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StacyL-regarding who's having what

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You did such an awesome job editing the first post on our Roll Call sticky to reflect everyone - what do you think about adding the girl or boy info in addition to our dates and method of birth if known?

pretty please?
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If that's too much work for StacyL, we could always start a poll to keep the count straight and whoever finds out can both vote their baby's sex and add a reply identifying themselves personally.

Just another option! I think it would be fun to keep track of our board's count, whatever way we do it.
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i second that! good idea leigh ann! its going to be hard to keep the tally straight!
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Thanks for the thread LeighAnn -

StacyL - I was going to pm you and ask if (hospital) can be taken off of me ... I'm 99% sure we are going to have a homebirth, so I don't need to reflect probable hospital birth anymore.
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Everyone do me a favor and post what you're having HERE in this thread, so I can edit the rollcall. Too many people have made gender announcements in too many different threads for me to have kept track of them all, but if you put it here I will add it.

What do you mean by "counts?" You mean like how many mamas we have? I can add that too.
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I'll just put it all, and you can take what you need, because (mama brain!) I don't remember if I posted birth info anywhere.

We're having a boy, due June 8(ish), and planning on a natural birth in a hospital birth center with a doula attending.

(Though I'm sooooooo tempted to "oops" and labor too long at home. )
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StacyL - so far what I've read (correct me if I'm wrong mamas) we have heard from:

earthmama369 - boy
Amys1st - girl
DustysSweety03 - boy
mountainsun - boy
JZDmama - girl
kittyhead - boy
Darcy37 - girl
2boysforus - girl
mcimom - boy
Keeta - boy
mommitola - girl
nonnymoose - boy
Paddington - boy ?
Bundlefishmama - boy
augustmom - boy
KateMary - girl
B52bombshell - girl
chinacat - girl
doulanichole - girl
happeeevraftr - girl

10 boys to 10 girls so far... it's finally a tie...for the moment anyway
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Iam having a Girl Athena Marie
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I am on the list -- due date remains the same (June 8). Have decided on a birth center with midwife. Will not find out sex so you can list me as -- SURPRISE!
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Found out today: girl!
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Having a Boy! They also moved up my due date a few days, new one is 6/15/06.

Thanks, Stacy!
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I'm having a girl! I also had my due date move from June 13 to June 11. Thanks!
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i'm having a BOY
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Looks like I'm in the minority...we'll be having a girl!
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I am also having a girl - so I guess I am helping to even things out a bit! Thank you for keeping up with this thread!
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It's a girl!! Yay, a baby sister for Thor!
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We are having a boy due june 13th - thanks
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