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Oh, speaking of nursing, tonight my little one DIDN'T nurse to sleep for the FIRST TIME since birth!! I went out tonight for about 2.5 hours and told DH that the little one could just stay up, of couse, if he needed me, or he could attempt to lay down with him. Well, you guessed it. I came home and he was ASLEEP. I was dying to nurse him. I was bummed-and he's 17 mos now!
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Hello! Nice to hear about all the other little ones. My little guy is talking pretty well, occasionally stringing a couple words together "I got you!" is a favorite around here. He can climb anything, which adds a whole new element of excitement to my life, lemme tell you. Right now 3 out of molars have popped through, barely which has made for some wakeful nights around here. He is incredibley affectionate, which is awesome.
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Why is it that big kid tantrums are so much harder to take? I'm so glad that TEAK has slowed down on those lately.

As for nursing, I don't even keep count of how often mine nurses. It's a lot. Sometimes I fantasize about night weaning, but I know she's not ready. If I could just not night nurse the one week before my period is due and the nipples hurt, I'd be a happy kid.

Bears: It's easy. I had a really hard day yesterday, so since we are cosmically linked , I was pretty sure you did, too.
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Oh Dodo thank you for the clarification. I can take Gabi's one year old tantrums anyday over Bre's. I think its because I still look at Gabi like she's just a baby and is learning. But Bre is almost 4 and personally I think should know better by now and understand atleast with me the tantrum is only going to make things worse for her and will never get her the thing she is throwing the fit for.

Night weening: does this include nursing to go to sleep or just waking in the night to nurse. Gabi still nurses to sleep most nights but no longer wakes to nurse. But she does still sleep with us and wants to be squished up against someone. Just a little cuddle bug. Hoping she wont revert when the new baby comes. Still wondering how that juggling act will work.
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Laurie, you have done a great job of visually documenting your pregnancies. I imagine that this is an especially meaningful gift for a third child.
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Thanks Dodo: I wanted to do it with Breaunna (my first DD) but I was working full time and never thought about it when I got home. I only have 4 or 5 prego pics with Bre. We also didn't get our digital camera till after she was born. With Gabi I stayed at home and made sure to take as many weekly update pictures as possible. I only skipped a few weeks here and there. With this baby is has been much the same as Gabi but still maybe a few more. I went and got my pedicure today and I am taking professional pregnancy photos tomorrow with James and the girls. I am so excited. I am sure I will add them to my prego link.
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Hey guys!
Dodo--again with the cyber twin thing. I have noticed that it is not necessary for me to constantly checking in on MDC lately. I am bittersweetly moving away from baby-hood into toddler hood.
WEANING UPDATE: I may be the lone weaner (that's funny sounding) but I want to share my experiences to get feed back and support. All my friends have loooooong since weaned and think I'm nuts for being so slow about it, but here I'm the early bird that appears to be in a rush. I'm not in a rush, I just feel ready. I feel like I'm taking his needs and feelings into consideration as well. We nightweaned during Christmas break. It was surprisingly easy. During the day when he asked to nurse and it wasn't a convenient time or something I would say "no tee too" (that's what we call it--not sure why) When he got to a point where he accepted the put-off better and seemed to comprehend it, I decided that he would be capable of comprehending the night weaning. So I up the avalability of day time nursing and made the nursing session that falls after dinner but before bedtime ritual a very emotionally fufilling one. Then if he woke up to nurse I cuddled and carried and sang and said "no tee too." He threw a tantrum but it only lasted a minute. and the tantrums only lasted a few nights. Now when he wakes up he expects and wants the cuddling or the water bottle we leave in his crib. If he gets thirsty we have gotten in the habit of leaving a bottle of water (baby bottle that is) near where he can reach it if he wants. So I guess night weaning was successful for me due to the development of comprehension of the phrase "no tee too" and offering him a substitute of water bottle and hugs and kisses. Day time weaning is going smoothly as well. I am trying distraction mostly. He eats a full range of food and I know he's eating plenty. He is now nursing for snack/comfort. I judge by his mood whether to nurse when he requests. If I can distract, I do. If he is sad or upset or cranky, I let him nurse when he requests, but I don't do the marathon nursing anymore. After I notice his concentration and attention is wandering I detach and distract. I think we're down to 2 or 3 times a day now. So anyone else thinking of weaning? Anyone got any input?

I've decided,well we've decided baby #3 will not come until I'm done with my master's degree which may happen sooner than later because I'm doing school fulltime now. YIKES. So that may be 1 or at most 2 more years. Knowing that satisfies my baby fever completely.

RANDOM ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: I am now the proud owner of an INSTALLED garbage disposal! Nice.
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