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Ack, been awhile since I've written here too.

A while back I saw some spoilers for the season and I hated myself for looking. I kinda forgot some of them so I may have to go look again.

So is Billy gone now? We get just 3 or 4 epi's with him?? Sheesh. Kit has no more manager.

Beals looks sooooo tired. Her pregnancy is taking a lot out of her. It just seems that her heart just isn't into it this season, but being preggo I understand why.

You know what is bugging me about the end of season 2?? Jenny asks Mark/Eric (forget which was his name on the show, lol) to stay to work it out or brave through it or whatever and here he is gone in season 3. Doesn't make a damn bit of sense. I hated what he did but I liked him in the end.

Can't think of anything else at the moment. Ta ta.
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Thanks Kincaid I checked some website and they didn't have the songs up yet but their message board had it- Tracy Bonham, "Whether You Fall." Lovely...don't care for the words too much but I love the music.

As for the Playboy issue, it came out last summer, like May/June. It had "Marina" displaying her masculine and feminine selves. The piks were actually unique in that in each one she was dressed both butch and femme, like side by side. But, they looked more like paintings and less like photos so I didn't care for that too much.

Rainsmom, I've read a couple of spoilers but I don't know wanna know either. I just wanted to know what happened on the set! Carmen is hot but she's so dense. My friend in San Fran saw her at some L Word thingy with two other cast members and said she was also a little dim in real life. I find this hard to believe since she's a Capricorn (like me ) and I read some bio that said she plays instruments, graduated from college and is a descendent from the Shah dynasty in Iran. It would be so terrible if she's clueless in real life as well. BUt, oh well, still like to look at her, she doesn't really need to say much if you don't want a deep relationship...

I think Bette and Tina just need to put each other out of their misery. Say goodbye already.
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Next weeks preview, WOW!!!!!

Shane asks Carmen to marry her!!!
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i balled my eyes out over tonights show.

I'll miss her.
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I forget the whole back story on Tim and Jenny.....can anyone fill me in??

Everytime I start to ask my friend what happened to carmen on the set, she starts to tell me more spoilers about the upcoming episodes, so I stopped asking.... but if I do findout, I will definetly post here.
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I cried so hard about Dana. Poor Alice

I am so disgusted with the upcoming story line of the Bette/Tina custody battle that I have decided to no longer watch the show. No way. I am disgusted how in just TEN FREAKING DAYS at a silent retreat Tina met a guy, slept with the guy, and are viewed publicly as a couple and she leaves the baby with the guy while she goes to the hospital. Less than 10 days, if she got busy as soon as she dropped Bette of at the airport. Disgusting! This story line has me so repulsed I have decided to stop watching. My DP and I have an 18 month old, and watching this *one* darned media portrayal of a gay couple having a child is just too disappointing to deal with.

With Dana gone, Alice in heartbreak, and Tina being a total loser, I don't know what there is to watch Even Shane can't lure me back, I don't think.
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Kincaid- I totally hear you on this one. I am really disappointed by the fact that they took the one long term couple and turned their relationship into this. That Tina just basically grabbed on to the first guy(s) she could.... and then a custody battle? disgusting.

yet at the same time, it's hard for me to stop watching. I'm all caught up in the dumb dramas. sigh...
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Originally Posted by mamimapster
Oh yeah, and the actress who plays Lara was once Rose Troche's girlfriend/lover they made a movie called Go Fish together. In the bizzare six degrees of seperation I was almost in the movie. There is a party scene where they invited a bunch of people, I had the flu and didn't go.
Explain further! The actress who plays Lara is Lauren Lee Smith. I always though Guinevere Turner--who wrote/starred as Max in Go Fish--was Rose Troche's girlfriend at the time (and a total cutie, by the way!). Oh wait...I just went to imdb.com and see the Guinevere Turner played "Gabby Devaux" on three episodes of the L Word...which character is that???
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Bette and Tina were disaster waiting to happen as it was. The relationship wasn't good from the first season and how they managed to turn Bette into a victim to some people is astounding. Remember Bette, the one that slept with the carpenter she met and hid it from Tina until she got caught? The one that put NO effort into the couples therapy ect.
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Gabby DeVaux was a really bitchy ex of Alice's. Alice got suckered into dating her again in season 1, against the advice of her friends. It was a small role.

I cried and cried over Dana. It was so awful the way she was alone when it happened. Poor Alice - it'll be even that much harder for her because she wasn't there. I loved Dana - she was my favorite character, and I'm really going to miss her.

I really don't like Carmen anymore. Something about her bugs me, and I think Shane deserves better.

Yeah, it is weird that in the ten days that Better was gone, suddenly Tina is serious about this guy, as though she's going to marry him or something. Honestly, I'm sick of both of them, and I have no sympathy for anyone other than their baby. She's so cute, isn't she?

Oh, and poor Helena! Funny how the producers took a really despicable person and made her so likeable this season. What a crappy thing for Dylan to do. Do you think she knew fro the beginning that this was the plan? Maybe she told her guy when Helena first made a pass at her, and they plotted the whole thing?
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I thnk Dylan was in on the plan from the begining and she disgusts me for it. I loved how Helena's mom stepped it and laid it on the line. But those two scum bags didn't deserve a cent. I hope they have some follow up where they get their commupance.
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Is the show disempowering to women?

The L Word has disappointed me on so many levels but, alas, I continue to watch it because some of those women are hot () and I want to see a little bit of myself on t.v. It's like watching "Girlfriends" solely because I'm Black and want to see Black women but I can't stand that show so I no longer watch it every week. I just think The L Word is really irresponsible when it comes to dealing with these social health issues. They botched the homebirth. They make a mockery of AP. Then this thing with cancer. Why couldn't they let Dana suffer for a while but have her come through it? Wouldn't that have been more inspirational? I'm starting to think that this show isn't about empowering women at all but weakening and subordinating them. Homebirth, which is usually empowering, was not here. AP, which is well thought out and intelligent, is not here. Surviving breast cancer, as opposed to being a victim, is more empowering. Standing up to your partner when they betray you is more empowering and no one in this show does that. All of these women are behaving like high school children. It's maddening! I don;t understand why they don't use this forum to showcase what others are ignoring and to educate women.

Helena's mom has it going on! I love it when she's going to be in an episode.

Tina and this dude?: At least she is still behaving like a lesbian, jumping into a relationship after knowing the person for 3 days. Oh, and yeah, I love how Bette is the victim. The writers must've hired Karl Rove and his spin machine to pull that one off.

LunaMom, we part ways on Shane. What "better" does she deserve? Shane runs the streets and screws whatever has a yoni. Exactly what is she deserving of? All she deserves is what she's getting. This is what she has created. I do think Carmen was out of line with that whole "what do you know about family?" comment but both of these women have serious self esteem problems so whatever dysfunctional thing happens between them is not surprising.

Poor Alice. My goodness, did that women put me in tears. Back when I used to watch "Sopranos" I thought Carmela had the best breaking down crying fit I had ever witnessed on t.v. but now that performance runs a close race with Alice. I swear I don't know why Alice hasn't been nominated for an emmy by now. But, considering how the entire cast didn't want Dana to leave, I'm sure some of that was not acting.
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I agree with alot of what you said Ebony.....and I think having Dana die is more shock value than having her come thru it........also, more drama for the people left behind, and how they will deal with some REAL issues for once.

Youd think the writers would have gotten homebirth and AP right....since they were in there at all.

And Im so done with the Moira/Max thing.....He's so immature and needs some serious counseling before he goes thru his transition. Not all transgenders are like this. I was just involved in a production of VAGINA MONOLOGUES and we had alot of discussion about transgenders and there were 2 in the cast. It was wonderful bc one of them really opened up to us and encouraged us to ask her anything we wanted.

I still like watchin' though......its like a train wreck....you cant look away. And for me, its also like spending time with old girlfriends. HOpe the writing gets better........and yes....ALICE DESERVES AN EMMY!! ANd DANA will be missed!! I hope they dont bring back her ex.......she was obnoxious!! (not Lara, the ohter one who was her sports agent)
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Ebony, I guess when I said Shane deserves better, I was thinking that she has come so far in her ability to give and receive love, and I think Carmen is a twit. She's insensitive and self-centered. Shane certainly has done her share of bad stuff - sleeping with Sherry again was pretty lousy of her - but I'd like to see her really happy. You do have a good point about how the show might be disempowering, though. I never really saw it that way, but now that you point it out...

ITA about Leisha Hailey deserving an Emmy for her crying scene. It was so heartwrenchingly real. You hardly ever see people cry like that on television. I don't remember Carmela's breakdown on the Sopranos! Thats' what a two-year hiatus will do to you, I guess!

I agree that Max is immature, but that's not a surprise. Look how naive and young Moira was from the beginning - when I first "met" her this season, I was thinking, "Jenny's dating a CHILD!!!" I felt bad for Tim's wife AND Max though, during that lunch scene, when Tim and Jenny wwere acting like idiots.
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Oh, yeah, that Tim and Jenny scene was actually quite hilarious but only because it was on t.v. They were both quite immature.

Carmen is a twit and I sitll don't think Shane has come a long way. I think she'll go back to her player days, which isn't a problem, so long as you're being honest with people. It also seems that many of the viewers want Shane the way she used to be.

Unfortunately, the show is completely out of touch with what the fans want. I just don't know what the writers could be thinking???
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ok this weeks episode:

I don't know Dana dying just wasn't that big of a deal to me, but I'm glad they did make it so for the show. I think they did a good job with it IMO. Although not real plausable that Lara woldn't find out before the funeral, I mean Dana was supposed to be well known and Paris isn't exactly a desert island or anything. She doesn't read the papers? Keep up on the news? Over hear people talking?

And Bette wanting to take Angelica away from her biomom and obtain primary custody based on her skin color. Um yeah ok, so not cool IMO. She can give her what she wants/needs with 50% custody. I just think she is being punitive and irrational, which is somewhat understandable and typical Bette. So at least they are writing her true to character.

I'm just done with the whole Max/Moira storyline. I like the Drag King that Kelly Lynch played better than her.

Ok next weeks preview

Wow are they rushing to the marriage storyline for Shane and Carmen or what? This week she says yes, next week they are doing it. Ok these are short seasons, but it seems rushed to me.

Kit pregnant?? I think it could make a good story idea about struggling with unexpected pregnancy when you seem to have been done with kids, I can relate to that. I hope that this is not going to be the cause of a breakup between Angus and Kit, I like them together. I'm not seeing a baby from them next season though.
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My big question from yesterday's episode: what the heck is going on with the Tina storyline. She's been with Henry for how long? Two weeks? (Bette was on a ten-day retreat; Dana died while she was away, no? So the funeral would only have been at most a few days later.) What single parent would allow/encourage his son to refer to a woman he'd been seeing for two weeks as family? And in next week's episode, Tina and Henry are "thinking of starting a family"? Does this all strike people as reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyyy implausible?
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I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this?
Is there anyone that has any episodes of season 3 I'v seen up until episode 7they can send me through msn messenger? Please pm me and I'll give you my msn
I'm in canada and dieing for more l word
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Originally Posted by NYCVeg
My big question from yesterday's episode: what the heck is going on with the Tina storyline. She's been with Henry for how long? Two weeks? (Bette was on a ten-day retreat; Dana died while she was away, no? So the funeral would only have been at most a few days later.) What single parent would allow/encourage his son to refer to a woman he'd been seeing for two weeks as family? And in next week's episode, Tina and Henry are "thinking of starting a family"? Does this all strike people as reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyyy implausible?

It's just ridiculous. I know someone made a joke earlier about lesbians rushing into relationships, but I mean, really, who does this? Especially when they have children? To go from just meeting to becoming a family in two weeks is absurd. There have always been unbelievable storylines in this show, but I'm really surprised at this one.
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ANy thoughts on the season finale?

I was shocked at the wedding thing........I didnt see it coming until Shanes caught her dad with the other woman. i mean, SHE asked Carmen.

And the whole Bette and Tina thing is going to far now. Why is she so desparate? And seems Tina is too........ this will all end badly.

Interested to see what Kit does about the baby......

Max and Jenny......max just bugs me now, even more than Jenny ever did. Hope they come up with someone new and hot for Jenny next year.

And I love Alice......YEAH!

And the minister with Helenas mom?!?! That must have been the people from the past that they started every episode with in the begining of this season! I have to watch the old ones and see.....but I think it was. When she was describing being married and going to the consciousness raising group, it rang a bell.

cutting off Helena is the best thing I think. I think throwing her money at the people in her life, while generous, has only made her a target and made a mess of the lives of people around her. Maybe if Shane and Carmen had the simple not expensive wedding they would have done without her money, Carmen wouldnt have been left at the altar....sheesh, she didnt even make it to the alter.

So now we see how Carmen will just be written out........bummer.......but have you all seen she is in a new show called TEACHERS that debuts this Tuesday.

no new shows for LWORD until 2007!!!!!
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