place I never thought possible. I better get dh in the garage and going thru all that stuff like cans and jars of whatever etc.
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Thanks for the support, ladies. I'm still trucking....

And I'd DEFINITELY count Einstein!
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My husband got inspired by my decluttering and went out to the shed last night. He worked for hours. When I took out the trash this morning, there was hardly any room in the can. He filled it up! Very liberating to get this junk out of here. I am up to 160-didn't count DH's work.
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It really helps to de-clutter when you have to lay your hands on everything you own at least twice (once to pack and once to unpack). We also had a bit of an advantage because we finally moved into a house that we bought- after living in rentals for 11 years. We had tons of good, useable stuff that I didn't ever want to get rid of in case we moved someplace we would need it. You know- we moved into a place without closet space, so we got a bunch of dressers, then the next place didn't have any overhead lighting and we bought lamps, then the next place didn't have any window coverings and we bought drapes... etc. This is our 7th move in 11 years and each time we collected stuff I didn't want to throw out in case we needed it for the next place. Now that we have our own home I know we won't need any of it- and that helps me purge!
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I reached the goal! My last total was 377. I have since trashed/recycled 113 items, sent 19 items to my mom, and boxed up 22 books to donate to the library. New total: 531!

I got in a bit of a groove yesterday. When I have run across some groups of stuff- like back issues of cooking magazines- that seem excessive, I have been telling myself to keep half. I did this with some cooking magazines in the garage yesterday, then said to heck with it and put them all in recycling. I still have about a year's worth in the kitchen and I just decided I don't want ever want to spend scarce time reading the rest. Same thing with books last night- I went through the living room shelves and was able to get rid of a bunch of books that I have "been meaning to read" (some for 10+ years!) and boxed them up for the library book sale. Then, I was able to pick up a current book I WANT to read and not feel guilty for not catching up on my "to read" list.

Basically, it seems like I get paralyzed by my "to do" list. I feel like I need to finish the oldest craft project, or read the book I have had longest, first. So I end up with a big bunch of this stuff and I can't get motivated to get it done because my interests have changed. So I have decided to give myself a fresh start on a lot of these things.

Another thing that has really helped is that we have to put almost all of our stuff in storage April 1 while we remodel, so if it's one of those things that "might be useful someday" I have been able to get rid of it if "someday" won't come in the next couple of months.

I need to keep going in the garage, but I'm taking a break today to do some "electronic decluttering"- I have 600 old emails in my inbox (groan).
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I did my electronic decluttering on Xmas day- backd up pics, old docs etc and then got them off in documents.

So does that count as any items??

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Good for you- I am hopelessly behind on organizing my digital photos and documents. Maybe we should also have an electronic declutter challenge for February!
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Can you welcome a latecomer?

No time to read through all the posts right now, but I wanted to subscribe and I will read the thread over the next few days. My goal will be 200 items, since I just found this and it's January 18 (almost 19) already.

200 won't even be noticeable in this house. Wish me luck!
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Only two items today but reading this thread has inspired me. I'm off to do some more decluttering instead of emailing.

BTW, I'd love to do a February Electronic Decluttering. I need to get rid of some of the 450 pictures I took last month. :
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OK- new grand total 381. I think I can find 120 items in my house. I keep finding other things.

Also- returning things to its rightful owner counts to and I have been doing that as well!

One thing I have been doing is if I sell something on the TP or ebay etc I also email to see if the buyer wants whatever leftover thing I have included in the package- like a I sold 2 diapers and icl some cloth wipes with them. Or a breastfeeding bracelet etc.
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Sorry I haven't checked in lately. I've been busy with other matters. My new total is 835. Even with things as busy as they are, I am still hoping to hit 1,000 before Feb 1st rolls around. Still so much uneeded stuff in this house!
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I was at 312. I finally had people pick up their freecycle which brings me up to about 330. I also did my first marriage wedding pictures but have not thrown them out yet. I can't do it! Someone remind me that the pictures, no matter how beautiful, are not worth keeping! I pulled out about a dozen of me in my wedding dress and of me and my sisters and family and such but I have literally hundreds of other pictures! It would definetly bring me up way past 500 but I can't do it! Ugh!
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Originally Posted by wendygrace
I also did my first marriage wedding pictures but have not thrown them out yet. I can't do it! Someone remind me that the pictures, no matter how beautiful, are not worth keeping! Ugh!
OK- lets make it easier. Are these pictures on display in your house since they are in your word- "Beautiful"? Does your family find them beautiful, esp dh? Are they also useful? Obvious this was the only part of that former marriage that was a happy occasion so keep one since it was part of your life and leave it at that. kwim? Does this help any?
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Well I got another 20 items out this morning. Up to 175. Still haven't gotten to that upstairs closet....
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Ooooh, I'm doing good!

207 items donated to the thrift store. Dishes and utensils we don't use, toys, etc.

I think I'm up to 602.

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i'm at 357. i've lost count a gazillion times and always round down so it's acutally higher.

in additon, i've purged the kids' closets and toys and have several containers of items to sell at our local consignment sales. there are prolly 200+ items there but i can't count those yet. woo-hoo!
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