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Originally Posted by Emmy142
Wow all the babies are so cute It is nice to be able to see pictures of them.

Here are a few of Teagan:


we have that exact same blanket and pajama outfit! I love her name by the way
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Babies are so hilarious! Thanks for posting pictures of all those cute babies!

Here are some pics of Scarlett at almost five weeks. She is such a chunk! She weighed 10lbs 5 oz at her four and a half week appointment (remember her birth weight was 6lb 15oz)...


Take care,

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4 weeks, in Peanut Shell pouch, and me sporting my new hair. It was a huge change for me.

6 weeks, looking cute

6 weeks HUGE smile
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Courtney- Loving her hair! So cute! My poor girl lost all hers (well kinda, she has a mullet) HAHA

Kelli- that smile is soooooooooo cute!!! She's so cute!

Bethany- hot mama! Your haircut is great! I love the color too! Samara is a doll!
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awww, Daphne is so purdy! I call Samara chunka too! It's short for chunkaroo.
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DesireeH, Daphne has the coolest outfits (and the coolest name)! Where do you get them?

Samara is adorable. I thought for sure I would have a baby with a head full of hair (in proportion to the amount of heartburn) but alas. She's a sweety.

keep those pictures a'comin'!
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Wow, our babies are getting so big! Gone are the brand-new-born looks.

Bethany, I love the hair, too! And Desiree, that first picture of Daphne looks like a much older baby! Scarlett is precious, too.

Here's a few from a family portrait we had done last weekend at JCPenney. Will was one day shy of 5 weeks. I'm not thrilled with the pix, but they're okay . . .

Will alone

Hunched down Will with siblings

Our new family of 5

Admiring the new babe
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Jen, we're doing family pics soon too and I'm debating on going to JCPenny or Sears. We've been to both. I like the one of all of you looking at Will....so cute.
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aww jen, what a cute family!

turtlemom- most of her clothes were gifts at a baby shower but those ones above are either from a kids resale shop (like the lime with polka dots, $2! LOL) and the pink gap one with flowers I got here at MDC on the trading post for $2. LOL I'm cheap.
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Everyone has such pretty babies. I especially enjoy all of the baby wearing pics.

Rachel, Kearnan and I had a blast looking at your pics from the Island trip. Kearnan loved Leif's pics.

Here are some new ones of Tharen.

Hanging out at the computer

"Too close Daddy!!!"

Showing off his tye-dye

Talking to teddy

Just hanging out
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aww, what a cutie! Loving the tye dye shirt too!
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Tharen is so mature looking! What a handsome fella.

And, I that smiley picture of Sami. Looks like a magazine cover. Leah, what is he wearing in that second pic? Please don't tell me it was handknit or I think I might be consumed with jealousy!
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Yeah, I can't believe I finally captured a smile. DH and I were going nutty trying to get a smiley pic hehe...

LOL don't worry Jen... it's a one-piece and soooo not hand-knitted...it was a shower gift from Baby Gap

I'm blown away by the cuteness of these December babes
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Awwww, cutie babies!
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I just love those pictures of Ella - that hair! - those eyes! Did you take them in B&W or do that digitally online? Too cute!
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since i was going through them anyway....

here are a few new ones:

ethan chilling after shower

sleepy ethan in a bathrobe
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