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Hi everyone, I don't know how I keep losing my subscription here. It would make it a lot easier to keep up with personals if I were notified when some happen. LOL.

anyway, I'll just jump in w/ those from pg 5 and then give my news at the end.

bdoody, welcome, Hope your yeast infection clears up soon. I went off the pill in August and I had a 7 day LP the first time, 10 days the second time, and I think 10 or 12 days the third time.

SavetheWild, sorry your DH and you had a not so happy night a few days ago.

woodstar, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY congrats for you.

sierratahoe, sorry you were feeling bummed this cycle but glad you are having better feelings about it.

Becky, rofl on your DH thinking that a baby hatches. Ok n/m I saw another poster's reply and also thought you were talking about your DH at first instead of DS. LOL :P I remember when we were first starting to chart to avoid, DH was talking about in the future and saying we would have a basil baby (but w/ a Z sound instead of an S). I was confused so I asked him to explain and he was like "basal, like your thermometer". :P It was so cute. And congrats on the temp rise.

Katherine, sorry that you are having DH trouble. I hope things get better for you soon and come back when you can.

njsummer, welcome.

Christy, sorry you are still having a neverending cycle.

As for me, I'm day 17 and still waiting to O. My CM the past few days has been scant milky in the AM but in the PM it is dry so I don't know what's up with that.

I do have some news though. I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!! Details are in my blog (link in siggy) so I don't take up a ton of room on this board. :P

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Not feeling so hopeful now, even though AF hasn't showed (11dpo). It turns out that I was sick yesterday, fever, chills,etc. That would explain the high temp the night before.

I'm not sure how an illness would affect implantation. My fever topped at 100.7. Just feeling tired, weak and not so positive . I'll keep you posted, because I'll still test tomorrow. At the very least I've had another good LP!
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Good morning everybody, I'm back!!

Well, DH and I kissed and made up (ok, well we did a little more than kissed ) and so we decided we were ready for me to test this morning. I couldn't take the frustration of having to squint for a line again, so I decided to take a digital. DH was awake and awaiting the results with me.

and, yes, OH MY GOD, it had one perfect word on it: "Pregnant". :

Even though I suspected it, having it confirmed was one of the best things I have ever experienced. I imediately welled up with tears and started jumping up and down. I am so giddy with excitement still (an hour and a half later) that I can barely sit still. I had to get here quick to share the news with you all.

thank you thank you thank you all for your support for the last five months. I don't know what I would have done without you all to talk to.
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Awwwww SavetheWild congratulations. Trust me you will never forget the awesome feeling of getting those words. I am so excited for you.
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I am so very happy for you... testing buddy! How awesome! I will miss you though when we are back in the game. I hope you have a wonderfully happy and healthy 9 months, followed by nothing but joy!
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Congrats SaveTheWild!!! Enjoy every minute! : :
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Steph, you are a wealth of much needed information! And it sounds like it's been a tough road for you - I'm glad you're on your way out of it.

Originally Posted by peilover010202
Usually, it takes 2 m/s before a dr will even consider low p - so being educated about it is important.
It's crazy to think that so many people have to wait so long to get their drs to listen to them and give them the care they need - I guess that's the modern medical model for you!

LexBeach - Hang in there I am a college prof and last month one of my young students called me from the hospital after giving birth (unplanned pg of course) - it was so great and yet so personally frustrating at the same time. So I can relate to how you felt (we probably all can). Wishing you a BFP soon!
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: Hooray savethewild H&H9 :
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8 DPO.... let the true insanity begin!!! At this point, any little twinge could actually mean something! Time to find some good distractions. I think I need to lock up all my HPTs out in the tool shed though as I am sorely tempted already to poas. Hmmm, now that I've said that, I really think I will make them less accessable LOL! It's going to be a long way to Thursday morning when I test.
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CONGRATS TO YOU! Wishing you a happy, healthy 9 mos

njsummer - actually my ride has been pretty easy, but that's only because I've found help on forums like this, so I could recognize the problem early and avoid any possible m/c. And, I like to share the knowledge in hopes it helps someone else like it did me. Oh, am I'm just a researching queen!
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OMG, SaveTheWild, Yay!!!! I *knew* this was your month! Congrats on your Autumn baby bean!

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Save the Wild- Congratulations!!!
: : : : : : :
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Congrats to SaveTheWild! Man, this place is fertile. I hope it rubs off on all of us!

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So the doctor was right, I'm not pregnant (see my rant about my pregnancy test a few days ago). I managed to make it to 10 dpo, my longest ever since coming off the Pill three cycles ago. My DH said he didn't "feel" like I was pregnant, I guess he has a good sixth sense.

Like others on the board, I feel I may have prog issues too. I was getting pink tinged mucus almost this entire LP. With the infection I thought it might be an irritated cervix, but I now think it might be more than that. It could also be my body re-adjusting to being off the Pill. I feel like I need a few more cycles to figure it out.

All in all, I'm actually glad I'm not PG this cycle. I took a few drugs for my YI and I'm currently on another med that I need to wean from before I should really TTC. I guess DH and I kind of go caught up in the moment.

However, I have an appointment with my drs at the end of month to get off the meds, kick this YI in the butt (it's still hanging around), and be good to go
for TTC.

Please move me to "Waiting to Be Ready" as with work travel and med weaning I think we're going to miss the egg this month.

I'll still be lurking and posting for sure. Good luck to everyone in the 2WW!
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Thanks so much everybody for your kind wishes and beautiful smiley parades. It still hasn't sunk in that I am actually pregnant. I really have no signs, other than fatigue, so it is easy to forget that this is really happening to me.

I am sure I'll be sticking around here for a while though. This place is so addictive.

And may my fertile vibes be as contagious as possible.
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YAY! Congrats SaveTheWild!!!

I'm thinking that I'm about 4 DPO. I'm not charting this cycle. But here's my thing, I have silky, slightly stretchy CF, but my cervix is low and closed. (It was very high and open 5 days ago and has been low/closed since) I usually have fertile-ish CF all cycle long with my eggwhite being *very* stretch, thin, and clear. This is thicker and opaque and only slightly stretchy. But despite knowing all this about how my body works I'm freaking out a bit. I'm taking progesterone cream this cycle - does that have an effect? Anyway, I usually have a 9 day LP and start spotting at 5 DPO, so let's hope I break *that* pattern tomorrow!

I have serious babylust this week, so much so that watching TV and hearing Gwynth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie are pg made me mad. How sad is that, that I'm jealous of celebrities?? Normally I could care less about that sort of thing. ::sigh:: I just want this to be my month sooo badly. (Partly, because if it is, Dd and a new babe would have very close birthdays. I think that's neat and she's on the warpath for a new baby sister...)
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SaveTheWild: Congratulations and H&H 9 months!

: : : : :
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: : : : : : :2bfbabe: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

YAY for SavetheWild and any other BFP's I might have missed!! YAY!!!! Congrats, have a H&H 9 months, and pretend that's the nonalcoholic sparkly up there in the smiley parade.
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and why isn't the belly smiley in with the other pregnancy ones? I always have to hunt that thing down!
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ok all, I tested tonight at 10DPO and got a ! AF still a no show. On a calculator I went to it said if I O'd on the third then I have a 35 day cycle which woudl mean I am not suppose to start until Monday??? Not really sure what to think anymore. I have been exhausted, bb's are sore, i have had low backache and I have been really bitchy. PMS and backache make me think she is coming , I really hope not though i really want this to be my cycle! So many BFP's already lately, god willing I get one too. Is it un heard of to get a at 10 DPO??? When do you think is best to test?

Save the Wild: COngratulations!!! I am so happy for you!! Hopefully I can join you soon! : : : : :
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