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Update! Check-In!

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How is everyone doing? Feeling pregnant?

Things are going okay here. I slipped on the ice a few days ago and have been having a very sore pelvis the last few days, especially at night.
I finally broke down and took some tylenol, but ouch! I also can't quite believe that we could have a new baby in as little as four weeks, I think I'm 34/35 wks. Of course, it also could be seven weeks. I'm feeling a little unprepared, but really, what do newborns really need, other than clothes, dipes, and breasts? (at least that is what I keep telling myself) I need to get everything together for the birth, the supplies list is posted on the fridge, and my home visit is on the 21st, so I do still have a little time. Baby is superactive, keeps switching from LOA to ROA, which is a new thing for me, since dd was LOA from about 29 weeks on, and didn't move much. Of course she was 9lbs 14oz, so maybe she had less room to maneuver(sp?), I am kind of expecting this baby to be smaller, but we'll see. We are having some money stresses right now, which I really can't do anything about, so I am trying really hard to just let go, and have faith that everything will be okay, but it is hard to be 8 mos pg w/a 2.5 yr old, and not be able to do ANYTHING to change our financial situation. (and to top it all off, my '99 Volvo just had $3000 worth of repairs ) On a lighter note, it is beautiful here today, maybe almost 50F, sunny, and soggy. And, we got a crazy thunder/lightening storm last night! I live in Maine!

Sooooo, how is everyone else feeling?

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Thanks for starting this thread. It's nice to just check in and vent. I feel like I could have written your post. We are very much in the same boat but I have an almost 4 year old and a 17 mo old. Both girls. I am working outside the home this time to try to help with money but we are hanging on by a thread. My home visit is next Wed. on the 18th. So I feel like I need to have everything spotless. I need to get over it, cause with two small kids it's NEVER spotless. I ordered the majority of my birth supplies last night from In His Hands Birth Supply. I still have to get the drinking safe hose and the faucet adapter from Home Depot, I think we are going to get painters drop cloths for the floor under the pool and I need something for my bed too. Guess I could wash and put away the towls we are planning on using and wash a girl and boy outfit for the big day too with some blankets. My list just keeps growing and I can't wrap my brain around it.
My first daughter came 3 weeks early after PROM. My second was only a week and a day early but weighed 9lb 7oz and was 22 in. I am thinking this one is smaller. I always measured 2 weeks ahead with my girls and this preg. I have measured 2 weeks smaller. Strange how things can be so different each time.
My colostrum is in and my DD is loving it. She was starting to skip days of nursing and now she is constantly wanting to nurse again. Whoever said toddlers usually don't like the taste of colostrum didn't know my daughter I think she just happy to be getting something again.
Since I work for a portrait studio I am planning to do prego pics this time. They give us a free package for Christmas but I have to use it by Jan 31st. I am wondering if I should wait till the 31'st or go ahead and just take them. I am 35 weeks today. I love the pregnant body.
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I'm 36 weeks today and feeling pretty good. My BH contractions are getting stronger and more frequent and my pelvis is definitely loosening. My co-workers threw a surprise shower for me yesterday (now I have pink stuff galore) and my last day of work is tomorrow...yippee! Our home visit is also next Wednesday and the day after that I'll be 37 weeks and cleared to deliver at home. I'm so excited to get to that point. Still not tired of being pregnant. Still not 100% done gathering supplies for the birth kit. This weekend is going to be a flurry of housecleaning and shopping for those last few items!
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Well, since you asked...

I have nothing prepared yet for new baby. All the infant clothes are still in the attic, along with the infant car seat, bouncy chair, and basinett. I haven't ordered my birth kit yet and have no birthing pool. I will order the kit next week after pay day though. And dh will need to get in the attic a.s.a.p. for the baby stuff. Only five weeks left! At least we finally got the midwife paid off. This is all in stark contrast to my last two pregnancies where I had baby clothes ready three months in advance and baby showers and the whole bit. No shower this time, as I need absolutely nothing new (with the exception of cloth diapers).
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Hey I'll check in too! Well, I work outside the home too and It's getting really hard to give a crap about work! I NEED to be able to work, preferrably until I go into labor because I get no paid time off and it will be rough. Actually, we took out a loan to cover some of the expenses while I'm off work (I know not the best idea) and that finally got straightened out, so now I can pay my MW's their final payment! That is a huge load off my mind. We ordered our kit from InHisHands and it's here but I have yet to open it! I have a pool but need to find the drinking safe hose and attachments as well, good tip on Home Depot! I really want to pump the dern thing up to test it once! My house is a pigsty. I can't get motivated to clean. I'm 35 wks and on Tuesday at the MW appointment my hemoglobin was 10.5 which they are none too pleased about. If I can't get it up in two weeks I can't have my babe at home! I'm just really not hungry, so it's hard to force stuff down. They are also having me monitor my glucose everyday which is getting really old. Why does the little finger stick hurt worse everyday? And yes, I switch fingers! The babe was posterior at the MW appointment and I think the head is pressing on my pubic area because I will get little twinges of pain. I think my colostrum is in as well and Annika has been a nursing fiend but at 2.5 she tends to rub her teeth on my nipples and I can't stand it! They are so sore. She is going to grandma's house tonight for 2 nights! I love my girl but I'm pretty excited about a break. I'm going to go out with some friends to get pedicures (I'm sure I have toes down there somewhere). I need to get a few more supplies for the MW's and of course prepare some of the supplies. We need to get the bassinet out, wash it. But the infant seat is in the van!

Hang in there ladies.

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Heck yeah I'm feeling pregnant! I am one grumpy raging b**** I have this fantasy of being left alone on a deserted island with my sewing supplies, a portable DVD player and stack of movies, and a stack of good books. No other living soul--no toddlers, no cats, no people AT ALL. Hmmm, I don't think it's going to happen.

Anyway, yes, I'll check in! 35w2d. I turned in my dissertation draft on time and I'm waiting to hear about when the defense will be. I am torn between wanting it over with and wanting the baby to interrupt so I don't have to do it yet! (It's 2 hours being grilled in a room with the faculty, ick) But mama's gonna be a doctor, at long last (9 years in grad school....it's time....)

Baby is definitely getting big. I'm much bigger now than I was when DS was born (39 weeks) which is good as he was a tiny little guy. I'd like to order a nice 7-8 pounder, please. As far as I know baby is LOA though I feel her flip to ROA a lot. As long as she's not posterior I'm cool. I've been very careful about reclining and doing exercises and such. And I've had a few prenatal massages, very nice!

I still have some birth stuff to get--waterbirth stuff mostly, and food. My home visit is next friday when I'll be 36 1/2 weeks. My MW doesn't have a set date when you can deliver at home but I personally with our history wouldn't feel good about it until 37 weeks so she has to stay in until then. My house is an absolute sty as well and I can't gather any energy to clean it. What is this nesting thing??? I don't recall getting any nesting urges with DS either.

And I really, really need to SEW stuff but I am either dead tired, my pelvis hurts from sitting, or DS (3) is being a pill and won't let me stop playing legos with him. He is very excited about the birth and we talked yesterday about how waiting makes us grumpy!! (Mommy has been very grumpy lately...) The world won't end if I don't get this stuff sewn but I have some lovely organic velour baby clothes cut out that I want to put her in right away! Plus I have a carseat cover to make since I hate that nasty vinyl in the snugride.
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Originally Posted by Sleepymama
Heck yeah I'm feeling pregnant! I am one grumpy raging b**** I have this fantasy of being left alone on a deserted island with my sewing supplies, a portable DVD player and stack of movies, and a stack of good books. No other living soul--no toddlers, no cats, no people AT ALL. Hmmm, I don't think it's going to happen.
Oh, this is totally me right now!! It really doesn't help that dd woke up with green crusty eye discharge and I woke up with a sore throat and aching all over. Makes for a very unhappy mommy.

I'm 36 weeks and one day now. The baby is very low and feels much bigger than dd ever did. My hips are sore and I always have pressure on my bladder and everything. Lots of braxton hicks and weird groin pain. I agreed to a cervical check at my appt tomorrow and am really curious if anything has started. I dialated early with dd but made it past my due date so I know it doesn't really mean anything, but I will be happier if I'm at least 1 cm!! It's strange though, because as miserable as I feel I know I will miss it as soon as the baby is born. I'm getting all sorts of weird pokes and bulges from baby and am really trying to enjoy them as time is winding down. We met with our doula last night and I feel a lot better about the birth now. My final anxiety is the fact that we don't have good arrangements for dd yet.

I think we have pretty much everything we need and even got all the baby gear out and the carseat installed and checked. I want to freeze some meals and all but the thought of cooking is really unappealing right now. I also want to clean my house but I just feel really lazy.
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Originally Posted by Sleepymama
Heck yeah I'm feeling pregnant! I am one grumpy raging b****
That describes me exactly.
Its probably best that no one talk to me or look at me for that matter. I hate everyone and everything.
My husband warned me to not stand under our big tree when we had some really windy storms, because some branches have been falling down, well, the other day i wished one would come down and put me out of my misery. :

I am fine physically, yes I am big and slightly uncomfortable, and cant sleep worth beans.. It took me 3 hours to go to sleep last night.
But mentally, I am a disaster. Every morning I get up and say "only 28 more nights of this".
I will NOT go overdue, I refuse...
Only 11 more days then I am clear for birth center birth. I say I am 36 weeks today, (from my Ovulation date) but my dr has my due date 4 days later, which is good I suppose, buys me a few days at the end if neccessary..
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I will NOT go overdue, I refuse...
Yeah, I have just said no to that. N-O. I have that up for 3 hours in the middle of the night insomnia. Real PITA.
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I am miserable and mean. : I am in so much pain constantly that i just want to bean myself with a cast iron skillet. I try to sleep as much as possible while my girls are in school. But it is miserable even to sleep.

I am having a lot of contractions and most of them with pain. My ribs feel like i have a huge band wrapped around them that tightens more everyday. This little guy is stil VERY active and has no room. So i have excruciating groin pain, like the muscles are being ripped out.

My midwife has me off of my feet and my husband doesn't want me to do anything. Very boring and i'm going stir crazy. I'm holding out until next Thursday and then no more. I want to clean, shop, and cook a meal. I ordered the birth kit and i ordered the pool on the 3rd. Unfortunately i ordered the pool from a company, that i now know, has an F rating from the BBB. I should have checked on that before i ordered but can't do anything to change that now.

This morning i went ahead and ordered another pool from another online store. This time i checked and they are members of the BBB and have an A rating. Hopefully it will get here in time. We need to get the hose and adaptor.

I sent my husband out yesterday to buy plaster cloth to do a belly cast and oh he made me just a wee bit peeved! I specifically said buy 4 rolls of the 4" not the 8", but I didn't write it down. I gave him a printout of exactly what i wanted but didn't write down the amount of rolls. So he comes home with 1 roll of the 8". I tell him i said 4 and he said oh i must have gotten confused with the 4".....oy why oh why don't i learn my lesson and write stuff down.

I love him but he has a problem with a very short attention span. He makes mistakes like this all the time. But he has been helping a lot around the house. The girls have too. We have the house very clean and all the diapers and clothes are ready for the baby. So that helps defuse some of my grumpiness. Now we just sit and wait.
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I forgot to add that DS (who has sensory integration disorder) has chosen now to revive the old freak out so bad in the carseat he throws up routine. He had gotten so much better, and now I can't even take him to the store without him shrieking and thrashing so hard he gives himself a concussion. I am so done with his sensory problems. Please let this baby be normal. Please.
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Just found out yesterday that the babe has flipped breech : --meeting with the mw tomorrow to get some pulsatilla and talk about our plan of action. I had been having a ton o' semi-regular contractions/crampiness/etc in the past week and now that the babe is comfortably breech I feel a lot better....good, but so not good. I had just wrapped my head around the idea that maybe the babe would come early and now I have to worry about getting this kiddo flipped head down. *sigh* I think once I get that figured out one way or another I can start getting excited about meeting this new babe in a couple/few weeks!
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Thanks to missbliss for starting this thread.
I am doing better than I thought I would be. I am a little over 33 weeks. I have a birth doula all set and am setting up interviews for some postpartum doula help. Dh agreed to take 2 weeks off from work after the baby is born which will be great. Then hopefully we will have some postpartum doula help. It really depends on if we can find someone we feel comfortable with. Also, mil asked if she could do anything to help!

I have a lot of new baby clothes/layette (we gave away nearly all of ds's newborn-6 months stash) but I am holding off having them washed until the baby is born. Ds was too big for the newborn stuff (9.6 lbs) so I don't want to wash a bunch of clothes and then have them not be used. I ordered some stuff at hannaandersson on sale (beautiful cotton clothes). We don't know what we are having so I got stuff that either a boy or girl could wear.

I pulled out a lot of baby stuff from our basement today (carseat, swing, bassinet for the pack n play, baby tub) and we are going to wash and set it up this weekend. We also need to clear a few dressers so we have a place to put the baby's clothes.

Still not sure where he/she is going to sleep...most likely in our room, in a bassinet.

I do need to pack an overnight bag for the hospital, and will do that this weekend. I have some projects I am trying to get done (put all of ds's pics in photo albums,

My biggest preparation is just accepting how much of a change this will be--going from one child to two--and trying to be positive about it. We really wanted a second baby but throughout the pregnancy I have had mixed feelings about ds having to share me with someone else. Just accepting and writing about these feelings has helped.

Oops, forgot to add that I have a nasty, lingering headcold. blech.
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Originally Posted by Danielsmom
Oops, forgot to add that I have a nasty, lingering headcold. blech.
That would go nicely with my nasty lingering chestcough.
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I don't think I've posted here much since I was about 4 months pregnant, but I'm getting really excited about this pregnancy so I'll update anyway!

I'm about 35 weeks, give or take now The baby has been breech as long as we could tell but last night she turned, after 2 sessions of Webster with an awesome chiropractor! If we can get this place clean and our birth kit ever comes in the mail it looks like we're all set for a VBAC homebirth! I'm exhausted and my back hurts, but I'm sure that's no different than anyone else here It seems like everyone is doing well and I'm excited for all of us!!
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Hi ladies~checkin' in here.
I am 34w3d now, and have been feeling better than expected. My feet have been having this horrible swelling problem, so I have to sit/lay around most of the day (bummer)! I have been getting a little cranky, and weepy. It seems like it doesn't take much to make me cry. I am also getting stressed about getting the house ready for labor i.e. getting birth supply kit, hose, towels, ect. We don't have much for the baby, but like Missbliss said, what more do we really need besides clothes, diapers and a breast?! I'm sure it will all work itself out.
We sold our four door truck a few months ago, and held off on buying a car because we were in the middle of buying a house. Now, we have less to spend than we thought, and we have no car that can carry all of us. I am really stressed about that.
Other than general pregnancy related problems, I am doing ok. I feel very content right now. We'll see how I get as the birth draws nearer.
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I'm 36 weeks tomorrow.
At this point, I seem to be exhausted on a daily basis (could be DD waking up every few hours all night every night PLUS the 3 trimester tiredness).
I'm also very crabby nearly all the time and I hate it.
What I really need is EXTRA patience for my 19 month old (and DH).

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for my "nesting" energy to kick in. I would love to have the urge and the energy to scrub every corner of the house and alphabetize my spice cabinet but so far, nothing.
Recently, it takes too much effort to do much more than sit around and occassionally do a load of laundry.
Sad but true.

There are clean clothes and diapers for both kids. That's all the prep I'm going to do. If we need something DH will have to take care of it.
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2 words. Enourmous. Uncomfortable.

And on bed rest since Tuesday. I'm 33w4d and even though I'm not ready, IM READY.


Both pictures were taken Monday, before I found out that my cervix has thinned to 1 1/2 cm. So I'm on strict bedrest until they come.

Oh, and I'm not to happy about it. :
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Wow Liz. Late term with twins has to be one of the least pleasant moments in a mama's life...I will stop complaining about my belly now!!! Your belly skin even looks like it desperately wants them out!!

Stay in just a bit longer though babies, then OUT OUT OUT!!
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I'm getting tired of people asking me how I feel - look at me you fool! How does it LOOK like I feel?! I'm big and uncomfortable and my insides have GOT to be black and blue by now. I'm a raging hormonal b**** and I just want to slap my FIL everytime he looks at me and says "My God girl, look how huge you are!" I'm actually smaller than I was at this point with dd3 you a**hole : I'm only at 34 weeks - but I'm ready NOW!

And Liz - you're my hero! Every time I start whining (which is quite often actually) I start thinking about you and what you must be going through right now - not that it shuts me up, but I think about you
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