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Another charting question

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Ok, this is the first month that I'm charting, and we are also trying to get pregnant, so...On days 12 and 13, I had ECM and low temps. Good so far. We did our thing. ON day 14 I had creamy cm and a temperature spike (.2 degrees higher than the highest temp for the previous 6 days). So I think, great, I've O'd, and we're on our way. Then, this morning (cd15), I had another low temp. I've also got creamy cm again.

So my question is, did I ovulate when I thought I did? Do I have yet to ovulate? Is this just a post ovulation dip in temp before rising? Or what? Or is it too early to tell, and I just need to keep on keeping on?
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Hello bec,

I probably won't be as much help as some others here, since I've only been charting a few (5?) months. I sometimes can't make much sense of the dips and rises until after I'd finished charting a whole cycle - and can see the whole picture, you know?

A charting website called fertilityfriend.com has also helped me figure out where to draw the cover line and suggests what day I've ovulated. It's free, so you could enter your temps there and see if it draws an ovulation line at the day you suspect. I think I usually have to have 3 high temps in a row before it will give me a suggested ovulation date.

I regularly get creamy cm a few days after I ovulate.

Good luck to you!
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Like the above poster mentioned, sometimes you just need to finish the cycle before your chart makes sense. One temp doesn't make or break anything, it's the overall pattern that matters. I would go ahead and assume O on the last day of ew. The temp shift just confirms (or not) what you already suspect.
Fertility Friend can be helpful, but I usually override their O calculation based on my cp and cm data.
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Thanks! I had another low temp today, but I also had a glass of wine last night (I'm a real light-weight due to still nursing dd). I guess I will just have to be patient and wait. Not my best trait!:
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I think I figured out what was going on. After two days of low temps, and cm going dry, I was starting to get a little nervous. Anyway, it finally occurred to me that there might be a problem with my digital thermometer. I tried it again last night, and wasn't able to get a temperature above 95 degrees! Then I tried my ear thermometer and got a 98.6 (I know I'm not supposed to rely on it for charting, but there isn't going to be that much of a discrepency). Not feeling sick, I have come to the conclusion that the batteries should be changed in the thermometers! Hopefully that's it!

Thanks again for the replies.
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