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Question from a new SAHM

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I just became a SAHM in mid October. My son is 22 months and I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

My question is I would like to be more creative in working with my son on learning colors, shapes, letters etc. Are there any activity books I could get from an education store that would be age appropriate for him?

Right now, I am pretty much stuck at home with him because I don't have the energy to take him out to the park to play. But I would like to be more constructive here at home.
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Thats a great idea with construction paper!

We have been practicing counting. I don't think he knows what it means, but at least he is hearing the numbers. We do the same thing when I sing him the Alaphabet song.

I also point colors, textures out in his books. Uh, when I can get him to sit still long enough. LOL
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If you go to the homeschooling forum here, there is a sticky at the top with tons of links that you can go to to get free printable worksheets. While I don't think that formal academics are neccessary at that age, if he likes doing it, there's no reason not to. Just don't stress over it.
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At 22 months, my son's favorite toys were his wooden alphabet and number puzzles. Holding the pieces and naming them is a great activity for a toddler.
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I would steer clear of workbooks, and instead do lots of the following:

playdo (and you can talk about colors, shapes, texture), store bought and all the various homemade concoctions.


my daughter loves her Melissa and Doug dressing bear, their pizza making toy and their cutting up wood food toy. She's also starting to like the wood train set and the brio builder stuff.

baths where they can wash their cars (car was) or scrub their babies, or play with funnels, plastic bottles and turkey basters from the kitchen

shape sorters

stuffed animals and dolls. My kids always like playing hospital with these. We've also made beds for them, had them put out fires, go camping, etc.

Some books I'd recommend--The busy toddler handbook, and slow and steady get me ready.

And I'd try to find some kind of mom/toddler play group. They usually meet in different members homes on a rotating basis. I did this as much for me as my children, and managed to meet a number of terrific like-minded moms.

OOPS--I just reread you post and saw that you are due any minute--I think you can let the moms group slide for the moment. Good luck with the new baby!

Hope this helps!
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I am a homeschooling mom, and I do use workbooks with my older kids. However, I've found it totally unnecessary for the little ones. You said that you can't get your DS to sit still long enough to work on something, and that sounds very typical for a not-quite-2-yo. Children that age learn far more by *doing* than they would from receiving any sort of formal instruction. My youngest is 24 months, and I don't do anything formal with her. Yet, she learns just by playing and asking questions.

If you still want a book or something a little more formal, I'd suggest a book called Slow and Steady Get Me Ready. It suggests once a week, developmentally appropriate activities for children ages 0-5. You could also look at the toddler 'curriculum' at http://www.letteroftheweek.com/ But I'll tell you, that most parents who do a curriculum with their toddlers are doing it more for themselves (sense of control) than for their children. I did a curriculum with my first child when he was 2yo. I felt like I needed to *do* something with him since we were home all day together. I didn't do a curriculum with my subsequent children, and I don't think they missed out on anything
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