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Meth addicted foster baby...questions

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I have a freind who just got a newborn meth addicted foster baby. She doesn't know much about the special needs of these babies, and neither do I. All I do know is that they have very little appetite, sleep all the time, and scream bloody murder when they're awake. He's very small, 5 1/2 lbs.

I'm going to give her my sling and show her how to use it as I know body contact is good. I might see how she feels about using the Bach flower essences to ease symptoms. But that's about all I have to offer.

Does anybody know anything about these babies? Is there any advice I could give my freind about how to help the poor babe through the next month or so of withdrawals besides what I've already mentioned?
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poor little fella! sorry, no advice. i think kangaroo care is recommended for addicted babies so the sling should help. i would recommend that your friend gets time off every day or so too, if possible -- that's got to be one hard job.
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You might check out the fosterparents.com boards. There are quite a few people there with experience with addicted babies.
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I think the sling is an awesome idea. Wish I had soem advice but I don't. Deffinitly check out that site. Hope you find soem help there.
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The sling is a great idea.

Luckily, babies going through meth withdrawal really aren't so bad. The withdrawal is relatively quick and they aren't so fussy like, for example, a heroin baby. By the time you read this the babyshould be already feeling much better.
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Thanks so much for the advice, I'll check out that message board!
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I'm really surprised that they didn't address that in her training, I took the foster care classes and they were very extensive on the subject. I really recommend that she talk to a professional for advice. Some of these babies are extremely touch sensitive and don't like being touched. So if the baby doesn't seem comfortable in the sling, I would back off on it until he's bigger.

I would even go so far to say for her to not cloth the baby and just keep the house a little warmer because even wearing clothes can be painful to them. It saddens me so much that someone could do that to the life growing inside of them, and so many of these little babies die or suffer long term effects.
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Sorta OT, but I read something on LactNet the other day that suggested babies born to addicted mothers would be better off being breastfed by the moms, at least for a few days, than immediately taken away. Idea being that the drugs still in the mom's system will pass through to the baby in very minute amounts and would ease withdrawal for the baby. Sort of like tapering down. I thought it was interesting.
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