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Totally, I bitch that my dh doesn't do anything around the house--but when he tries I'm never happy with the job anyway.
If I can't do it to absolute perfection, I don't do it.
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Originally Posted by shannon0218

I just took the little quiz on that site and got 56 items with a score over 3 (20 indicating high probability of ADD, which I already know I have b/c my doctor told me).

You know what cracks me up though? After adding up my total scores, I realized that he says nothing whatsoever about what the total means - only about the number of answers over 3.

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I saw a phyc for an evaluation and 15 minutes into our "chat" I looked at him and said "You're ADD too aren't you?"
He says "Hell yeah, and I'm currently unmedicated, so bear with me!"
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i subscribe to this list, but don't really know if it helps. i haven't been able to give it enough attention. lol!
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you know...I think you all have just inspired me to make an appointment with my neurologist. I was diagnosed with ADD (without hyperactivity) when I was 15 and I was on meds until I found out I was pregnant with my dd. I haven't been back on them since and thought I could go without them since I don't have to go to work or school everyday...but I am realizing that it is still affecting my everyday life and things could be sooooooooo much better than they are.

thanks mamas
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Well, I made an appointment with a local psychologist for tomorrow. I figured I would just chat with her and see if she thinks I should go to a neurologist for an evaluation. Things work differently here (Abu Dhabi) and I have to pay cash for these things so I figured I would go cheaper then more expensive. Plus, I figure I will feel more confident going to the neurologist saying "My psychologist thought it would be a good idea to get worked up for xyz" rather than just walking in and saying "Hey, you there, test me for ADD".
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Moved to Mental Health

I am so ADD. My worst part is the attention factor. I believe many ADD can be extraordinarily successful. The traits are both blessing and curse.
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When I realized that we had a Mental Health Forum, I knew this would get moved. And I also knew that would be the end of the thread.

But thanks for all the replies Ladies, it has been very helpful and insightful.
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How did your appt go Patty?
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Ooh...sorry for not getting back sooner. I forgot about this thread for real.
The homeopathic stuff I'm going to try is called Attend...here's a link Vaxa's Attend

I've seen it for as low as $31.95 on-line w/ free shipping. My local healthfood store is willing to meet the internet price. Let me know how it goes...
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Well, I went to my appointment and the psychologist asked lots of questions and said that she thought "something" was going on and she was going to talk to a colleague who specializes in testing for learning disabilities and we will discuss what she finds out next Monday. She said that she needed to get to know me better before making a definite suggestion/diagnosis, etc. Now that's all well and good but I'm paying cash for these visits and so I don't intend to go week after week if nothing is happening one way or the other. But we will see.
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Patty...and anyone else out there who is going to a psych about their ADD...

The "testing" for ADD is VERY expensive if Ins won't cover it. Through my university (where grad students were conducting the tests) it was still like $800. It is not something you need, IMHO. And both of my last two psychs found it unnecessary too. There are a couple of on-line tests that are very helpful (70-120 questions each)...just as helpful as the $800 tests can be. I simply took those tests on-lilne and printed out the results for my Drs. They were both fine with making a diagnosis based on those tests and confirming it by asking me to describe what was going on in my life. How it was affecting me, etc.
Another thing too...if you don't plan on willingly taking a pharmeseutical drug for ADD (I can't because of BF'ing concerns) a psych can't do much more for you than counsel (Which you could get cheaper likely, with a life coach or a professional organizer, if that's what you need. I've also found more helpful coping info on-line than from any of my Dr.s)
Just a thought... psychs are EXPENSIVE - sometimes unecessarily so.
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Thanks for the information. Do you happen to have any links for those tests you were talking about? The cost of medical stuff here is a lot less than the US but still....One appointment with a psychologist here costs about $80/hr. I KNOW that is a lot less than o'er there but there are just other things I could be doing with the $$, ya know? Ok, I am off to google for online tests for ADD.
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Hi folks. I'm so ADD it's not funny. I've never been diagnosed though, and am scheduled for testing with a psych on monday.

i'm so distractible, and i am a awful procrastinator. right now, next door some folks are having a party,and I can barely even pay attention to what I'm writing.

My house is always a mess.

There's been a few times where I looked at my 7 month old, and he looks like he's chewing something, so I rush over to grab him and dig in his mouth and I find that he's found a peice of trash on the floor and has put it into his mouth. : My house get's so dirty, that I can't find anywhere to put my baby down to play, so I just strap him onto me until I can clean up a spot on the floor sufficiently to let him get down to play.

I need to get cleaner and more organized, for the safety of my baby. It's difficult taking care of him, but I somehow manage. I'm breastfeeding too, I wish I could find a good medication that I could take.
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To everyone here - I would HIGHLY recommend reading the books by Ed Hallowell. He is a physician who has ADD, and has written several books. The best, I think, are Driven to Distraction and Delivered From Distraction. They're great for helping sort out whether you may have ADD, and also help a bit in terms of seeing the strengths of it, and some of the ways you can cope - with or without meds.

They've been helpful for me.
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Happy to see this thread

I came onto the boards to see if I could find recommendations for natural remedies. I am currently taking Concerta as is my 11 year old son. It wasn't until I started researching ADHD for my son that I realized I had it too. I was seeing my own school years replayed in him. Talking too much, underachieving. I so wish that my parents knew about this when I was his age. I went from early elementary grade wanting to skip me a grade to having to go to summer school just to get my high school diploma.

I was wondering if anyone else functioned ok in life until they quit working full time to be a stay at home Mom? Also, anyone have social problems because you say things that most people only think? Do you ever get the feeling that people don't like you but you can't figure out why? Do you obsess over things at length? Do you decide that you want to get something or do something and you can't rest until you get it?

It is so reassuring to see that there are more people out there like me.
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hehehe, my favorite line is "Was that my out loud voice?"
At a very ritzy business function I had a woman (who's picture is in the dictionary beside the word prude" say to me, "Oh, this song has such meaning to me!" speaking of Bob Seager's "We've got Tonight".....

My reponse..... "Oh this song has meaning for anyone who's ever used sex to keep a man!"

My friend (who is also ADD) spit a mouthfull of red wine onto the back of my blazer
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was wondering if anyone else functioned ok in life until they quit working full time to be a stay at home Mom? Also, anyone have social problems because you say things that most people only think? Do you ever get the feeling that people don't like you but you can't figure out why? Do you obsess over things at length? Do you decide that you want to get something or do something and you can't rest until you get it?
That's me. Which part? ALL OF IT!

This is me on a daily basis (it seems):

Today I was talking to a couple of ladies and I said something like "Here I go again, talking too much!" to which one of the ladies said "No, it's okay, I like listening to you! er, I mean talking with you."

She meant well, but you know, the truth has a way of coming out.
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I have social issues along with my ADD. I live in my own little head, in my own little world, and I rarely allow people to get close enough to me to climb inside of my little world with me.

Therefore, I have very few/no in person friends.

I spend my days alone with the baby. I don't know whether or not people like me or not, because I don't stick around long enough to find out, or to speculate.

I get distracted and I can't finish anything I start. I get stuck on unimportant things.

Tomorrow i have psychological testing to find out just how severe my ADD is, and what other issues I have..
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I don't have any symptoms to add because everyone has already named all of mine. I just want to say that I can totally relate to this thread and even got a chuckle at times (laughing at myself).
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