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Measuring really big?

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I went to the midwife on Friday and I am measuring 38 weeks even though I am only 34 weeks. At 22 weeks I measured 21 weeks, and then it jumped way up at my next appointment, 27 weeks, I measured 31 weeks. So in 5 weeks I gained 10 cm. At 31 weeks I measured 34 weeks and now at 34 weeks I am measuring 38 weeks. I was measuring dead on or a bit small until 22 weeks and then I ballooned. Does this mean big baby or what? They are also not sure whether this baby is breech or head down (both of my other two were breech and this one was for a long time too) so they are recommending another ultrasound. I am going to do it mainly for the positioning issue but a part of me is scared there's going to be another baby in there! Or one really big one. I know weight estimates at ultrasound are notoriously wrong so I am not going to let it bother me too much if they say the baby is huge. Still, why am I measuring so big???

Oh, I did have an ultrasound at 20 weeks so you would think if it was twins we would have seen it then but who knows?
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I measured big at all of my appointments until the very end and then I measured small. lol Go figure. I am overweight though so I allowed for that in the measurements.
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With Noah I measured 2 weeks ahead consistently, then suddenly at 34 weeks I measured 38. I got freaked out (reading about polyhydramnios) and asked for an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid - everything was totally fine, normal fluid level, except he was breech and bigger than average. He wasn't huge, though...born at almost 38 weeks he was 8lb 2oz. I think having an anterior placenta and his breech position caused the jump in measurement at the end there.

With this baby, I've been measuring 3-4 weeks ahead for a while now. He's head down, my placenta is posterior this time, and at the 24 week ultrasound we had he only measured 1 week ahead, so I'm not sure why my fundal height is so big...but my midwives aren't concerned and neither am I. Could just be that I have about 20 lbs more "fluff" than I did when I was pg the last time, I guess!

I think for you it's most likely the baby's position, whether breech or just stretching out - it's pretty unlikely they would miss twins at 20 weeks (not impossible, but very unlikely!)
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At 35 weeks I measured 40 and the u/s done at the same time estimated a pretty high weight (which my pregnant brain can not even remember right now). I feel that being overweight is probably influencing these measurments but what do I know :
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I definately don't think you have twins, at 31 w I was measuring 46w, and at 32w I measured 3mc larger so he estimated at 51w

those measurments are not that reliable IMO. They represent an AVERAGE. There should be a range.
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I was measuring 6 weeks ahead at one point . I am now at 35 weeks and between 35-37 cm depending on which side of the belly button you put the tape. One side has all the baby I swear!
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My first measured big most of the whole time by an average of 3 cm, and the midwives predicted a "big" baby, but she was born weighing 7 lbs 5 oz. I've fluctuated between 2 to 5 cm ahead this time, and again a big baby is predicted, but I think that's mostly b/c I just look huge - I'm short and carry straight out in front, nothing to the sides at all.

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hi all,

i normally don't post, as i am a big-time lurker, but had to post on this one - like heavenly, i was measuring on average until about 26 weeks, i jumped to 29 cm, 30 weeks i was at 34 cm, and now at 35 weeks i'm measuring 41 cm. needless to say, my midwives are a wee bit concerned, and have scheduled an ultrasound for tomorrow.

i never had an ultrasound at 18-22 weeks, so we're not sure if we're going to see a big baby, or two! the other kicker is, at my appointment today, the midwife thinks she may have felt two babies, and she heard two heartbeats, but is not sure if one was just an echo of the other.

all questions will be answered tomorrow - we're so excited (and a bit scared). who finds out at 35 weeks pregnant that they're having twins?!?!?!
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Oh my goodness, how exciting! I can't wait to hear your report tomorrow!
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I had my 36 week appointment today, and I measured 39 weeks. I had an ultrasound, and everything was fine. Until recently I've been measuring right on track.

Also with my first son, the ultrasound said that he was 4lbs at 37 weeks so I got induced. He ended up being 4 lbs 12 oz, so all these measurement and technology are just estimates.
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Originally Posted by bennie'smama

all questions will be answered tomorrow - we're so excited (and a bit scared). who finds out at 35 weeks pregnant that they're having twins?!?!?!
Well, where's the update?
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update: one big baby

question for you all - i know that third trimester ultrasounds are notoriously inaccurate, but are they always? my midwife seems to agree with the assessment that this is a large baby - at the ultrasound (35 weeks), the baby was estimated to be 7.5 lbs. i don't have GD (was just tested a second time; it also came back negative), i haven't gained any weight in a few weeks, but my measurements are still going up (last week, i was measuring 42 cm, and the baby is fully engaged). my son was born at 41w4d (induced) 7 lbs 12 oz. i obviously don't care if the baby is 7 lbs, or 10+ lbs, as long as he/she is healthy, but everyone around me seems to be convinced that i'm having a much larger baby this time. what do you all think? fyi - i'm almost 38 weeks pg.
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Originally Posted by bennie'smama
update: one big baby

question for you all - i know that third trimester ultrasounds are notoriously inaccurate, but are they always?

They are +/- 2 lbs. So pretty inaccurate.
I would rely more on your midwife's estimation. But even that...well you never know exactly until the baby comes out.

Thanks for the update! I don't know whether to hope for the same (we're currently measuring 8 weeks ahead, U/S tomorrow) or not. One baby will be MUCH easier, but if it's twins, that will explain my 30 lb weight gain so far. (How's that for a silly reason? What can I say, I'm illogical right now.)
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I just wanted to say that all through the last trimester with ds my dr and the u/s tech said he was at least 10 lbs. He was 7lbs 8oz when he was born, so you can never tell. He was very long and gangly though. My doc is once again predicting huge this time, an though I thi nk she is over 8 lbs,I think she is long too!
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The doc my midwife works with did n u/s on me and after he told me what the computer estimated he said "now this is just an estimate they can be generous"
My last u/s est was last week at 7#10 oz. at 38 weeks. So far my other kids were 6.5 and 7.9 I have GD with this pregnancy and the last 2 did not. Can't wait for baby to come so I can see!!
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