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Lactivism in the East Bay!!

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Please come to a nurse-in this Tuesday (the 28th) morning at 9:30 am in Concord, California.

Why? The Coffee Shop in question is anti-breastfeeding. Last tuesday Veganmamma (Lauren) and I were sitting, nursing our babes there, and visiting the Farmer's Market. Soon after Lauren's Dp was informed that she can no longer nurse her baby in full view, and must sit facing the corner if she intends to breastfeed her 7 week old daughter (Persephone!) in the establishment!!

Please call me (tabitha) at 510-769-7519 for info or directions! Or go to Yahoo Maps. the address is below.
Happy Nursing... Tabitha

An Added Bonus: Concord's Farmer's market will be on during the nurse in. Nurse your babe, buy some vegetables!

Suchinni's Coffee Shop
1924 Grant St
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I so wish I could go! (I so wish I lived in CA!)

You could also give the store copies of CA state laws reguarding BF. I don't know what they are, but I think most states have pretty good laws protecting BF in public. You could look at www.LaLecheLeague.org or just call them!
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Wish I had a babe to breastfeed! I'd love to help out!
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Lisa, you're welcome to join us! I'd love to finally meet you!
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I live in Walnut Creeek, but I have to work. Good luck!
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Thanks! Maybe we could hang out some other time=)

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Lets see if I can rouse myself from bed that early... haven't been sleeping well at night lately, so I'll do my best, but forgive me if I can't make it....
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We felt your spirit Lisa!! It was fun and Tabitha kicks a$$!!

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so?????? what did y'all do? were there confrontations? what happened?
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Details, ladies! How did it go?
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Well, there were about 5 or 6 moms altogether I think, and we just got coffee and sat and chit chatted while we alternately nursed our babies. I could tell we pissed of the owner, but she wouldn't say anything. My Tabitha went up to the counter and said something very politely, like, "You encouraged a customer here not to breastfeed in your shop, and I just wanted to give you a copy of the CA laws regarding breastfeeding, blah blah, blah..." And the owner, Sue got all mad and started saying really loud so I could hear, "I just told her to do it more discreetly, la la la..." Which isn't quite what she said, --face into the corner if you're gonna do it is more like it. Anyway, My doula was late, so after we went to the farmer's market, Tabitha/Tristan, my doula Lior&Maya, our friend Juanita/Celestia and Persephone and I came back and bought water and nursed our babies on the patio. Then she was really mad. SHe came outside and talked all this mad shit to another customer, loud enough so we knew she was mad, but couldn't understand what she was saying. Then, I was going to confront her and she went into the back of the shop and seriously wouldn't come out! Dunno why. I can't wait to do it again. Tabitha and I met a new mom there today. Sue didn't seem like she was there, so I was talking to an employee, and she came in and looked all mad. I found out later that the employee that I was talking to, who is a customer at my DPs record store and was his friend gave him a whole milk latte today. He knows Robbie is a vegan, and NEVER made that mistake before. I think now that they are trying to get rid of us, I'm going to haunt them even more. It will be fun. Anyone game???
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Well I'd love to come for moral support (I do want to meet you Lauren!!) until September when I'd be able to have my own baby to nurse! I'm not quite the morning person though, count me in for a late morning/early afternoon gathering!
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I wish I lived in CA so I could join you! People like that make me crazy. I''m sure there wouldn't be a problem if you showed up wearing a bikini top that reveals way more than what you see when nursing. I think I must be the exception to the rule. I've never had a negative comment about NIP and I live in the Dallas area (not exactly known for it's "forward thinking"). People have offered to provide me with a more private area for nursing in a couple of public places, but I truly got the feeling they were thinking of my comfort, not trying to "hide" me. Be sure to keep us posted on your progress.
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Hurray for all of you!

I have to note, this thread has really opened my eyes to how fortunate I've been nursing my babies so far. You'd think living where I do, I'd come up against more opposition. People here are just too afraid to say anything to my face if they're offended, I guess.

We have a tendency to talk nasty about each other rather than to each other. I'll count my blessings on that one as far as NIP goes.

(Poo on that guy for the milk latte. Karma, karma, karma.)
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you guys rock!

go back in three years, too, when you're still nursing. that'll really get her going!

what on earth are these business owners thinking. parents are the best customers--i talk up family-friendly places all the time, and my word of mouth has brought lots of extra business to some local places that are bf/kid friendly. it works the other way too .

keep it going,


p.s. the whole milk thing--grrrrr. how petty.
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