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I don't really think 27 is old, but...

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Man this was a lot easier at 20.

I really wanted several more kids, but if being pregnant keeps getting harder and harder, I don't think I can do it

First there was the fatigue and morning sickness, and almost immediately not fitting in my clothes (with my second I wore my regular clothes until the 6 month), and I already can hardly stand up, roll over, get out of bed and there are still two months to go. AGGHHHHHH!

Then yesterday morning, I woke up and streched and got a leg cramp. I have never had anything like that in my life.

I think pregnancy is for 20 year olds.
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LOL. I've been thinking the same thing. I'm wondering what I was thinking all those years when I shook my head at my cousins having their babies at 19 and 20 and deciding they were done by 24. Although, I hear that 27 is much easier than 34 which was when my stepmom had my baby sister (now 11) I hope to be done by then but who really knows?
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this is my first pregnancy; i'm 36. I'm planning to have a few more well into my 40's. it's been a fun ride so far... it's all about your mindset and attitude.
i hope you can enjoy parts of it and not have too tough of a time.
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I'm right there with you. I didn't think 24 was old until I got pregnant again! This was SO much eaiser at 20! I feel like an old lady. My 80 year old grandmother got up off the floor faster than me the other day (and she has two bad hips and a bad knee!)

I've got almost three months left, and I just don't think my body is going to hold out that long!
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[QUOTE=Daisie125]My 80 year old grandmother got up off the floor faster than me the other day (and she has two bad hips and a bad knee!)

Do you think it's about age or just the number of times you've been pregnant? I had the twins at 25, and now I'm 29...Physically I'm in the same shape, but this pregnancy is a little achier than the last one. I think, with subsequent pregnancies, your body stretches out and settles into "late pregnancy mode" faster than before...ligaments are more stretched out, skin has more "give" , your spine and pelvis are ready and willing to flex in bizarre ways...I get the feeling my body is just a little beat up from last time, and so this time it's *itching about it more.

I dunno, though...the best people to ask would be those that had kids later or those that have had more than two....was the second one harder? Does it get even "harder" after that?
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Does it get even "harder" after that?
I don't think I wanna know the answer to that!
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How interesting! This pregnancy has been much easier on me physically. I guess because I started chiro about a year after my boy was born and got that straightened out that my body is better able to hold everything in a good place...

speaking of chiro, I need to go in for a 3rd tri adjustment, heheheh.
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Definitely harder! I turned 23 just a few weeks before I had Dd1 - that pg was a breeze! I mean, I had horrible m/s & some brutal heatrburn, but nothing major - and I didn't own a single piece of maternity clothing!? How I managed THAT, I'll never know.
Dd2 I turned 26 when she was 4 days old, hers wasn't too much different, although it did feel like she was falling out of me much, much earlier!

Now *this* one.....perhaps it's the boy causing trouble, but what a PITA this pg has been! I'll be 29 in a week or so, hard to say if it's the age thing or what - personally, I think our bodies just get all lax, BUT, I have to say this, the labors DO get easier - at least in my case!!

As for the chiropractic - it makes all the diference in the world!!! I have been getting adjusted regularly since Dd1 was born & Dd2 practically fell out of me. My children get adjusted once a month from about their 3rd day of life. When I'm pg I go every week or every other week if I've been feeling good.
It's never too late to start going - I talked my friend into going to my chiro days before her due date & she went. My chiro said her pelvis was all out of whack - she had her baby boy a day or two later & her labor was only a few hours long! It also provides the only relief for me from sciatica during pg.
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My first pregnancies were at 20 and 21/22, and they were both easy ( although I agree that the labor was much easier the second time).

No morning sickness, I love to run and did until almost third trimester with both (this time by about the 5th week I could hardly make it a mile)- the biggest complaint I had then was I get terrible acne during pregnancy. I thought I was one of those women who breezed through pregnancy

My plan was to have another couple kids now and then wait another 5-10 years and have two more, but I don't think I can do this again in 10 years.

I keep telling my self maybe the differences is that this one is a girl, but I really think it is because it is 7 years and two pregnancies later.
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Originally Posted by RedOakMomma
Do you think it's about age or just the number of times you've been pregnant?
I think you may be on to something there...
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This is my first time and I'm 35! I just wonder what it would have been like at 20 or 26.

I do understand about getting up from the floor! I got down on the poarch and almost screamed for DH to come get me up today! :LOL
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Well, this is my second and I am 32. My mother, who had her first at 21, was questioning why I was SOOO big! She actually asked if I was having twins (not very tactful, I didn't think). She wasn't even wearing maternity clothes at 6 months pg, yadda, yadda. Thanks, mom. Of course, she was 21 and the baby was only 6 lbs (my first was 9-2) so I took it all with a grain of salt. I would have loved to have my kids in my 20s but my life just didn't go that way. But yes, ladies, our bodies don't last forever. I think things have slowly gotten more "lax" since I graduated from college! Have faith....we will make it through! Even our "old" (and some of you are still very, very young ) bodies have the wisdom to carry & birth these babies.
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The first 2 were no big deal. This one has been much harder. It doesn't help that I've looked VERY pg since about 10 weeks this time. (Must be that lax body, LOL) This baby has settled into my pelvis much earlier than the last 2 which has created all kinds of new discomforts. Then there are the TWO toddlers I have at home, running amok and taking a lot of energy. That could have something to do with it too.

I get stuck on the bed, couch, floor, if I try to getsomething out of a low shelf anywhere. DH finds this all highly amusing. I told him HE could be pregnant next time. That quieted him down.
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My second pregnancy was a LOT easier than my first but I'm not sure why.
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I'm laughin', too!

37 yrs. old here and PG w/ #2. Had #1 at 34, so I have NO idea what it's like to have a baby young.

PG has been a challenge for me, both mentally and physically (both times). But isn't it for everyone?
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I'm 27 and the only major complaint I have is my occasional hip pains. The getting up off the floor isn't TOO bad yet for me... I guess everyone is different...
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well, i just turned 37, and i am on #3, so there ya go! i had my first at 30,and 2nd at 33. one dr i saw when i first got pregnant used the phrase "advanced maternal age" lol. actually tried to talk me into an amnio 3 times with no discussion of the possible problems, ie miscarraige. needless to say, i didn't stay there very long!
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Well, I'm 32 and this is my first. I have had a beautiful pregnancy! No morning sickness, no real trouble sleeping, really none of the major everyday complaints. So I think 32 is the PERFECT time for pregnancy!

I have had constipation, and am just now getting some leg cramps and having a harder time getting up and down. But I think that's normal at this phase.

I know some "youngsters" that have had TERRIBLE morning sickness,aches and pains, etc. so I think it all depends on the person!
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I've been wondering the same thing about sleep. My friends who had babies when they were younger seemed to be getting by with just an extra hour or two, but I seriously need 11-12 hours every single night to function okay. Another first time mama who is a little older than me said she was the same way. I'm not that old--I'll turn 30 a couple months after baby is here--but I'm not 22 anymore!
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LOL...I'm 33, and this is my 8th. DH says I say I'm too old for this during all my pregnanciesROTFL I think it's jsut harder keeping up with everyone's activities as I get bigger and Hunter's no longer happy in the sling once we get where we're going, so it's a matter of keeping up with him and keeping track of all the other ones when I'm by myself!LOL

For the physical stuff, I always have hip issues and it seems about the same regardless of # of pregnancies, the heartburn is more and the no sleep is hard, but I have always had a nursling during pregnancy, so that's jsut a given. of course once I get them to sleep, I'm wide awake for hoursLOL
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