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Vivian Kay

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There's a new gayby in the world!

On December 27th at 7:23 pm, my lovely wife Melissa gave birth to a 7lbs 3oz girl we've named Vivian Kay. She had a cheering section as she was born; I caught her, my sister was helping Melissa push, as was our fabulous doula Victoria (an MDCer!) and our midwife and a helpful nurse. Although the birth didn't go exactly as we had planned or hoped, it was magical and just as it was meant to be.

She is a great baby thus far! Eats like a champ, is easily soothed and is beginning to open her eyes and look around in between her busy schedule of eating and sleeping! We're sooo happy she is here!

take a look....

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Congratulations- beautiful name!
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Congratulations! Enjoy this magical time

Ps She's beautiful!
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: to the two lovely new mamas!
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Congrats mamas! And welcome to your beautiful bright spirit Vivian Kay

Isn't it magical????
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Congratulations! How lovely . She looks like a real sweety!
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Congrats!!!! Welcome to the world Sweet Vivian Kay.
Enjoy your babymooning!!
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Congrats - savor every minute - and remember, you can't give too many kisses or take too many pictures!
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Mazel Tov!
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She is precious
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What a beautiful name. Congratulations on your new little blessing.
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beautiful little babe!
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I was just browsing and came across your story and picture of your new daughter. She is absolutely gorgeous

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I noticed your thread because my much beloved grandmother's name was Vivian - your new life is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations mamas!
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