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Nextel Commercial Push It

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Does anyone else think that this is the most hysterical commercial ever??????

I swear those men dancing just gets me going every time!

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I love that commercial! It is so funny when they pause to answer where everything is, and then go back to dancing.
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I love it too! Makes me want to go download that song, actually. I wonder if the sales have spiked for it (it came out in, what, 88 or so?)
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OMG! Just the other night dh was howling w/laughter so he hurried me in to see that commercial. Too freakin funny!!!

I also liked the karma chameleon/where's da hood at one. Now I keep getting all these 80's songs stuck in my head.

None of it makes me want a cell phone, though. I can't stand those things.
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I just mentioned the other night to DH that it never gets old for me. I laugh hard every time I see it.
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I just saw this last night and thought it was so funny!
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I laugh every single time. We tivo most of the tv we watch and while I'm fast forwarding commercials I will stop it to watch that one.
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me too- every single time!!! mamalisa- we watch tv exactly the same way!
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Makes me about pee my pants every time.
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Here you are!
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STILL not sick of it!!!
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Ohh baby baby, baby baby!!! Get up on this!

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LOVE IT & it's been on for quite a while & they just bring it back here & there.

love those guys !
thanks for the link AbundantLife
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My 2 year old son without even looking will start dancing as soon as he hears the music. He dances just like the guys feeling himself up all over. It's so funny, cause he's just 2 and he's making kissy faces and dancing to "push it real good" shakin' his groove thang.

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Genius........pure genius............
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I love it!
the dancing dude with the blue shirt is my fave. His moves are particularly hilarious!
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That is my absolute favorite commercial!! I remember when it came out several months ago, and then it went away, so when they brought it back, I was thrilled. DH calls it "your commercial," and knows he'd better NOT change the channel when it comes on. I crack up every. single. time. when they turn the music back on.
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It doesn't make me laugh, but I too love this commercial. It does not get old.

Dh thinks it won some kind of award for commercial of the year. I'm not sure if it's true though, I couldn't be bothered to look it up before I posted.
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There was a 10 best commercials on TBS, hosted by Kevin Nealon, and this one was on there. The other one I currently LOVE is where the guy is dancing with/against the cow 'shake that thing' and it's a commercial for milkshakes- at Carls jr/Hardees.

If you go here http://www.thefranchisemall.com/news...es/10077-0.htm there is a link to see the commercial.
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My husband, his boss, and another co-worker or two did their own version of this. I'm DYING to see it. He said he looks like an idiot in it dancing :P
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