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Breast Implants

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Anyone have any info on nursing with breast implants? My client is having a problem with low milk supply and thinks it may be due to her breast implants. We're trying the following to boost supply - Mother's Milk tea 3x's/day, fenugreek capsules 3x's/day, alfalfa leaf tea and alfalfa sprouts and pumping after each feeding. Baby was born on 1/15 via c-section, weighing 9 lb. 13 oz. On Friday he weighed in at 8 lb. 14 oz., gaining a mere ounce since the last weight check on Tuesday. Couple is offering up to 2 oz. formula after each feeding as "insurance" that baby gets enough nourishment, but baby spits most of it up. My sense is that he's getting enough from the breast. During my 3 hour shift, I change at least one thoroughly wet and one thoroughly soiled diaper. Baby is alert, sleeps well and seems content. I'd like to encourage the couple to eliminate the supplements and see how baby does. Any suggestion on how to "present my case"? Also, if anyone has knowledge or experience with this topic, feel free to email me privately and confidentially at paula_bear69@hotmail.com
Mom likes to read books, so if anyone knows of any resources I could get my hands on, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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You don't say, but I get the impression you are a doula? Good for you for choosing such a valuable profession.You might want to get a copy of the Breastfeeding Answer Book, it just came out in it's 3rd edition, pub by LLL.

Both breast reduction and implant moms need the same kind of info and support. Some mothers have no problem providing enough milk for their first child. Some do, but then produce a full suppply for subsequent children, when ducts further recanalize.

Ask the mom to keep track of diapers throughout the day. That was one big baby! Even without the surgery quesions, it could take a week or 2 to regulate supply enough to start her gaining. She should be wetting 6-8 cloth dipes a day, and have at least one or 2 (probably more) soiled dipes as well. Frequent nursing is key. My big babies always wanted to eat at least every 1 1/2 hrs, usually even more often, like once an hour, with several good long (1/2 hour to 45 mins) sessions.

Here's a link from LLLIbreast surgery
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Thanks for the link, Daryl. I printed it out and will show it to my client tomorrow. Yes, I'm a postpartum doula. I'm also a LLL leader applicant and I'm looking for the handout that addresses breast surgery, but since DH "helped" me reorganize my office space, I can't find anything!
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