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"look at me you fool! How does it LOOK like I feel?! I'm big and uncomfortable and my insides have GOT to be black and blue by now. I'm a raging hormonal b**** and I just want to slap my FIL everytime he looks at me and says "My God girl, look how huge you are!" I'm actually smaller than I was at this point with dd3 you a**hole :"

I'm lmao here at this post. That's how I feel whenever someone makes "you're huge!" comments.
And I forgot to add that while I feel happy at what I'm getting done and doing for the baby's birth, I have raging hormones too. I CANNOT stomach most of my inlaws these days. Anything they say or do irritates the bejeepers out of me.
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It's great to see how everyone is doing! I can't believe how close we're all getting. So exciting, and so scary....!

I'm 35 weeks tomorrow. I'm feeling not too bad, really. I'm tired and my hips are incredibly sore, but my biggest complaint is lack of sleep. I can get MAYBE three hours at night. I try to nap in the day, but even naps are tough to get. Luckily I'm not working, and this will be my first baby, so I have the time to get some rest where I can. It's just annoying knowing this is the last chance I have to sleep as long and whenever I like, and my body won't let me!!

I think I'm holding it together emotionally most of the time, but I really do cry easily. DP's grandma passed away three days ago, and it's been a sad time around here, so just about anything makes me tear up right now. We have the funeral to go to at the end of the week, I hope I can make it through without sobbing.

I'm finally starting to get a grasp on the fact that I'm not just pregnant, but there will actually be a BABY. For a long time it was hard to even imagine a little one in our house, but I'm starting to see it!

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Well here I am still here, little girl still in here. I have been poked, proded, medicated, and I feel like I have been the most emotional person on this planet. I am 35 weeks tommorow. I am so grateful to have been lucky enough to hold baby in this long. Watch I will be the last one to have the baby, lol! Midwife jokes with me all the time, she did today. I am 1 cm dilated. At least no more then that.

Funny thing though, when I went to give my pee sample, I looked in the cup and saw something floating, I thought it was a piece of my plug, lol! It was a piece of cheap hospital toilet paper, I thought it looked a little like toilet paper. I wonder what they thought. I wasn't going to fish it out yuck!

So I laughed coming out of the bathroom, then they told me my weight holy moly 170 lbs., well I surpassed the weight gain with this pregnnacy compared to my last in 2004. Still contracting every 2-3 minutes, and the medicines do not work, but she said they are.

I really wish everyone luck in the last few weeks here. Happy healthy babies!
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Oh yes, been feeling very pregnant for a while now!

At 32 weeks had to go to the hospital for very frequent braxton hicks contractions. They were coming about every 2 to 6 minutes. SInce then they have continued to happen a lot, anywhere from every 5 to every 15 minutes. Baby dropped at about 33 weeks. Feels like she recently moved even lower. Lots of pressure, and off & on cramps & lower back ache. I'm at just over 35 weeks, but I feel like I'm ready to go. I know it would be better for her to stay in there a few more weeka at least though.

I've been very moody! I have to work up until labor too, it's a stressful job so it has been hard to tolerate lately.
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Winnie: so sorry about your Gma. Big (((Hugs))) to you right now.

MelissaRose: This is your first! Big congrats. The first is so exciting. Try to enjoy these last few weeks of being pregnant. believe it or not you will probably miss it when it's over. It's a funny thing.

I have my midwife home visit tomorrow which will mark our OK point to homebirth if the baby decides to come early. Even though I am having plenty of sleep deprivation, lots of 2-3 min apart contrx for hours on end, I am just not ready to be done. I think this may be our last and I want to treasure all these last moments. For the most part I have enjoyed all my pregnancies. When esle in my life to I have an excuse for having a large belly.
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