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okay, my MIL came home yesterday (she's been gone for 2 wks) and it was about 45 min. and she pulled out this cute little baby dress she got for a friends daughter. Immediatly razi grabbed it and was like "This is for the baby in mommy's belly, mommy has a baby in her belly!" ...so much for keeping in on the DL...
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so happy for you sarita, have i said that yet??
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Originally Posted by punkprincessmama

so happy for you sarita, have i said that yet??
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Originally Posted by DecemberSun

I'm also glad to hear your update, Fern! I hope everything continues on the positive path... If you hear from Jaz, tell her hi from all of us!

i think jazz and her grrls are coming to visit this week sometime! she hasn't met ngaio yet so thats exciting. ill let you know how she is when i hear from her.

love to you all
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What did your MIL say, Sarita?
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Leah, how was your get away / vacation to Tahoe? Hope it was relaxing and rejuvenating for you.

I am so excited, we've been corresponding with people from the intentional community we are interested in, and yesterday Dh talked on the phone with two people there for over an hour! It really does seem like the place for us. It's a very family focused and family friendly place and basically as long as we all get along then we are in.

This is the biggest thing I've ever contemplated doing with my life. We leave in three weeks, going to drive out there, camping along the way. It will probably take about four days (we are going to be easy going about it and try to take it easy, what with a seven month old and a three year old along for the ride!) and stay at the community for about four days. If all goes well, we will go back for a longer visit and apply for membership at the end of July or early August.

Not so good news : dh lost his job They eliminated the positions of about twenty people where he was working. So, major motivation to start clearing out and selling off our stuff.

Fern, do be sure to give Jaz our love if she does come out to see you!!
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Double Bubble Duplicate Posting... Sorry...
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Tahoe was really great, Carrie. I got new skis at the ski swap in October so this was the first time I got to use them! I really like them, and I had a blast. My brother drove down from WA so it was nice to visit with him. The skiing wasn't perfect (in fact they got two inches of new snow the day after I left!) but the skies were clear all day and the view of the lake was spectacular! I definitely got a "Rocky Mountain High" while I was up there! Don't know if it was the alititude, the beauty of the mountains, being psyched about skiing, happy to see my brother, or a combination of it all, but I felt awesome!

I did miss the kids a little and I was glad to come back home, but it was so very nice to only have to worry about ME for a few days! Weird not to have so much responsibility, YK? DH was SO ready for me to come home!!!

We were at the grocery store today and as we were finishing up Zachary was starting to get edgy. On our way to the checkout line he starts yelling "Come oooooon! Let's go, Honey!" I was laughing so hard. It's so hard to be "mad" at him when he's throwing a tantrum while calling you Honey...

Then while we were waiting (patiently) in line the kids found that horrible gum-in-a-tube crap. Zachary opened one and squeezed a little onto the floor before I took it away from him. When it was our turn in line, I handed the tube to the cashier and asked her to ring it up for us and then throw it away. She says "Throw it away? WHY?!? Is there something wrong with it?" Like, she was so amazed that I didn't want my kid to have junk. I'm standing there thinking "I have two crabby toddlers, a bunch of food to check out, and a child in a wheelchair, and you're arguing with me about the damn gum??? Just charge me for it and shut up!" But of course I was "polite" (in my own little way ). Weirdos!

That community sounds GREAT, punk!!! It sounds like just the sort of place I need, lol... My best friend always jokes with me that we need to hurry up and win the lottery so we can retire on our "hippie commune". A small community of famiy and friends all working and playing together harmoniously and peacefully. Sounds too good to be true, but I have faith! I hope you find what you're looking for, Carrie, and enjoy yourself!

Rynna, I hope you're feeling ok...

Healing vibes to you, Mama.
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Originally Posted by DecemberSun
What did your MIL say, Sarita?
She's very excited and totally dying since I asked her not to tell anyone for awhile. She's like a lit match in a dry forest, yk? So once i give her the okay, pretty much half the world will know...

Leah the stores here have a 'family friendly' checkout and I always try and go for that just to avoid the exact story you just told.

Punk, sorry about your dh's job loss. Maybe that will give you more help and time to get ready for your big trip. I can't even imagine camping right now as it's been snowing all day here. I wish it was warm!
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i just wanted to show off my new sweetie.. www.picturetrail.com/babyngaio

hope you are all well!
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wow she is beautiful. and she looks lots like you - at least from all the way over here.
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Well, things are a bit better for me today. We managed to replace the carseats; both kids are rear-facing again, and that's a *huge* relief to me. BeanBean and BooBah are having a sleepover with their cousins. This is the first such sleepover *ever*. BeanBean was not pleased initially at the thought of staying, but BooBah was cool with it right away. ChibiChibi (8.5) actually woke up to talk to BeanBean, and she played with him a bit and was the one person who succeded in getting him calmed down enough for Mike and I to leave. I wish I could have nursed him, that would have done the trick.

It's difficult for both of us, but I think it's the best thing; I know that I need a break from them and they certainly need a break from the evil, screaming beast I've been for the past few days. : I'm hoping that it goes well, and that the kids want to do it again sometime in the future. In the meantime, I'm getting a heck of a lot of laundry done...
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Wow, eilonwy, I am jealous of your freedom. Zachary has never spent a night away from us- he's either had me or DH. But Julianna stayed with a respite family for 5 days while we were in Mexico for our family reunion last March (the screwed up tribal court system wouldn't allow her out of the country!), and that was hard for her. They said she didn't talk much and kind of played by herself. Lucky for her she was still taking bottles at the time so she had her little "comfort" tool. I still remember walking in the door to pick her up and she looked up from her toy and said "Mama?" in this quiet little voice, then ran toward me! She was soooooo happy to see us- the first time she ever said "Zach" was on the car ride home! It's nice to get a break from the kids sometimes, but only if everyone involved is happy with the set-up. I hope it went well for your fam, Rynna.

We had a playdate set up today with another foster family who lives nearby, but this morning Crystal and two of my friend's kids woke up with fevers. : I was so excited to have a Mommy Playdate! I am so done with snot and sickness, it's not even funny... Will this winter flu season ever end???
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I think that the kids enjoyed the sleepover. BeanBean and I spoke on the phone Sunday evening and he said, "I'm really upset that you left me, and I want you to pick me up now." I told him I'd pick him up the next morning and he just said, "Oh, okay." They had a good time, and were fine with everything.

While they were gone, I got a lot of work done but not everything that I wanted to do. I feel like I made some progress, but of course it will all be undone by this evening, I'm sure. Hell, half of it has been undone already.

Both kids were dressed a few hours ago. Now they're both naked. How does it happen?

Still no word from the insurance company. We really, really, really can't afford to get a rental on our own, "out of pocket" as it were. What freaking pockets, you know? Meanwhile, I had planned all kinds of appointments for this month and early next month, because I'm due in April and it made a lot of sense to me to get as much as possible out of the way before BellyBean comes. I mean, it still seems freaking logical to me, to plan things out that way... I was going to have a solid 3 weeks before my due date to just relax, which worked perfectly because I'm pretty sure that this one will show up around 37-38 weeks. It's amazing how much one idiot can your life...
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I bet the person who hit you is so happy you're not suing the pants off him, Rynna...

My kids take off their clothes and run around screaming "I wanna be naked!" and laughing. They get a kick out of it every single time, it's so hilarious.

My mom, the sweetie that she is, found a bunch of great HS links, and ordered me some preschool supplies. When I was home schooled we called it B.E.A.M School (Better Education At Moms), so we
are carrying on that name I guess.
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i've been depressed and a mean mom but am getting out of it. hormones? sickly family? is mercury in retrograde? such is life. ruby has been singing songs about poop. she doesn't get as naked as much as the boys did at this age, because they poke her. i try not to get upset about her right to be naked and free. silly, huh?
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Originally Posted by DecemberSun
I bet the person who hit you is so happy you're not suing the pants off him, Rynna...
I'd love to sue her, the . Too bad the lawyers don't seem to see it my way.

I'm miserable. Life sucks. We're out of heating oil, that means no hot water, the furnace is off and all of the seedlings I started are dead or dying because it's too cold here. I can't even take a nice bath and try to relax and deal with my pain. There was a load of diapers which were washed inadvertantly in ice-cold water; they're downstairs going through a second wash now, but I'm sure they'll end up being mildewed and sad anyway. Most of my diapers and all of the covers that fit BooBah save one (that she wore to bed last night) are in that load of laundry, because I haven't been able to do laundry as often as I'd like.

I seriously want to say it all. I just want to give up. How much more crap can happen to one person?! Oh yeah, I lost a fair bit of my mucous plug today. I know that because this is my third pregnancy, that really doesn't mean much, but it was just one more reason to feel extra fabulous about not being able to take a shower. I'm DONE.
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oh rynna

can we help??

im so sorry.
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it will get better rynna. things WILL get clean again! we need a way for you to shut off the brain thinking about the bads. stay in a hotel room for a night with a friend, get out of your house. let's figure how you can listen to music on headphones to buffer your thoughts, and get you a glass of wine.

look, you may have to completely drop the accident thing and close that door for now, since you are not going to get compensated for your bodily hurts. it has really weighed you down, all the emotions and bs related to it. you can decide to quit dealing with it for a week. i know money doesn't grow on trees. but it is starting to cost you more just worrying about the whole thing. the last thing i want you to be doing is making stupid phone calls to stupid people when you getting ready for your third kid. i want you to be enjoying your two, frozen toes or not.
yes, i am projecting. we have lost so much money i don't even want to count this past month related to dh's wallet being stolen. i am myself getting weighed down by all the little crap and it is ridiculous and not worth it. i'm going to put in earplugs and get a decent nights sleep. and you are too. good things will happen again, and relief does exist. joy is out there.

much love,
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love you mamas...
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