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PIH and prostaglandin gel

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Hi everyone,
I am 39 weeks, due on the 29th of Jan. I have a history of PIH with my son. MW wanted to try prostaglandin gel with him at 39 weeks but went into labor spontaneously a week early day before the procedure. Fast forward 3 1/2 years and I am again at 39 weeks with PIH. However, my NST's are all fine and my bp is okay at the hospital(usually 120/80), although it is usually 140/90 at my mw visits.

At my 39th week visit four days ago, my mw stripped my membranes. She said I was 2 cm dilated and soft and my cervix was moving forward. Yesterday I had lots of bloody mucous, but I haven't had any contractions, just some low back pain & crampiness. My mw is wanting to do prostaglandin gel(mistopristol or something like that) at 40 weeks. Her philosophy is my bp is borderline high, but everything is still looking good so lets get things going while they are still good. I have mixed feelings. I would definitely rather wait to go into spontaneous labor however, I fear a worsening of my bp situation.

Any thoughts, experience, advice?

due #2 1-29-03
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Could the difference in your bp be the different cuffs being used? Does your MW have more than one cuff? I'm overweight and the nurse in my ob's office told me if they ever picked up the blue cuff for me, I was supposed to stop them and remind them to use the brown.

I don't know what else to tell you beyond that...and it sounds like things are moving in the right direction for you and it shouldn't be long, anyway.

You're so close! Good luck!
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I'm thinking that you may go into labor a little early like your first one, as there seems there's a natural pattern when we give birth; some always go late, some always go early, but not a hard and fast rule. What I'm saying is that you may go into labor by 40 weeks without prostaglandin. Try visualizing it, it can be a powerful tool. You may want to try some "natural" labor inductions before she has a chance to use the medication on you, if you feel inclined. I'd stay away from herbs however, as they can elevate blood pressure, go walking uphill, sex, evening primrose oil, etc. Lots of stuff written on the subject of natural labor inductions.

You say you'd rather have spontaneous labor. Maybe you could talk to your mw a little more about that and she can help you with your process and expectations. PIH is serious and she does have your best interest at heart; healthy you and healthy baby. But there may be a fine compromise somewhere in-between...BTW do you drink a lot of water? Sometimes helps lower a high bp. Best of luck to you.
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