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What in the world does favorable mean? I have had a lot of contractions on and off for the last 3 weeks or so, when my doc checked me she said my cervix was high and still closed, but I that I was favorable??? I don't understand what in the world she meant. Anyone have any guesses, Also do your mw or dr just tell you/confirm for you if you have dropped or if the baby is lower or anything. I could of swore I dropped but she didn't say anything. What do you think. I don't see her again until around the 20th I keep thinking my babe will try to make an appearance before or around then but I could be wrong. I just keep seeing her here before ds b-day on the 27th. I have seen this the entire pregnancy. I could be wrong.Anyway .
Any advice would gladly be welcome and needed.
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I would guess that "favorable" is a pretty general term. Sorry your doctor didn't explain what she meant by it. She probably meant that some cervical softening is happening and the baby isn't too high, or something like that. The "Bishop's score" is used to gauge cervical readiness (or favorability) on a numeric scale, usually for use in determining whether an induction will be successful. More info on how that score is calculated at: http://www.mother-care.ca/bishop.htm

Hope that helps!

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