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Originally Posted by LunaMom

First of all, they are still using that so-awful-it's-embarrassing opening song and sequence. I literally push the mute button and look away from the screen when they show it.
LMAO!!! I am so glad somebody said this. I had hoped they would get rid of that. I'm really glad I got hooked on the show in season 1 before that terrible song otherwise I would have been so turned off I don't know if I could have watched it!
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I had never seen this show before, but I was at my parents house last week - they have Direct TV and I can't get the show at my house.

I don't know any of the characters, but I really loved the show, especially the hottie trying on the quinceanera dress!

But, these were my thoughts:

As already discussed here, I HATE the whole attachment parenting as freaky and "out there" storyline. NEVER put the baby down? Who came up with that one??

The second thing that bothered me was that while there were lots and lots of boobs out for sex, when the so-called "breastfeeding" came up - there was NO boob and she only "nursed" the baby for 2 seconds. What's that all about? It really bothered me.

At least the baby was in a sling at the coffee shop or wherever they were, more positive than seeing her in a stroller with a binky.

so who is the hottie dating the Mexican girl anyway...???
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so who is the hottie dating the Mexican girl anyway...???

Thats SHANE..........we all lust after her............
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We lurve Shane.

But my favorite is crazy Alice.
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I think I missed it last week? What time and day is it on now and what happened?
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Does anyone understand the flashbacks at the begining of each episode? Are they relevent to people in the show somehow......??
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Originally Posted by rainsmom
Does anyone understand the flashbacks at the begining of each episode? Are they relevent to people in the show somehow......??
Yeah, during the first season they usually - or at least sometimes - tied in with one of the storylines. For example, there was one where they showed two teen girls make out at horseback riding camp, and later on it turned out that one of the girls was Dana's mother - who was very homophobic in Season 1. Another time they showed Marina's girlfriend Francesca making the moves on someone while she was away in Europe, and again, you didn't know how she was related to the show until later on in the episode. This season they mostly seem unconnected. That thing with the nuns this week was sort of uncomfortable. I mean, I'm not even Catholic and it made me want to look away.

I have to say, in spite of my very negative reaction to the first episode of this season, I've enjoyed the second and third episodes. I felt soooo bad for Moira in the last one. Honestly, I thought they were all so rude and judgmental, and it really shocked me. How can a group of lesbians be so, well, prejudiced? Just because Moira's kind of butch? And Jenny was so insensitive. She forgot to introduce her at first, and when she did say, "This is Moira," she didn't say any of her friends' names. And she made no effort to include Moira in the conversation and seemed totally oblivious that her hick girlfriend might feel out of place. Man, as if I needed another reason to dislike Janny...

So do you think Dana has breast cancer? I hope not!
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Is anyone still watching?!?

I cried during last nights episode when Alice walked in to Danas room. It was so sad. I thought this one and last weeks episodes were the best so far!

I loved ANgus singing to Kit Bowies "CHANGES" song. so great!
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Alice was great in last night's episode. I loved how she stood up to Dana's parents. It made me all teary eyed, especially since it was so hard for her to say some one else was Dana's partner.
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and the begining part that was a flashback......with Bette.....interesting how they made her look like she did in Flashdance, with the off the shoulder sweat shirt!
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Originally Posted by rainsmom

and the begining part that was a flashback......with Bette.....interesting how they made her look like she did in Flashdance, with the off the shoulder sweat shirt!
Did you catch that too?! I thought that was too funny

I, too, was hoping they would get rid of that terrible opening music but for some reason they are really attached to it.

I have been very disappointed with the show, since they screwed up the homebirth and are now making AP look crazy. But the last 2 episodes were much more like the writing from Season 1 so I've been pretty pleased.

Carmen is so super hot that it's just distressing that she is so dimwitted. And she forgave Shane so easily. Carmen is one of those women who LOVE drama. Doens't she understand that women like Shane only like women who she feels like she is constantly chasing? And, not every one on here is in love with Shane! Maybe it's because I'm Black, I don't know, but I find nothing attractive about anorexic women. I have to turn my head when Shane takes her clothes off She should not be allowed to undress. I also don't find her attitude attractive either. Shane is one of those people you hang out with, not someone you take seriously. I thought that whole crying in the shower scene was very inauthentic- poor acting. I didn't buy it at all. I can't even believe that someone as hot as Carmen would be attracted to her, but, I guess when you factor in Carmen's level of depth, it's no surprise.

Bette just needs to leave Tina. They are done. You know Tina is getting paid at least six figures by Helena so her griping about money is a bunch of BS.

I also thought the hospital scene was poignant. A tear did drop from my eye.

I have no interest in the whole Kit and Manny story line.

The best scene thus far was the nanosecond they showed Bette burst into tears when Tina said she was attracted to a man. I felt that.
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I dig Shane.

I also like the Kit and Angus story line bc Im also perimenopausal.

I know some of the writing isnt that great.....I just love watching all the female relationships......makes me miss my friends back home in California.

Carmen reminds me of me a long time ago.....hotblooded latina. I knew she was gonna throw the food! I doubt that relationship is gonna last. Shane in a committed relationship just doesnt work for her, or hasnt.

Thought Laura was cool to ask Alice in to the room. ANd Alice was so great with Danas parents. Looks like Dana is in for a rocky ride the next few episodes........
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I'm finding some of the plots this season a little off-putting. I actually fast-forwarded through the Kit/Angus stuff last episode because it feels really contrived to me--I'm just not feeling a spark between them. And the breast cancer plot also feels a little...I dunno, obligatory? (I.e., it's a "women's issues" show, so this issue is a given.)

I think it's kind of interesting how Tina has become the "bad guy" in the Tina/Bette relationship. And Jenny has been much less annoying to me the last couple of episodes--Moira is a nice addition to that storyline.

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but as long as she's not popping pills and stalking Dana, I would take Alice over Shane any day!
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Ebony, I'm with you on Shane's body! I think she has a beautiful face, but her thinness turns me off. Way off. I also agree with you that Carmen is an idiot - but not for the same reasons! I hate hate hate the way she treats Moira like she's not even deserving of her acknowledgement. She's really closed-minded.

The whole Dana story is killing me - even though it does seem cliche these days to give a female character breast cancer. It's just so sad. I love Dana; she's one of my favorite characters, because she always seemed so real.

Oh, and I'm wondering about the new character, the movie maker who Helena is having a fling with - is that actress Melissa Etheridge's partner in real life? She's a hottie!

Kit and Mangus - borrrring.

Tina turning selfish bitch - fun fun fun.

And yes, I still fast forward through that pukey opening song.
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Does the show endorse cheating?

LunaMom, the filmmaker is Ellen Degeneres' ex, Alexandra Hedison (sp?). And, I agree that Carmen, as well as the rest of the group, were mean to Moira, although everyone else seems to be warming up to her, except Carmen. It's just sad because when they introduced Carmen they made it seem like she was going to be this fascinating character but she isn't so it's disappointing.

Someone told me that a major character was going to die so maybe it's Dana, or maybe that's too obvious. I don't know where she got that info from but that's what I heard.

I read something on lesbianation the other day that I thought was interesting. They talked about how the show has dealt with cheating and seems to think the show endorses it, or at least, acts like it's no biggie. What do you all think?
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Thanks, Ebony, I knew she was connected to some famous lesbian! Hmmm, her ex ? Aw, man, I'm married...

I don't know if I'd say the show endorses cheating, but it does seem that the cheating is usually forgiven. Although, then again, I wouldn't say that Bette's cheating was really forgiven - Tina's pretty much been punishing Bette for it ever since.

Does that Billie Blakely really gross anyone else out? Does that make me really closed minded? I don't really understand the, um, act he performed on Moira...I guess he's turned on by gender-bending?
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I watched the first episode and really got the idea that the writer who wrote the AP stuff really doesn't get it. It seems like he's thinking attachment parenting involves only physical attachment. Like sleeping together, holding, breastfeeding, etc and he thinks, "Oh, that's what they mean by attachment."

That social worker was straight up evil! I've known social workers and they'd be happy to see a clean house and two parents who aren't addicts or abusive.
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Hey, speaking of that evil social worker, wasn't she played by Dana Delany? And didn't Dana delany ALSO play the senator who propositioned bette just a couple of episodes later? Wasn't that weird?
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wasn't dana delany, forget her name, but not dana d.
what ever happened with the adoption?
still haven't seen sundays show - the olympics are playing havoc with my regular shows :-), will see it tomorrow...
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