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Pump Suggestions

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Greetings BF Mamas,
By beautiful baby girl was born almost a month ago. I am a working stay at home bf mom - but I want to introduce a bottle to babe soon with breatmilk so I can go out for an occasional meeting - and perhaps a day or so out of the house for working with clients.

Problem is - the electric pumps are so expensive - since I dont imagine myself being away from babe so much I dont know if I can justify the cost.

The manual ones seem flimsy and somewhat cheap - I am not sure I will be able express milk with them. Also I have large breasts so I will need to hold the pump, and my breast. Point being - many of the manuals require you to "pump" the piston - even though we all wish for it - I too am without a third hand to accomplish all three of these tasks at once.

Has anyone had success with the non-electric, manual breastpumps? Any suggestions on models or brands? What are experiences in general with pumping?

Thanks a bunch!

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There are a lot of threads on here about pumping advice, just run a search.

From everything I've read, Avent Isis is hands-down the best manual pump. I have it as well as an electric, and it's very good and very comfortable. You ought to be able to get it for about 35 dollars - check out www.kidsurplus.com.

Good luck!
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I love my Medela mini-electric single--not as expensive as some electric models, but does a great job. I got it for about $80 at Target.
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I tried the avent isis hand pump and for some reason it always hurt. I am a fabulous pumper- I could get 10 oz in 5-10 minutes with the pump 'n style but I could barely get 2 oz with the isis. I had to buy an electric though and I got a GREAT deal on the medela Purely Yours thru ebay ($90). I love it even more than the Pump 'n Style. check it out - it might be worth it.
-good luck
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My ds is 5 weeks old and I've been pumping just a little for the last 1.5 weeks.

I've got an Avent ISIS for now since I'll only be working in the office 1-2 day's a week at first, and can work from home the rest of the week. Most of the time it works great -- but only if I relax which I still have to remember to do. I can usually hold it and work the pump with one hand if I have a small (4oz) bottle on it, but not if I have the taller "disposible bottle" (with bag) on it.

The lactation consultant an some other parents I know are very happy with their "newborn nipple" for being slow and acting like a breast, and it got a lot of good reviews as "the best manual pump" which was why I got it. (dh doesn't have any trouble getting a nice open mouth that looks like a good latch with it -- at least for the 3 bottle feedings so far) not that you can't use their bottle to feed from a differen't pump, but having it all work together is nice.
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