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Hi all. My ds turned 3 last month. So hard to believe how much he has grown. I love my little guy!!
He's finally getting to the point where I think he'd love some sort of organized 'class'. Gymboree? Arts & Crafts? Of course, I'd have to beg my mom for the money for it though. I highly doubt she'd give it to me but one must try. LOL.
Actually, if i had about $300, I could join the YMCA at the low rate (because of my lack of income). That would be cool because they have some kids programs, etc. Not sure I'd be comfortable leaving him in the childcare room while i worked out though.

Gotta run.
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Originally Posted by DecemberSun

We feel the same way about Scorpios. We tried NOT to have one. Please don't take offense if you have a Scorpio DC or if you are a Scorpio! DH's ex-wife was a Scorpio, so we have some negative feelings associated with Scorps, we're just weird like that.
I'm definetly not trying to offend any scorpio either! But my best friend when I was 14 was a scorpio and she got me into all kinds of trouble that a 14 yr should NOT have gotten into, PTSD I guess. The night before last, I dreamed that she was trying to 're'friend me and she was following me all over town carrying a baby in a carseat! Not really into that dream, yikes!

We'd love to see you in Spokane, I will probably come to AZ at some point this spring but not sure how that will all work out.

I keep meaning to tell you, I burned the cookies.
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You guys are afraid of Scorpios? Yeesh! When we first got pregnant with BeanBean, I knew instantly that he was a boy and I was *terrified* because I thought that I might deliver a Capricorn boy. As it turned out, he was due during Saggitarius, and I would have had to be more than three weeks late for him to have been born during Capricorn. I was totally relieved, because I would have seriously wanted an induction to avoid having a boy during Capricorn. : Of course, none of it was an issue, and he was born during Scorpio.

I'm a Libra, though, and we don't do well with Capricorns irl. I personally have a long history of horribly depressing and bad relationships with Capricorn men, starting with my father and ending with my sister's ex. I can always tell when a guy is a Capricorn, because he pisses me off right away for no apparent reason....

Anyway, that's something that I/we definately strive to avoid. With BooBah, I didn't want to be hugely pregnant over the summer, but that wasn't a big deal (she was born at the end of June). I was actually freezing the whole pregnancy, unlike my first (when I was boiling hot if the temperature was over 55 ) so I was pretty pleased with the world when it got warm. I think it would be cool for the next baby to be a winter baby, since I've got a fall and a summer and a spring on the way, but I'll definately be shooting for Aquarius or Pisces. I think that early February would be *perfect*. Hm... when would I have to concieve for that to happen...

Leah-- I have days like that, too! That's why I'm not so sure where people are coming from when they say, "You're such a great mom!" I think that what they mean is, "I can see that you're making an effort to do something other than beat your children into submission. Bravo!" They're also impressed at the amount of responsibility that I feel, which strikes me as kind of sad... doesn't *every* parent feel responsible for their children? It's true that I don't automatically jump to the conclusion that my child/ren is/are making me angry about something, that I think, "Maybe I'm angry about something else entirely" and try to respond accordingly... but I think that lots of people can/should do that. I dunno. Maybe I just have high standards (which I most assuredly don't live up to all of the time!) for parenting.

Gifted children-- I've got two, and I will admit that it is one of the many, many reasons that I'm a home educator. It's very cool, great fun, and quite challenging (but I've got it easier than many parents of gifted children do ). There's actually a thread over in Special Needs called Addressing the Special Needs of Gifted Children, #7. There are quite a few regular posters, you should visit.

Lizc-- why would you need $300 to join the Y?! That's a lot of money... I bet they've got a way to help you out, if you look into it. BeanBean has been taking swimming lessons there, and he absolutely loves it. He's quite the little fish! I didn't think I'd be able to sign him up for a second class because he needed new shoes, but the shoes were much cheaper than I expected them to be so he's swimming again.

Recently, I found out that a museum which is only a few blocks from my mom's house has classes for little kids on Saturday mornings. I'm going to stop in and see if they have financial aid available, because I think BeanBean would *love* something like that! I'm also trying to find a music teacher for him... That's turning out to be more difficult than I expected, but I'll find something I'm sure. I will find a way, because this is very important to me. :
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Hi everyone-

we had a great time is disneyworld! you can see the photos taken by the disney photographers here The minnie dress she is wearing was my little sisters. My little sister is now 30! GA had a great time with the characters and her cousins and grandparents. she still thinks we are going to see a parade everyday She liked all of the scary rides best teacups 'teapots' the dumbo and aladin carpet rides (round and round going up and down) and pirates of the carribean ...she is obsessed with pirates I knew she would love that one. she screamed bloody murder at every show we went to until 5 seconds after the show started when she was singing and dancing in her seat. I felt like the worst mom in america during those preshow minutes though : but I knew as soon as the show started she would love it.

we had a terrible flight home though - her worst ever (and she's a very frequent flyer) and the 'reentry' into our life has been rough. I think she turned the corner this afternoon though.

I am looking for a new job...I am so torn b/c this job is so flexible. i basically work when I want to, if daycare is closed or ga is sick etc I have so much flexibility to work from home. i don't think i will find this kind of flexibility but I can't work for my boss much longer he makes me crazy

enough rambling from me .....


Rynna - got you pm about the socks I will measure her tomorrow.
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rynna, thanks for starting this thread.. i always thought of elwynn as a toddler or baby until ngaio was born..now he feels and acts so big ..so "growned up" ..he is a "child" now unreal..but true. time is a strange thing.

sooo an update.. im a single(but co-parenting/friends with papa) momma of 2 amazing little beings..elwynn my just turned 3 year old son and ngaio my 6 week old daughter. both were born at home..breastfed..cloth diapered..EC'd AP'd..

i love being a momma.. its not always easy but its worth every pee'd on.. spit up on..tired out.. havn't eaten or peed all day moment

my time on MDC is limited these days what with nursing all day long but im glad this group is still together after 3 years. its amazing. i love hearing how all of your littles are doing and growing

we are getting ready to move house at the end of the month..we are just moving down a level in the hosue we live in (3 suites) but im excited about having a "new" space to make into home. right now we share our home with my older sister and her dog.

ooh gotta go nursing is calling
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Anybody wanna see a sock? Toe-up socks totally rock. I've got to make more.
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Rynna- I love it! I cleaned out my pm box. GA is at my sister's this morning while andrew and i tile our new bathroom and entry way so the contactor can FINISH OUR KITCHEN next week! I'll get that measurement today.

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I want to join! My dd turned 3 on the 7th. She still seems so much like a baby to me. She is not independent in the least, still needs me or DH RIGHT there with her at all times. She sleeps with us, we don't even have a bedroom for her, and she still nurses as much as a newborn. We are involved with the local homeschooling group already, they have a weekly park day that we go to if the weather isn't too nasty, we plan on unschooling dd. All of dd's friends will be homeschooled so we have wonderful support. Last week I took dd to our first organized event, I've never taken her to any classes or structured play groups, everything we do is very low key, mainly just hanging out at friend's houses, park days, etc... We do go to the local library's Waldolf storytime, and dd loves the songs so much that I signed her up for a Music Together class. Didn't go over that well with her, she cuddled on my lap the entire time (she is very reserved in strange places and around strangers), but she said she wanted to go back next time, so who knows. Nice to met all of you.
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Hi AMB8801! Nice to see you here!

Rynna, that sock is sooo cute!

Hi Amy!

not much to say...
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BTW: if anyone else has 'artistic' 3yos...nail polish remover takes off indelible ink!!!! (I wish I'd known that years ago!)
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Originally Posted by BCmamaof5
BTW: if anyone else has 'artistic' 3yos...nail polish remover takes off indelible ink!!!! (I wish I'd known that years ago!)
: Plain isopropyl alcohol will work, too (you might need a bit of elbow grease, depending on the surface that's been colored on). Really, any nonpolar solvent will do the trick.

BeanBean will occasionally do some wall art on a grand scale; i.e., pressing his hand against a stamp pad and then all over the walls. If he can find something which is in one of his favorite colors (purple, red, or pink) and conducive to grand projects, he'll do it; otherwise, he'll stick with paper. BooBah, on the other hand, writes on walls all the time with anything she can get her hands on. Her work is very precise for such a tiny little person, and I often find myself marvelling at her skill and technique. I can't quite bring myself to be angry with her about it, because sometimes the things that she does look so freaking cool... If I can find some chalkboard paint on sale, I'll definately paint a large segment of wall with BooBah in mind.

I found the first Handwriting Without Tears book super cheap on eBay, so I have something for BeanBean to work on. He loves writing, but he's not terribly coordinated so I think that this will help him. He's very eager to learn to write his name, for example, but his fine motor skills just aren't there yet. I don't think it's a big deal at this age, but he's eager and excited to learn and I figure, why not teach him? Homeschooling is going very well, but could be better; Things are going to be fairly disorganized around here until we get the tax refund and see what we have available for shelf building. I'm so totally looking forward to having proper shelving...
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Originally Posted by abranger
Rynna- I love it! I cleaned out my pm box. GA is at my sister's this morning while andrew and i tile our new bathroom and entry way so the contactor can FINISH OUR KITCHEN next week! I'll get that measurement today.
I'm glad you like it. I think they're pretty cute myself. I absolutely love the self-patterning yarn, it's just too cute for words. I'm making BooBah a pair of tights out of it... they're gonna be *darling*, and I'll make the top from a heavier, 100% wool yarn so that they'll serve as a diaper cover as well. Can't you just see it? A machine washable, diaper cover & pair of tights all in one, adorable, stripy package... I'm very excited to try to superwash wool that I bought ages ago on sale on a whim. If I was really clever, I'd dye it to match the leg & foot parts... but I don't think I am.
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Hi everyone! Ds1 was born 11/02 and ds2 was born 8/05. I am just now realizing that wow! he is really a little kid and not a toddler anymore. We have a love affair with trains and books over here. I love that he is pointing out each. and. every. line. in a book "what's this say?" over and over again. His memory is amazing and things seem to be more, I don't know, intricate. More detailed. More questioned. More fun!
In a fluke, I decided to check out this forum and don't know why I didn't sooner. I look forward to hearing more stories and ideas. Glad to find you!
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Oh hi..
I'm so glad you made this inclusive b/c I never found an October thread. DD was born at the end of October anyhow so we're practically November.
DD is such a mix of independence and trapedation. She was potty trained well before 2 but only gave up nite time dipes about 6 weeks ago. Only one accident since. She is also on night 3 of no Nuk. She only ever took one for sleeping and has taken the plunge into grown up sleep. I am amazed at her will in this b/c she really wants to stop but it is hard for her. I'm so proud of her. She has her own bed but now shares it with me and her new baby brother. She really loves having him in the bed with her. The first words every morning are; "Where's Michael?" (I do sleep in between them so no worries)
DD is also going through a rough anxiety patch. She seems so fearful of people. She isn't afraid of the dark or typical stuff like that. She freaks if I walk out of the room. She no longer wants to go to her dance class or her crafts class (Both at the Y and they do offer fianncial aid...we pay 78$ quarterly than only 70% for each class) She screams over every little minor inconvience. If I say, "I'm going to the bathroom she screams"Dooon't!!!
So all in all things around here are funny and frightenning.
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hipumpkins~ to our little group.... about your DD getting scared about things... is it just her imagination taking over at those moments? Because maybe you can work with it, by saying "why shouldn't I go in the bathroom?", and then you can talk it out (maybe she thinks there's a bear in the shower stall, for example)

I'm loving that my DD is now using her imagination all the time (ie.. "see my baby tiger" , or "tiger's chasing me...!" ) She's pretending that shes all sorts of different animals and such these days. It's so cute. I LOVE it! I was waiting for this stage, but as casina mentioned eons ago, with the growing up, comes the talking back .... DD and I are starting to have mimi-arguements now I've got a lot to learn as a mama, but it's the best job ever.

Hey, anyone else made playdough recently? It's a big hit around here... all you need is cheapo white flour (2 parts), refined salt (1 part) and water... I've been experimenting with colors and you can get a nice shade of green with spirulina:
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Going to put March of the Penguins on for Zachary. It's one of his favorites... Guess I should watch it so I know what my kid is being exposed to, huh??? [/QUOTE]

My sister said it was great and recommended it to us - ds turned 3 on thankgiving 2005
she said there was perhaps "controversey" whether young children should see it - but she thought it was it was great and appropriate.
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We were never part of this thread as I subscribed to the mag years b4 i thought about having kids but not into the computer so much back in 2002!

Ds turned 3 on Thanksgiving day . He is very active and probably a bit on the bigger side although not chubby...just a big kid. He walked early but did not really start chatting until he was about 2.5 . He bf until this past spring and is very stubborn. He WILL NOT give up his diapers....I have tried EVERYTHING! He does not want to go without. I have tried and he just goes in his underwear. He will pee in the potty when prompted but pretty much REFUSEs to go caca! anyone else going through this????

ds is definitely not bilingual although he should be. his papi learned spanish before english but will not speak spanish at home ...only to his parents and people in the work place etc.... STRANGE! ds does use certain spanish words on a regular basis ...such as nino, augua, leche, etc.

he is a joy to be around, very outgoing and sweet for the most part. we are not planning on having any more for at least a couple of years. I want to start ds in preschool but we can't afford private and he definitely can't go to public b/c he turned 3 too late...plus even if we found something affordable - he won't use the potty.

glad to be here ...what fun!
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Originally Posted by mamaGjr
he is a joy to be around, very outgoing and sweet for the most part. we are not planning on having any more for at least a couple of years. I want to start ds in preschool but we can't afford private and he definitely can't go to public b/c he turned 3 too late...plus even if we found something affordable - he won't use the potty.
Not to try to swing you, but have you considered homeschooling? It would completely eliminate the potty problem and the money problem...

I really want to see March of the Penguins. I'd also like to see Harry Potter before it's out of theaters. And The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We might make it, if Mike's W-2's arrive in decent time... or maybe not.

BeanBean and BooBah both stick to me like glue when I am angry or upset. This is horrible, because when I'm upset I need time *alone* to cool down. They don't see that; they just see that I am angry, get scared that I'm going to push them away and so they come closer to me. It's horrible, and most depressing when Mike isn't home to take the kids and let me have a bit of fresh air...
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Can I join? My dd, Lindy, will be 3 in a week. She's recently started calling herself a "big kid" sometimes, and she's doing some new big kid stuff, like going down big slides and climbing on things at playgrounds, and drawing something specific instead of just scribbling. (She pretty much only draws volcanoes - a big interest lately - though one day she was drawing shapes she said were pieces of paper.)

We did EC, so she's been out of diapers for a long time, but she still sleeps with me most of the time. She has her own toddler bed right next to mine, but these days she usually doesn't want to sleep in it, though I really wish she would because it's kind of a pain to have her and her new baby brother both in bed with me. She stopped nursing a few weeks before the baby was born. I thought there was a good chance she'd want to start up again after she saw him nursing, but she didn't.

Lindy's really into Magic Schoolbus books and videos these days. She has a small plastic lizard named Liz, after the Magic Schoolbus lizard, who goes most places with us and keeps almost getting lost. Nearly every day seems to include a frantic search for Liz.
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Hello, I am Andrya, Mama to Kai and Cheyne. Kai will be 3 next Friday (20th). So, does that mean that she is longer a toddler???? Wow! my first baby is almost 3. That's wild for me. When she was born I thought it would be foreeeeeevvvveeerrrr for her to be 2. And here we are at 3! SO, should I now be posting here? She is pretty advanced as well (as I think all kids have the potential to be if they have involved parents, IMO) She has been out of diapers (day for about 1.5 yrs. and night for about 3 mos.; having a baby caused things to slow down a bit) and talking a million miles/ minute. Sometimes I have to tell her that we are going to have quiet time to rest and read books, mainly because I can't take be talked to allllll day long!
So, exciting to be embarking upon the childhood years. I absolutely loved having a 2 yr. old and am excited about her being 3. We can interact so much better now. We've just started playing boardgames and have so much fun together!
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