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I LOVE my Roomba

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We got a Roomba for Christmas and I'm loving it. I set it to go when we are about to leave the house and then it gets the floor clean while we are gone. And it forces you to pick up so that you can let it run. It doesn't do a perfect job because it can't get in certain tight areas, but what it can get to, it does a good job on, even our family room throw rug.

Unfortunately, it freaks dd out, but we had a funny exchange over it the other day. I started it as we were walking out the door and she cried a little and ran to the door. I picked her to go out and she said "I don't want the vacuum to get Mommy and Annika." I said, "Honey, it's our robot. It does our bidding." And she replied, "Mommy, it's just a vacuum."
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a friend of mine has one and raves about it too. interesting little gadgets, huh?
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Do you have any furry pets???? I was thinking of getting one, but I was wondering if it would actually get all the cat hair of the carpet!
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I am so jealous. lol
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We have two cats and it does a surprisingly good job of getting cat hair up off the rug. We do have all hardwood, so not too much rug space to cover, but it's doing a great job.
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Ohhh! I like this, Beth! How does it do with bumping into things?
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It senses where things are, but yes, it does bump into things gently. However, the front is plastic with a sort of shock aborber system and I watched it work a little bit and don't feel it was bumping into the furniture hard. Very gentle. It comes with a "virtual wall" which you can use to keep it from going down a hall or near a stairwell (the virtual wall you put 2 AA batteries into it and it has an infrared beam).

I'm really liking it so far! You empty the chamber afterwards. It's pricey, so I don't know if I would have gotten it on my own, but my parents got it for us for Christmas.
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We've had one for over a year now, I love it! We have 7 cats so it definitely helps keep the cat hair under control. Of course, some of the cats just lay there and let it bump into them. Lazy cat! Our old house had ceramic tile and Berber carpet, it worked great there. This house has regular carpet, Roomba has a little harder time with it.
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Question for Roomba owners--mine seems to not take a charge anymore. Do I need a new battery? Any ideas?
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Hmm, don't know. I've only been using it since Christmas. So you mean it does not charge itself up again when it is docked? Have you contacted Roomba customer service? I would just call them and ask what they recommend.
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