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Well...it has started....

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I got my first formula advertising in the mail today. I told DH that it had started and we must be getting close. He laughed as I threw it in the trash.

Now, I know that there are moms that can't BF or choose not to BF. But how do they get your name and address?

Why must they kill so many trees to sell their product?

Do they not know that some folks really want to BF?

Couldn't they do something to encourage a successful BFing relationship with your baby first and offer their support only after that has failed? I would be more willing to purchase formula from a company that sent me support for BFing along with free samples of their formula.

I really worry that if I have these samples in my home, I will take the easy road when BFing gets tough...in the middle of the night and I really need sleep, I could say to DH just give her a bottle....and he would, because he really wants to feed her.... Should I just keep them out of the house? Or should I put some in a place that will take as much work to get to them as it would to BF...i.e. in the trunk of the car, in the attic, WAY under the bed so I would have to crawl on the floor to get it?

Does this make me a lactavist?
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Did you buy maternity clothes? Use an OB office? WIC? Those are all sources of your information. Some "well meaning" family members could have signedyou up for their mailing lists too. My family does that all the time b/c we tend to have babies together (my cousin had one in Oct, SIL had one a few weeks ago, other cousin had one Tues and I'm due soonish.) and they know I'll pass the samples and coupons on to them b/c we don't use them. I had them in the house with both boysm actually with my last son and the new baby I'd get a TON of formula for free from a commodity program, even breastfeeding not taking it was not an option. I was never tempted. Some people are, some are not. If it makes you uncomfortable get it out of the house.

DH can give the bbay a bottle if you pump some for him. I did that with both boys and this baby will be getting a lot of pumped milk b/c I go back to school FT (on campus) in Sept.

The formula companies *want* you to keep the samples, they want you to get tired one night and decide to give her "just one bottle" so you can rest or whatever, it does them NO good to support a BF relationship, that doesn't make them any $ and that's what they are after. Do what you feel is best about it, I can have it in my house and never be tempted to use it.
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i'm not in your ddc, but i have an opinion on that.
I don't understand why they send out FULL SIZED samples! they don't know if it is getting used or trashed! Why don't they donnate all that lost money (rolling my eyes on that) to a charity? I got so many full samples and maybe like 2 small containers of farmula. just seeing $10 go down the pipes when it could feed some starving child or something just pisses me off!! and you know waht? after lots of calls to the companies I am still on the mailing list and i had my baby in August. My name was sold by the hosp, it was a hb with a transfer of the baby.
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I actually got a full-sized can of formula in the mail with a little book and packet of supplements for the mother to take. It was labeled (I cannot believe this) "Breastfeeding support kit"!!!!!! And it had a little thermal pouch to keep bottles in. Hello?! Breast feeding support kit consisting of formula?? I'd laugh but its too tragic!

I hated to throw it out too, but I also didn't want to give it someone else to give crap to their kids. I'd trash it. Don't keep it around. Donate it somewhere but I wouldn't keep it in the house.
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They give you a whole can because they want to undermine your breastfeeding relationship. Just one bottle is less likly to do that They want you to keep it for that time you are desperate, especially if it happens in the first week or so (and how many new moms make it through that first week with out getting desperate at least once?)

Don't throw formula away. There are lots of babies out there whose mom's wouldn't try breastfeeding anyway or whose non breastfed babies are several months old. Without formula they don't get breastmilk, they get watered down formula or cow's milk. Do give it away, you don't want it in your house, find someone with a six month old who has always been fed formula.
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Er, I don't get this problem here in Sweden.. something about it being illegal to do that from some EU or WHO or something or another thingie for formula Co. to do that...

But I did hear last time I was pregnant from that DDC that the women would donate to the local woman's shelter and homeless shelters...

I have mixed feelings on it too... I'd rather bf be the norm and that formula was left for those who truly cannot bf (and not from lack of support and proper information as is so often the case..) Oh well.

I would never keep formula in the house.. just introducing anything other than breastmilk can mess up the flora and fauna of the baby's intestines and cause problems we may not notice till much later (like allergies, etc)...
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I am always getting full cans in the mail from Enfamil - check of "BF" as your choice on anything & IMMEDIATLY you get them...why bother if you check "FF?" KWIM?? I donate them to a place I go drop used clothes off at. I hate to give it away - but I just can't bring myself to trash it as I know babies are getting watered down formula & juice, soda, other "stuff" because moms don't have enough formula. Enfamil is better than kool aid.
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Yes, I think you're a lactivist!

When I was newly pregnant, I called around to the shelters in my area and found a place that was more than happy to take all my coupons/samples/gift bags from the formula and baby food companies. It's next to my prenatal yoga building, so I just stock up and once a month or so, drop it off. I recycle the magazines and other propaganda, though--nasty stuff, that. There are so many mamas who have already starting FF and now really appreciate the financial help. I figure the formula companies should be drained of any resource they will offer, so I always sign myself up for all free samples!

Did you read that Massachusetts has now banned formula companies from giving free formula and gifts in the hospital at births? Go, MA!!!!

Kam, mamamama! to Meg and one more
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Ugg. I hated this. With my son this was a part of our downfall.
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I will definately donate it! And pitch the other junk! We don't have recycling here yet.

I never thought about those poor babies whose moms water down their formula or feed them other stuff.

I did read about Mass.'s BFing law! I think that is wonderful! I would LOVE to get a bag of Bfing supplies....although...other than nursing pads I'm not sure what else they would put in it.?

I need to do some research about these BFing in public laws and get a copy of one in the hands of a couple of Mississippi lawmakers. They don't have a law there that protects BFing moms and that is where my family is from. I need to see if we can't get that passed there. Anyone know where to start with that? I know 3 state legislators personally. I just need to get started! And I probably need to get some other BFing moms to support it too. Suggestions?
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Contact LLL probably would be your best bet. THey could hook you up most likely with correct info on how to go about it!
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