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Baby dropping feels like??????

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This is my 2nd baby and I don't remember feeling the difference when the first one "dropped" :
Can anyone explain what this feels or looks like??
I'm at 35 weeks.

Maman to dd (3yrs) awaiting ds 19/02/06
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I get these cramps in my pubic bone area. It feels like she is going to fall out. I feel this need to hold my thighs together when I'm standing. I THINK that's the baby dropping... This is my first baby so, I could be wrong!!! My next appointment is Monday, so we'll see what the doctor says...
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I assume its when I started peeing even more than I already was.... And yes, the pubic bone hurts more.
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Some drop more than others I think....

My DD was at -1 for 5 weeks she dropped while I had lunch with a friend. It felt like I was feeling her head with my hands ( felt slimmy) , but in side my pubic bone. But my DD DROPPED and I had a short labor. Some babies stay around -2,-3. But my DD's head was so low (Ahem TMI), Our sex life was done at that point. LOL I wasent Dilated though till the middle of my labor go fig! Good luck hope you baby drops!
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Sometimes I get this sharp pain in my cervix and I'm pretty sure it's when the babys' head is getting wiggly down there. I think he is engaging or at least testing the waters by moving down, moving up....drives me batty because it really freakin' hurts, but only for a few seconds then it's over for 5-15 minutes, then again. My due date is jan.30 so I figure he must be starting to at least think about coming out!!
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I always carry really low to begin with, so I never can SEE a noticable change in my belly like some women can when the baby drops. But, I think this little one is starting to dig down into my pelvis this weekend....A few days ago I was sure his head was up against my right hip, and now I'm feeling wiggling twinges - well, sharp stabs even - REALLY low in front (like against my urethra, and sometimes in my cervix). I'm thinking it's his little head turning and pushing down there. It even woke me up last night!

And...I tried to feel my cervix this morning, and although I can BARELY reach it, I'm fairly sure I felt that I'm dilated a bit and where I could fit my finger through I felt something hard right there - hoping that's a HEAD! We'll find out for sure on Wednesday when I go for my 36 week appt (I'm 36 weeks today, actually) and I have my midwife check things out!
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This is baby #4 for me - I don't remember feeling any of my girls drop. This baby has been super low since the beginning though so all of the "symptoms" described above have been happening to me for months now - especially the cervical kicks. Last week I was feeling TONS of pressure in my groin area and pelvic area so I thought baby may have dropped, but this week baby is back up in my ribs.
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This is my fourth, but I'm positive the baby dropped last week after a round of regular contractions. I haven't had the reflux and I'm not throwing up anymore. I also look lower.
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Oooh la la! all this talk about baby dropping! Think I've got it!! I can feel (or could yesterday) lots of pressure in my pelvis area and was up all night for a pee
Maybe baby has dropped

Leanne in France
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The day after I posted it the baby DROPPED!! I totally recognized it thanks to your helpful replies
So here I am feeling like "everthing" is right between my legs! I'm walking a bit slower since!!
BB # 2 due 19/02/06
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Congrats! I hope I drop soon!!! I'm 1 cm dilated, but I haven't dropped yet.
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I think this one just dropped last night. There was a sudden pressure in my lower abdomen/hip/pelvis (could I cover any more body parts?) area and movements felt lower too. We'll see if MW agrees today. =)
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Baby isn't dropped now, but was about 3 weeks ago and for me it felt like my hips were going to explode.
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MW visit yesterday, I measured 2-3cm smaller than I did the previous visit; so I didn't lose my mind, the baby did drop. I have to say, I kinda liked it better when she was up! I'm still enjoying it though, I didn't notice this with DS. =)
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Went for a check yesterday and its confirmed that BB has totally dropped (not between my knees yet he sais)
He also told me that I'm not dilated but my cervix has "shortenend" whatever that means, but it means things are preparing themselves and he believes I will not go as far as my term on the 19th of Feb!
Ooooh la la
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I think my baby dropped about 3 days ago! It hurts so bad and I have been peeing more and more often!! I don't think I ever dropped with my other two and that is why I ended up with c-sections with them! They were both big and had big heads! If I were brave enough to have a vbac (also if I was allowed) this would be the baby to do it with!! They estimate she is smaller and she so far has been the only one to give me symptoms of dropping!! I look different to myself too. My tummy looks lower to me, from my angle anyway!! and I have TONS of cervical pain!!
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I felt like I dropped at about 33 weeks, and at my 34 week exam the doctor confirmed it, but no significant dilation at that time. At first my belly just looked lower and I had to pee more often. I also felt like I had room to eat a little more. Now I think she may be even lower, I am feeling a lot of pressure down there and pain around my cervix area off & on. I also have to pee A LOT, I wake up constantly at night to go use the restroom. Doctor said she thinks I will make it to 37 weeks though. (I'm at just over 35 weeks now.)
When I was out shopping today I felt like the baby was going to fall right out, and I've been having lower back pain & some crampiness.
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