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it was really helpful to know that different babies=different durations, as i sort of assumed that my third would be the same as the first two (DD, about 30 min, 4-6 pushes, DS 2-3 pushes, very fast, my body pushed). as we are planning a UC, i told myself that if my pushing is longer than that, then maybe this means we have a problem. but maybe not. good to know.

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baby #1- 20 min, 3-4 pushes, hospital, lying on my back at a 45 degree angle with feet resting in stirrups (not strapped down)

baby #2- didn't push at all, she just slid out while i tried not to push in the front seat of an Audi, semi-sitting

baby #3- 1 really hard push just for her head, on my hands & knees in the kitchen

baby #4- pushed for like an hour, squatting, even though I had to urge to push, i only pushed because i knew the nature of the ctx had changed and i wanted her out. THEN my H20 broke and she came through without my added pushing, fairly easily and quickly. i should have rested- all that unnecessary pushing gave me my 1st hemorrhoid in my life and strained my thigh muscles for a very long time and i ended up constipated for 3 weeks. OUCH.

baby #5- one good long hard push for her head (semi-squat, all alone in the bathroom)

baby #6- about 45 minutes of pushing contractions, and 2-3 big long pushes for her- I tore a little, too but she was born oddly, she was a brow presentation and her head didn't come out a little at a time (2steps forward, 1 step back) like it's supposed to, she went from not even crowning, to suddenly she's born up to her elbows, then she stopped for a minute before her bum and legs came through. Long story is in my blog.
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45 minutes with DD1, 25 with DD2.

I have to say I definitely "pushed" with my first birth. For my second, I knew better (first birth really made me realize a lot of things), and it was more like my body just had one great big dry heave where I could no longer control what was happening down there and she just came out.
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7 minutes. All seven were hell. She was 10 lbs and 22".
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I pushed for about 2 1/2 hours with my DD.
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Over 4 hours. But my baby was posterior positioned.
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maybe 45 minutes? It was a hospital birth, no drugs, and I had arrived there complete and ready to push. I used a stool, squatting, and sitting up in bed (with a bar to hold onto). Small-medium tear which healed easily and was no problem . The pushing iteslf was awful. I wish someone had told me that contractions are easy compared to pushing.
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5.5 hours and then a c-section.
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75 minutes with #1. His head was super duper coned when he came out too.
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I pushed for 20 minutes, 8 contractions. But I *didn't* push while my body tried to for several hours while I had the urge but wasn't dilated.
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I birthed at home and pushed for about 40 minutes. My baby was 8lbs 3 oz, and I did not tear.
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Over 5 hours for a 9#4oz butterball.
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30 min, in hosp "natural"

but odd part here, I didn't WANT to push I did it just to avoid an epidural, I knew if I was "ready to push" they couldn't administer it.

Honestly my body told me I wouldn't have to push. I did it anyways because I had no choice...

#2 is coming up in April-ish, perhaps May, and we'll see how long that takes... I've been having dreams & visions of a no-push breech labor.
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About 5 1/2 hrs. of pushing for my first birth.
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I was 4 pushes, too. I had watched too much "Baby Story" and thought I had like a hour left to go or something. I remember saying, "What is that feeling?" and the doc said, "The baby's shoulders." I was shocked (and happy!). The labor was several hours of course, but the pushing was over in a few minutes.
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I've never pushed more than four times with any of my babies including my first.
I cannot even imagine pushing for hours... I just can't imagine it.
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Out in 3 pushes. Easier than I thought it would be.
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Hospital birth, induced with Pitocin.

2 hours from first drop of Pit to baby being born, about 30 minutes of pushing, no urge to push.
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Natural hospital birth, after 3 days of hard back labor, baby turned just as I started to push and was out within 20 minutes. I don't think I had more than 3 pushing contractions, with long breaks in between, but MW was yelling at me to push harder because his heart-rate was dropping during contractions and if he didn't come out soon they had a surgical team waiting. So I'm glad it was fast .
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Non-medicated birth, pushed for 2 hours. Hospital birth attended for the most part by a very nice L&D nurse. I had very strong pushing urges but also had an anterior lip, so was told not to push if I could help it. When the lip was finally gone, the urge to push as well as the strength of the contractions was greatly diminished. That confused me! She was 6lbs, 13oz & I ended up with a 2nd degree tear.
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With DD#1, I think I pushed for about 10 minutes!

I'm fearing what baby #2 will do
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