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Waveless waterbed?

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Right now we use a futon on the floor, but my IL's are coming and we need to get another bed, as they are staying for 2 months! Yikes! FIL has a bad back so needs a firm bed and we were thinking of giving them our futon, as it's quite firm. My father offered to give us his king sized waveless waterbed. This waterbed is not as soft as most waterbeds and acts more like a pillowtop mattress.

So my question is do you think it would be safe for my 25 mo. old to sleep on the waterbed? Secondly, if we fell in love with this waterbed, when would it be safe for a younger baby to sleep on? We plan to have #2 in a bassinet next to our bed until it can roll over, as we did with dd. If we need to one of us can sleep with #2 on the futon until it gets old enough for the waterbed. Just wondering what is old enough.

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DH and I stayed in Virginia for a week at my cousin's place and she had a king size waveless waterbed for us. DD was 4 months at that time and slept just fine. It was quite nice, actually and not very "squishy" at all. I wouldn't buy one, simply because I prefer a firmer mattress, but otherwise it was a nice bed. From my limited experience with that, I'd say it is safe for any baby who has a modicum of head control (can turn their head side to side when lying on their tummy).
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I had a waveless (flotation style) when dd was an infant and we slept together from birth. Never had a problem.
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I would say it would be fine. We have a waterbed that sounds like what your father has. It has a pillow top that unzippers off all the way around, to reveal a bunch of tubes running top to bottom. Inside the tubes there is water of course, but there is often either large (5 inch maybe) plastic coil like springs or foam. This is supposed to add support and reduce the movement of water. Simply having the water in separate tubes as opposed to one single bag is like night and day. The most fabulous thing is that when dh does a triple lutz in his sleep, it doesn't wake me up.

Also with these beds, it looks like a regular mattress, uses regular sheets and doesn't need a heater because it is inside a reg mattress. It is safer for babe because it is firmer, and unlike regular water beds, it is NOT inside a wooden box frame. From what I understand, one of the big dangers of regular waterbeds is that babe can fall down between the waterbed frame and the bag of water.
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Thanks you alll! I feel a lot better about this! My dad's bed does have a frame with it, but not sure if it's necessary as it has the tubes, etc. that Golden described. We are going to keep it in the frame for its own protection from dd. I can just see her falling on it with a pen and popping it!

Since #2 wouldn't sleep in the family bed until it was older, and not on the side of the bed but in the center of it, I think we'll be fine.

Thanks again!
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