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DS loved his Amby, and I appreciated having a place to lay him down safely for a nap once he started roooooolling.

Plus, at some point, we did want to have a sex life and a modicum of privacy again after his birth. DH refuses to get in the mood if there is a baby sleeping on the other side of the bed.

That said, DS STARTED the night much more often than he finished it in the hammock.
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We will co-sleep in the same bed, but have set up a 4 inch futon in the corner of our room if the baby wants her own space.
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We bought an Amby and it showed up today. DS was a such a terrible sleeper (even in our bed) that we aren't taking any chances if something exists that could help. He had to be moving to sleep - boy am I hoping to avoid that this time around. Here's hoping this will help the baby sleep more than ds did.

I'm still hoping to cosleep quite a bit though. DS is almost 3 and still sleeps in our bed some/most of every night. I don't want this baby to miss out on that so we'll do a combination of Amby/cosleep.
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We were originally planning on getting the mini arm's reach, but now that we got a pack 'n play, we're going to just try using that as a bassinet in our room for a few months til the little peanut moves into her crib. I hope it works for us!
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we all sleep in the same big bed. DD just turned two. We just added a twin to the king to have more room once #2 makes his/her appearance. As for a sex life there are other rooms in the house. We never had sex with my dd laying beside us but somehow we are expecting #2. The hammocks did look cool for naps though but I couldn't justify the dollars for another baby holder that my babe doesn't go in. Of all the baby equipent we bought the only thing we actually used/use is the car seat that (convertable that stays in the car) maya wrap and good quality exteriour frame back pack for long hikes.
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