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How to survive teeth @ 11 weeks!

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YIKES -- help!

I never noticed teething problems while nursing my older son, but my little guy already has 2 sharp little teeth poking through. HE's so young that it's tough to give him teething aides b/c he can't really hold much yet and he spits up the Hyland's tablets. So, he gnaws on me or on his fist. He's okay when he first starts to eat but as soon as the "big hunger" abates, he nips. I'm already turning black and blue. I sure hate tothink I'd quit over this, but it's pretty darn painful. I just am not sure what to do for him since he's so young.

ANy ideas? :
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BusyMommy ~ I have been going through very aggressive biting and breaking the skin on my nipples with my third baby. Let me just say, I feel your pain!!!

I would suggest trying the Hyland's teething GEL! Just rub it on those gums, it is tasteless. Or Boiron has a teething solution in a water base that you just squirt in there. I would experiment. Also try ingesting these herbs/homeopathic remedies yourself and giving it to him through the bm.

Definitely take your baby off the breast after your milk has let down and fills baby's belly. Give him a few moments off the breast before putting him back on. As soon as he starts nipping again, take him off immediately. Let him chew on something else for a bit before feeding him again and give him some remedy while he is off.

Also, make sure that you are applying lanolin to your nipples!

I know that you wonder if you can continue, I certainly have as my nipples are bleeding and baby is oblivious to my toe-curling pain. But do hang in there, the pain will subside and you can work on changing this. I am proofF! Blessings
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Wow! i have no advice but am glad to know it is possible for them to get teeth this early-- my dd is 12 weeks and exhibiting many signs of teething--gnawing on her fist, lots of drool, occassional uncharacteristic crankiness. i was wondering...

I don't know if I hope the teeth take awhile, which would be worse for her but maybe better for my boobs, or pop out quickly! Anyway, I hope you find way to make it work and I'm going to remember all the tips folks give you 'cause I may need them!
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