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For your first birth...how long did you push? - Page 9

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About an hour...I was getting really tired fast, so they brought a mirror and I felt his head to keep focused. I was induced but had no pain meds.
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1.5 hours.... with an epi, and she was 7 lb 4 oz. the cord was around her neck twice. i had a 2nd degree tear.

a friend of mine pushed out her first babe in 15 minutes with an epi. he was the size size as my babe! lucky duck.
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Over 2 hours, son was 9 lbs 2 oz, and I had a huge tear that looked like an episotomy.

Best wishes!
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#1 - 15-20 min. I had an epidural and nobody knew I was fully dilated until she was practically crowning.


#2 - 4 min.

#3 - 15 min. Started pushing at 8cm due to needing the baby out NOW because of a serious complication. My mw held the cervix back while I pushed.

#4 - 1 min.
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55 minutes. My first birth (only so far) was at home w/ no meds. I remember the cx feeling like they came in "sets" of 3 - and I remember feeling about 10 sets of 3 cx. I pushed as/when needed, and ds was born with no problems or tears.
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homebirth...1 hr 45 mins. though a lot of the pushing in the beginning just wasn't "right"....I was still trying to find my perfect position and figure out what the heck I was doing

once I got squatting though it was like things fell into place and moved along pretty quickly....she crowned for a long time though, she was a big girl and had a nuchal hand.
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2 hours
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4 or 5 pushes. With some pretty hefty tearing though.
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32 minutes. DD was 7 lbs even. no tears, just a skidmark.
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24 minutes, small (no stitches) tear. Born in the water, but some pushing on land.
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24 mins, 8 pds even, 2nd degree tear.
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1) 3 hours 36 minutes, 4th degree tear
2) 29 minutes, 3rd degree tear
3) 15 minutes, 2nd degree
4) 14 minutes, 2nd degree

1) had epi/induction
2) had spinal/induction
3 and 4)had nothing and no induction

All four had shoulder dystocia. #2 resolved herself and came out fine. The others required finagling to emerge and wern't breathing. #4 dislocated his shoulder. All are fine now, though.
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I was post-transition for 7 hours with no pushing urge. When I was directed to push without an urge, dd was born in 25 minutes. Not sure on the # of pushes, but it wasn't a huge number. And I was on my back, legs up. : NCB.

I slowed and did tiny pushes for the head (no tearing), but then was told "one more big push" and that made the baby's shoulders tear me (2nd degree). :
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here is a radical idea.............dont' push.

haven't you ever heard of women when they used to gas them out waking up with a baby between their legs? the body is might efficient........just because your 10 cm doesn't mean "ok push". It just means your cervix is fully dilated.

I didn't push really with my kids.........the only pushing I had to do was pushing past the perenium, but with both my kids it was about 4 pushes.
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Or how about listen to your body?

Directed pushing? No.

However with both my births, I felt an overwhelming urge to push. i couldn't not push if I wanted, and it felt damn good.
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45 minutes
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5 hours, somewhat directed pushing ( I was mostly just tuning everyone out and pushing when I wanted) on my back mostly.
Turns out I wasn't completely dilated, had some cervical lip left. This was an induced labor, no epidural,no episotomy, some tearing, some drugs. 11 hours total labor, start to finish.
ETA: make that 3 1/2 hours of pushing
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3 hrs. stupidly strong epidural. I tried to verbally explain that I wanted someone to turn the epi off, but they misunderstood me and thought I was trying to make sure it wouldn't wear off....no, I wanted it off so I could feel more to push more effectively. but I was "in the zone" of labor and couldn't communicate. 3 hrs, but dd's heart looked great the whole time, she was quite smushed when she came out but I had only a minor tear. I'm so glad I at least had a midwife who wasn't c-section happy. If I'd had my original OB I bet they wouldn't have "let" me push so long.
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About 2.5 hours in the hospital with an epidural (it had worn off by the pushing phase), but I still ended up with a c-section.
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number 1- out in 3 pushes
number 2- 20 mins of pushing. i forgot i had more pushing to do once the head was out. lol.
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