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We use canning jars to store a lot of stuff in our house.

I also hoard the glass jars different condiments and foods come in - just wash them out after we're done using the food and then store the jars.

For our homemade cleaning supplies I do buy new spray bottles for liquid cleaners, reuse an old 10lb laundry detergent tub for our laundry soap, and use the baking soda right out of the box.

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I find Corning Ware and Pyrex at Goodwill all the time. I buy cases of canning jars after season. Found an old restaurant Parmesan shaker for powdery things. It functions and looks retro cool- I'm going to keep my eye out at Goodwill, and go to the restaurant supply store for more. FYI look for a used restaurant supply store in your area- often one can find useful stuff for cheap, and it's all durable.
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Originally Posted by tie-dyed
Wow! Thanks! I gotta check this out. I'm jonesing for some of the half-gallon ones that no one seems to keep in stock and the shipping is a killer. Dont' need them til summer really so I can start checking periodically. It sounds liek this is a promotion they run from time to time?
Yup, this is it exactly. I just brought home 3 boxes (18) of the 1/2 gallon size and I LOVE them. I have a foodsaver (vaccuum packer thingy) and I use the jar sealer attachment and the jars to store all my dry goods like beans, rice, cornmeal, beans. I just got SO sick of the bugs getting into them and now they can't! Here's what some of them look like.
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Our recycleing center has a place where you can pick up glass jars for about 10 cents a piece. Some of them are mason jars others are mayo or whatever but many of them will fit mason lids.
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Ask, ask, ask

I also use Mason jars as storage containers in my kitchen, but I use the antique blue ones, because I think they're prettier. (I started collecting them years ago.) They are quite pricey at the antique shops, but I have gotten TONS from older neighbours and friends (and some as a birthday gift from my brother who got them from HIS elderly neighbour). It never hurts to ask; they might appreciate someone cleaning out their cellar in exchange for the jars.

I second using the parmesan shaker for scouring powder. You can often find glass ones at the Goodwill for under $2.

As for cheese storage, I bought a lidded Pyrex dish (at the thrift store, but you can probably find one anywhere that sells Pyrex.) It holds about 5 lbs of cheese (different sorts, even) and when it was empty I just put the whole thing in the dishwasher. Now that we are dairy-free, though, I use it to store fish fillets in the deep-freeze. (FYI, when you have odd bits of different cheeses that aren't big enough to do anything with, you can use them all together to make mac and cheese.)
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I recently saw a lovely BIG glass jar (would probably hold five pounds of beans) with a tight lid that was a recycled jar from a deli. It originally held kimchi. Apparently, some pickles are also sold in large glass jars. I assume that the glass would not retain any pickle-y odors, but I am not sure. I don't know of any delis around here that sell that sort of thing, but when I am out of the area I think I will give try. If they don't give it away, they just toss it into recycling. Thrift stores and yard sales also frequently have assorted glass, pyrex and corningware containers if you keep your eyes open.
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That reminds me- I totally forgot that a bunch of my jars are from the summer I worked at a big Italian restaurant!
We made so many antipastos and salads that we went through a LOT of olives, artichoke hearts, etc, and were contantly throwing away these awesome glass jars. (no recycling or composting... hope that's improved in the past ten years... though I won't hold my breath!)
I saved three of each of my three favorite sizes, and it felt crazy at the time, since I had to fit everything I owned in my car to get back cross-country to college in the fall... but we still use them today.

Now, why was I posting?...
If you know someone who works at a restaurant, try asking them about containers.
My boss was all too happy for me to take "trash" home.
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Thanks everyone for your replies. I have been reading along and taking lots of notes. I ended up making a scouring powder container out of an old mayo jar and dh drilled holes in the lid (a nice way to make him part of the process ). I have also been saving all the jars from applesauce, mayo and the like. I just wish they had bigger openings. It would make things a bit easier.

I also wanted to mention that I asked for some jars on Freecycle and got two replies. I haven't gone and picked them up yet but one lady has a bunch of Mason jars to get rid of. She said no tops but I can get them at the hardware store as replacements. I sure hope she is right.

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You shouldn't have a problem getting the lids and rings for the tops. Even if you have to order those on-line, they're a lot easier to ship than the jars themselves.

You all have awesome ideas on here!!
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Sub Shops

Sub shops have the one gallon jars from pickles, peppers and olives. When I was growing up my mom bought dry goods by the 25lb. and 50lb. bags. She filled these glass jars up and stored them in the pantry. They are great! They're glass with metal lids. She also found out that you could can stuff in them. New lids can be bought at some amish hardware store in Ohio. It was awesome to be able to pull ready-made soups off the shelves and just heat through. I know some products have started packaging in plastic but I'm pretty sure the dill pickles are still in the glass.
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I had a post on freecycle asking for mason jars or other glass jars. I got a email from a guy who picked up our vertical blinds and his wife is going to bring me 3 CASES of mason jars!! Yeah

Can you freeze mason jars?
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Tammy you should have no trouble getting lids, but if you do let me know. Yes you can freeze mason jars, but yoiu have to leave a good head space or they will break!!! Yes I speak from experience! Things expand in the freezer so leave about 2 inches. I left less han 1/2 inch when my jar broke!
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I am SO excited!! I went to my parents house to get some jars, and found NINE 1/2 gallon ones. SIX of them are blue!!! Dvons, that idea has me totally organizing my kitchen this weekend, and i'm loving how everything is looking in the jars. Thank you for posting that picture, i'm truly inspired!!
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I use the glass jars from the honey, peanut butter, and almond butter we buy. I freeze in them and use them to store small amounts of dry goods or homemade stuff like hummus.
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I save the containers food comes in and use those for food storage. I mostly use the glass jars, but the plastic ones come in handy for non-food storage and disposing of used french fry oil.

My favorite jars are the ones from gefilte fish- they have nice wide lids!
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