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I wrote to Brenda with some followup questions, and she answered and said I could put her answers here.

I asked if the Simple Green was this kind, and she said :

"Yes, the old fashioned green type. Usually in a squirt bottle even thought it's supposed to be diluted before use (never understood that). I found mine at my grocery store with the cleaners, and I've seen it at Target and Sam's Club."

I asked "There's also a yellow version with perhaps a lemon scent, is that the same thing as the green one, or is it contraindicated?"

And she said: "I'm not certain, but it looks like it's just a different scent of the same thing."

I wrote "Someone mentioned (either in your thread or elsewhere, can't recall) that they don't use A&H washing soda for some reason, but I can't find any other brand...do you know if there's something wrong with their washing soda?"

And she writes: "Hmmm. I remember that A&H added enzymes to their DETERGENT a couple of years back, so since then A&H has been on many people's "no" list. But that's different from their washing soda, which is just sodium carbonate, the same as any other brand (it's the only brand at my store, too). That's the only thing I can think of that would make someone say anything about A&H brand as opposed to a different one."

Hope that helps someone as much as it helped me!
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So if I use....*M*

If I use my homemade soap...which is made from bar laundry soap, borax, and washing soda, am I okay? I know it can eventually cause build up from the soap, but I could stip them then right? Or should I change to the simple green and washing soda? If I do change, is this good for all laundry or are you just using it on your diapers. I make my own detergent and use it on all, and don't really want to have two...but I will if necessary.

Thanks in advance!
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Brenda, Thank you so much for sharing this all! It is the one question I get more than any other.
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And to think I really thought I had a system that worked. :

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Ok, looks like we're switching to Allen's. Should I buy the liquid or powder?
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A home-made detergent: while the washer is filling add 2 Tbs Simple Green and 1/4 Cup Washing Soda. Nothing else needed. This is what I use.
Well, I'm trying that right now!

Yikes though; Simple Green really smells, well, green!
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Rats!!! I just checked my bottle of xtra and it has optical brighteners. I used to use sportwash which was wonderful, but my Walmart stopped carrying it. I have also tried Sun, and it does not have the brighteners in it - but I had some stink with it in my hard water.

I have prefolds, fuzzi bunz, and bummis too.

I am going to try the washing soda/simple green next or maybe the charlies soap which also looks good and economical. (free shipping to us.)
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I went out and bought some simple green and a box of washing soda this morning. It cost me $6. I am washing a load of diapers right now. There are a ton of bubbles and I wonder if it is stripping the buildup I had on them.

I am going to keep track of how many loads I can get out of the washing soda and simple green. I bet I can get at least 40 loads. I really hope this works good in my hard water.
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Anyone know if the Kirkland All-Purpose cleaner (green stuff) is the same as Simple Green? I have a huge jug of the stuff and would prefer to use it up.
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Wow. VERY enlightening.

No wonder my diapers stink

No more Tide for us!
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Is there ANY way to get optical brighteners off clothes?
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Okay I have some new FBs I'm waiting to wash until my Allens Natural stuff comes in the mail. That stuff better be super concentrated and last forever.
It seems like a pain to have to ORDER soap in the mail, but I don't trust myself to mix my own anything.
I was at the store today, and checked out the detergents. I actually didn't see anything about brightening on most of them, but then they brag about so much stuff on the containers it's kind of confusing. Maybe I'll check out the sportwash stuff at Dicks. I couldn't find allens at any natural food stores.
This is so informative!
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Just so you all know, the simple green/washing soda left my dipes smelling cleaner and fresher than they have in a long time. They look great too!
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Vey interesting and convincing i'm switching to Allens.
Thanks for posting this!
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I bookmarked this. Can't wait to try the Simple Green/Washing Soda thing and I don't even have my baby yet!
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Originally Posted by musicmaj
Just so you all know, the simple green/washing soda left my dipes smelling cleaner and fresher than they have in a long time. They look great too!
Same here! I was a little bit scared of the smell of the SG as it went into the washer, but there is absolutely NO SMELL whatsoever on my now-dried diapers, where before there has always been some hint of diaperness. My husband was very excited when I threw the diaper in his face, to not smell anything.
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Well, I was inspired to try the Simple Green / washing soda after reading these posts. I have softened well water, and my diapers almost always have a faint odor after washing / before drying.

Well, my ds has the rotavirus, which has the most nasty smelling diarrhea ever. I was going to use sposies, but I just could not do it, especially when his little bum is so tender. (BTW, Malox and Aquaphor combo really does work miracles). Anyway, if I could get these diapers fresh smelling with SG and WS then it would work for the day to day situation.

The first set of nasty diapers were washed with my normal ritual of cold wash and then hot wash with sportwash, and I had to wash them a total of 4 times to get the reek out. The second set had vinegar/BS in the cold wash, then WS in the hot wash. These actually smelled pretty good (acceptable) coming from the washing machine. The third set had a cold wash with nothing, and a hot wash with the SG/WS combo. And OMG, they smell so fresh and clean! The only time they have ever smelled this good was when I added a tbsp of bleach to my wash, but that can discolor my fitted dipes. I was a bit concerned because when I added the SG to my wash water it combined with the rotavirus stench and I almost threw up! But by the end of the wash they were odor free and so clean.

So try it, it works! I got the SG and WS from Walmart. Wow, I am so impressed!!! And it is cheap. If you can't get the SG then try baking soda/vinegar in the first cold wash, and Washing Soda in the second hot wash. That also seems to work pretty good.
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What brand is the washing soda? I haven't seen it at my walmart, but will look tomorrow for it again.
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The brand...

The Washing Soda (at least the only kind I've ever found) is Arm & Hammer. I've been buying it for years (but not very often, it lasts a long time) because I've been making my own laundry soap. My Wal-Mart doen't carry it. I found it at Harris Teeter Grocery Store, but only one in my area carries it (the furthest one from me! LOL) It can be hard to find and if you call around, they may not even know what you are talking about. I think I searched on line to find a local one (the first time I bought it a diff. one carried it, but then they stopped and I had to search again) I don't remember if I went to Harris Teeters site to see if they carried it or if I went to the Arm & Hammer site (you know how some will give you a list of stores that carry their product?) If you can't find it locally you can order it online...of course that adds to the price, but it would probably be worth it.

Look on Arm&Hammers website for a picture, so you know what you are looking for. The box is about the same size as a box of Borax (found at most stores) and it is yellow with the arm & hammer symbol BIG on the front.

Does anybody have an answer for my question a bit above? I asked if my laundry soap is okay to use on diapers (that I make myself) . It has bar laundry soap, borax and washing soda in it. I guess it will eventually cause build up and I'd have to strip them, but I'm thinking it would be okay (I washed in it last time I cd'ed, but was never sure) Does the simple green and washing soda work good for all laundry or do you just use it on your diapers. I think I really want to try it, but I hate having two different things for wash. The soap I make, I make in bulk so it takes a lot of storage space in my laundry room.

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I found the A&H washing soda at my Walmart. Sometimes it is hard to locate, but I found it by the huge box of laundry baking soda. I still can't believe how well this SG/WS works. I am going to try it on my other laundry.
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