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here's my little bay-bay!

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Alice is sweet - and, mama - you are stunning!! What a beautiful family you are Congrats!!
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Wow, look at that Savannah hair! Too cute.

It's fun looking at all your gorgeous babes, and I have to admit, it's fun sneaking peeks at some of you mamas who are in the pics with your babes. To finally put faces with some of the names that have been such an integral part of my life all these months!
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Since I'm taking pictures off the camera, I thought I'd share a couple. We really need to get better pictures of the baby. I think our digital camera sucks, at least that's where I'm placing the blame.

Hanging around at 1.5 weeks old
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beautiful pix mamas!!!!!
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What sweet babies!!

Here is the most recent pic of Tharen. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/iris01...e2.jpg&.src=ph
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wow! Theran looks BIG. Seriously big...like a 2 yr old or something!
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the latest and greatest

oh and soon i will have anew blog entry about the pirate parade and a plethora of pictures of my pretty pirate girls and all there pirate booty!! ( i know i could have fit in some more alliteration, i love alliteration) but i didn't feel like finding more words that began with P)

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Ughh, my pictures got messed up! I will have to try again later. :
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thanks, PatchPixie! *blush*

'course, i was all dressed up for christmas...
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I've been posting pictures at: www.starparticle.com/blog

Can't believe how old everyone is getting!

Tharen - he has the hair of a 10 year old!
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aww rachel, very cute! I love the one of you together with the moby wrap!
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Wow all the babies are so cute It is nice to be able to see pictures of them.

Here are a few of Teagan:


Ready to go out

Just after birth

I hope I did this right.
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awww!!! Teagan is very cute! I love the last one of her looking at you.
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Awww.... what great pics! I'll try to post one of Liv for you all.

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aww, I love her dark hair. Very cute!
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Jewely and I are loving these baby pictues. when i showed her sammy and told her that was olivia's big sister she asked "big sister Jewely?" and i told her no that's nig sister sammy.

Feeny 3 weeks old

a study of Feeny's face

babywearing at the pirate parade


dark haired girl

pirate face

looking through the pirate scope

and once again i have overdone it with the picture sharing. this has been and always will be a problem with me. sorry.

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