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I'm sad. Can I whine to you guys?

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I have been so, so ready to have another baby for months now. Those of you who have been following the "AF support group" thread know that I just recently got my first pp period. My dh had lead me to believe that he was ready asap too.

Well, we were talking a few days ago and I realized that dh wants to wait. We are planning a trip to England next Christmas and he thinks it will be too difficult traveling with a 3 yr old and new baby. I see his logic, but I think newborns are generally pretty easy to travel with--all they do is nurse and sleep anyway.

I just don't have a strong enough argument, so we've agreed to wait. We'll have to be very careful about bc until July because otherwise I'll be in my third trimester at Christmas and won't be able to fly.

I'm just so bummed. Dh doesn't know that I've taken like 15 hpt's in the past 6 months. I felt so ready and was so looking forward to our extended family being together with the addition of a new baby at Christmastime.

I know it's kind of silly, really it's only 5 or 6 months longer I have to wait but still...If I had the choice between getting pregnant next month and a trip to London, I'd take getting pregnant. Hands down.

Surely some of you here understand.

peace, Beth
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Aw, Beth , of course you can whine here.

What a huge bummer. I guess for some completely unemotional person, 5 or 6 months might not seem that long, but I know from first hand experience that to my hormonally driven emotional self, it can seem like an eternity.

So, is his only reason for wanting to wait because of your trip? What are your reasons for wanting to start trying now? Maybe you guys could each write down all your pro's and con's and then share your lists.

I know how it feels to have a partner who is not on the same page as you conception-readiness-wise. It sucks!

Hang in there and keep us posted,
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I'm so sorry, Beth...I completely understand how you feel. Agreeing to wait 5-6 months to get pregnant when you are ready now must be so hard.

I also agree with you that travelling with a newborn is very easy. We travelled with our two when they were 21 months and 2 months respectively, and it was a piece of cake....the little one really did just eat and sleep.

I think lawyORmama has good advice. If this is something that really makes you sad, I think you should tell your husband and talk about it. A list of pros and cons might help you both think this decision through and come to a decision you are both comfortable with (rather than one in which one partner has just given in to keep the peace).

Hang in there,
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I feel for you! I have a 16 month old and would LOVE to be pregnant RIGHT NOW!!! I finally got dh to agree, but now????

Maybe you two need to rediscuss? Maybe he might see things differently if he knew how very much you want another one?
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Good news!

I took your advice, Chrissy (sort of). I took some time to organize my thoughts on paper and showed it to my dh. We talked about it some more, he thought it over for a day and we talked again tonight.

We're going to try this one last cycle! If I don't get pregnant this month, we'll have to wait until July but I can live with that. I really wanted to be able to try one last time before the all important waiting period.

I've decided if I don't get pg this time, I'm going to practice charting in the meantime and treat myself to a mooncup (the UK silicone version of the Keeper).

Thanks for the support, everyone. If I happen to get pregnant, some really good kharma is headed your way!

peace, Beth
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I'm so glad you guys reached a good resolution.

Fingers crossed for you this cycle!
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