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What if there's NO hindmilk?

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Lately, I seem to be pumping and not getting any hindmilk into the bottle. I've still been saving these in the freezer, but should I? Is it still valuable to save these bags of frozen milk for daycare if it's just regular milk w/o the hindmilk?
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Your milk seems like skim? When are you pumping? Just in the morning, several times throughout the day at work, while baby nurses? As you may know, the milk toward the end of a pumping session or nursing session is higher in fat. Your first morning milk is lower in fat, higher in water content, than later in the day. So, what can you do to get that milk?
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How old is your baby? Your milk changes frequently during the time you are nursing so that it continues to meet your child's changing needs. Are you pregnant? Pregnancy also changes milk composition, but the most noticeable change during pregnancy is usually a reduction in supply.
How have you been able to tell in the past when the milk changed to hindmilk?
Are you pumping for a set time or until you're no longer getting much milk? If you're pumping for a set time, your supply may have increased, and it may take longer to get to the hindmilk.
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i've noticed the same thing...but when i put it in the refrigerator i still see a layer of fat on top...i'm assuming that means there is hindmilk...but is it enough??
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Yes, human milk is very dilute. Whale milk, OTOH, is like toothpaste.
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I wonder, too. I know my ds nurses all the hindmilk out b/c he stays on forever and ever. But, I worry that if I pumped the wrong way (too short, etc) and save that milk, then he'll be in for a fussy day w/daddy or daycare.
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