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My Boxes

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For years, it was just get it labelled. I was satisfied because I had a ginormous garage. But now it's consolidate. woot woot. Keep it neat, keep it clean, minimize.

We bought two large sterilite tubs from Target on their day-after Christmas sale, and from Michael's we purchase a gift-wrap holder and an ornament holder.

Because of these purchases, we got rid of NINE smaller cardboard boxes and a LOT of ornament-holding boxes.

It fee;s good to get rid of that stuff and have only four, contained holiday boxes. It's all green and red so we know without even thinking where it is. I am so happy.


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We did the same thing a couple of years ago and it is so much easier to store the xmas stuff now. I'm planning to go through tomorrow and get rid of any ornaments we don't love and maybe (fingers crossed) get rid of enough that we can get rid of one of the storage containers. My new mantra, courtesy of a mama on here, is "possessions are a burden." I'm going to keep saying that to myself! ing
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Congrats! I bet that felt great!
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Congrats! Little bites....
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Doesn't it feel great!
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