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January declutter challenge-we did it- we got rid of 9966 items!! - Page 5

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Another 20 items this evening - cleared out the silverware drawer of junk and recycled a bunch of old magazines

New total - 147!
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344- just got rid of stuff on the tp!
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oops 346 just sold two more gotta love the tp and ebay. Time to list some more stuff!

I will try not to buy any of the other mamas here selling since that will just subtract my number- right??
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Well got the laundry room started last night when dh got home... threw out soooo much out of that little room. I'd say 100 items out and only 1/2 threw and didn't even open the pantry so i'm up to 450 out of just 2 rooms that's really sad that i had so much junk in my house!!! Feels GREAT to get it out though!!! I need to get some stuff on the TP and ebay but i'm really bad about taking time to do so.. easier to just box it for rumage sale....
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Becky- my thoughts on the tp and ebay. If you want to get rid of something quickly and its something another family could use and you just would have given it away- tp

If its something you want to get rid of that would fetch a bit of cash, ebay all the way.

Its worth the effort in some ways but others, I can see just getting it out of the house is easier too!
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I'm in! I sent (7) things for a swap today. Wasn't much, but I'm not counting them individually, as most of the stuff was a 'set' of stuff. I'm going down to my kitchen to see what I can get rid of!

Once I hit the garage, it's all over! I hope to be able to do it this weekend. Of course, we've been 'meaning' to do it since August!
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I had to take a couple days off from the decluttering mission to help my brother unpack his house but I am back to work today. I've only found 11 more items to get rid of but spent the morning organizing dd's clothes and was all happy and proud to be done when I realized there was a whole other huge plastic bin of clothes to go through. Off to tackle that!
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Was at 71, cleaned out my clothes, added 45, and cleaned up girls room again, 10 more!

I'm at 126 now! I have onr trash bag and one give away bag that I'm hauling room to room and filling
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I'd LoveTo!

I have been trying to declutter as much as possible. It's quite difficult at the moment due to Avon's having shortened the campaigns from 3 weeks to 2 weeks and a promotion I'm doing but I'm hoping to do it as I can!

So far I have been able to pass on:
Four bags of clothes that are too small for Hope (and that I wasn't attached too)
A Barbie jeep and motorcycle
A mini nativity set (Freecycle)
Three large boxes of styrofoam Ss, air paks etc for mailing packages (Freecycle)
Children's books that I had extras of went to Hope's nursery school
Small teddy bears and tiny toys also went to Hope's nursery school

Things I hope to pass on
Two large boxes of Avon returns

In December I was finally able to donate the books on pregnancy and infant loss I had to the new PBSO group in our area which felt great.

I was also able to donate books and toys in memory of Amy Dawn to local needy families at Christmas. I always get gifts that I think Amy Dawn would have enjoyed if she were here.

As you can see I am slowly getting there...
I'm just need to remind myself that one step at a time is best!
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Oh! I totally spiffed up my 3rd floor last week! Does that count? I threw away TWO LARGE moving boxes of just stuff! Old bills, ads, board games that are shot to h*ll, kids' books with too many pages ripped out, etc. I wonder how much this counts for.
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Last night, from just one closet--163 extra wire hangers.

Isn't that ridiculous? I can hit 500 just focusing on a few different items. Junk-junk everywhere.

I'm up to 451 and refuse to be discouraged. It may not look a lot better around here yet, but if I just keep working at it

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Went through cards and have 27 set aside for recycling - pitched 2 sheets of stickers - so 127 plus 29...

New total - 156!
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You pitched stickers!!! That's a criminal offense in our house! Those are toddler art projects and what she is playing with as I type! I cleaned out the hall closet, and added about 12 more items to my total! So

126 + 12= 138

I'm not near as good as the rest of you, but I was actually pretty proud that there were only 12 things in the hall closet to get rid of! Some I had put in there for the exact purpose. Also, I didn't count them, but I found some old library books from a few months ago :
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FreeThinker - I can grab them out of the bin - they're not gone yet!!! In my defense, we're waiting for our first babe... 7 weeks to go til his due date - and then probably 2 years until he'd be wanting to use stickers for art!?! So either keep them for 2 years sitting in the junk drawer - or eliminate them from inventory... I chose the latter

In other news, I just set aside another 15 cards for recycling! I'm a super-sentimental chickadee who keeps ALL cards... So I'm going through my box of wedding memories to see what can be pitched and what should truly be cherished...

Up to 171! But again, I counted each card as an "item" so don't be impressed by that total
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Ok, my last posted total was 82. Got rid of some Christmas stuff I had pulled out, clothes, games, refrigerator, & a few misc. items for a new total of 149. Still chugging along. Hope to get to the upstairs closet tomorrow....
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I tossed 10 more items this morning so up to 290. Dh did tons more but we're not counting what he's tossing anymore cuz he can't remember to count. Our house is looking soooo much better!
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I finally got started yesterday. In the morning I took 182 items of baby, maternity and adult clothes to our family support centre and in the afternoon I took 152 books to the thrift store.
total so far=334
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New total: 741
Over 100 items just from that one bin of clothes and BARELY scratching the surface of the upstairs storage closet. One look in there and I wanted to close the door and forget about it. That alone is going to be a multi day project. I do feel so encouraged by this challenge, though. The laundry room and our bedroom are now spotless and clutter free.
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1 futon, 1 table, 1 chair to freecyclers
1 jumbo trashbag of hotel shampoos and soaps, creams, nearly empty jars and tubes of whatever, broken this and thats, expired who-knows-what's--the bathroom cabinets [yikes!] -- so ridiculous much of it that I couldn't spare the time to count it. I'll settle for one point's worth of credit for the lot.

Total 455.
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You've all got me started. I've just baged up 2 big bags of clothes to donate nad I've got a list of stuff to freecycle. Tommorow DH and I plan on emptying the loft of old cardborad boxes. Then we shoudl actually have some storage space for hte stuff we want to keep.

total actually thrown away so far, about 10 items.
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