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ruined dd's birthday cake, help :(

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My dd's 1-year birthday party with extended family is tomorrow afternoon.

I made a two-layered banana cake (not super healthy, but she loves bananas) today. I took it out of the oven too early and didn't think about it because I got distracted with other things. I realized the middle dropped and that it wasn't completely done. HOURS later, I put it back in the oven with foil on the outside rims to avoid overcooking. Now it just looks terrible. The outside got more cooked than it should have--even with the foil. And both layers are in a few pieces. I also made cream cheese frosting. So, now I have a messy looking cake and cream cheese frosting.

I don't think DD can eat cream cheese yet at 12 months. But I was just going to give her some cake with the frosting removed after we sang and blew out the candles.

Ramble, ramble. Anyway, I won't be showing any of our guests that cake, let alone serving it to them.

So, now what should I do? I'd like to have cake and frosting that DD can eat. But, the easy route for me to take is to buy a boxed cake mix and the gross canned frosting tomorrow morning.

I'd love your ideas. Thank you!
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Someone once made me a big fruit cake; a huge decoratively placed pile of mixed fresh fruits. With candles of course. It looked georgous. Maybe you could sprint to the store in the am. Then it would look good on the table and dd could eat it too. You could let the adults top it with ice cream or whipped cream if they wanted to.
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this is no health food, but it may be less gross and more homey than what you are considering (and hell, i think choc & butter are pretty healthy compared to canned frosting!)

cake mix is OK, but if you go to thecakedoctor.com (or libraries usually have a copy of her book, for more choices) you can 'fix it up' w/ not too much effort (usually instant pudding is an added ingredient, melted ice cream, sour cream, etc. nothing too exotic)... for frosting, have you considered a ganache? just nuke some chocolate (white, semi, milk, chips, chunk, bar whatever) then whip in cream &/or (unsalted pref) butter. (can't think amounts offhand; eyeball it,starting w/ maybe a cup of cream to a bag o' chips?) this will become creamy & delicious as it comes to room temp- sooooo much better than that vile hydrogenated stuff in a can (even dh & dd, old can addicts, prefer it). too easy!


and yes, beat me w/ a stick, but i WOULD let my 1 yr old eat chocolate in moderation: it's full of antioxidants! And butter has got vit D! (dear god, the 5 month old no food eatin' baby has started smelling & lusting after chocolate- he lunges if you are eating a candy bar! he knows! no we don't let him have any!!!)
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If there is a Whole Foods in your area you could go pick up a pretty healthy cake that everyone could eat. I got a vegan cake there from ds's 1st birthday party.
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just for future reference...

i have had that happen to me before. i'm notorious for doing it with pancakes too. and banana bread... you get the picture. but i have found that you can finish a baked product in the microwave and it won't cook anymore on the outside. now with the frosting already on though, i'd say head out and go get another cake. good luck!
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good ideas suseyblue!

How about a trifle? You get a clear decorative bowl with sides as vertical as possible, then layer broken-up cake pieces, fruit, cream cheese (or whipped cream) then repeat the layers until you reach to top, and finish with decorative swirls of whipped cream and fruit around the border!
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Thanks, you all, for your great ideas. :-) I ended up making a brand new banana cake--a sheet cake instead of messing with the two-layered cake. I used the cream-cheese frosting on the sheet cake and served the not-so-good-looking (but good-tasting) cake to dd without any frosting.

When I sent my post last night, I was so tired from my day and getting ready for the in-laws. It was great to check the posts in here this morning to get focused again. <homemaker role makes this mama go koo-koo sometimes >

I'm going to try your ideas for the next family get-togethers. I love that trifle idea for the times I mess up a cake. Good to know about microwaving a cake. An all-fruit desert sounds yummy and healthy. I give my dd chocolate now and then I don't have a decent whole foods near me, but next time I'm at the small one near me, I'm going to see if they have any baked goods in their deli.

The cake turned out great. DD had a lot of fun. Party went fine --in-laws and all. Thanks again!
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