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Food or smell aversions?

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Oh my gosh...this is getting old. First, it was just that I could smell everything much stronger than usual. Then, it was popcorn. I've always loved popcorn, it's my favorite snack. Right now, the smell makes me want to hurl.

Then...DH and I were dtd last night...it was his breath. I had to turn my head a little. I felt so awful! His breath wasn't any different than usual.

I really hope this is a first trimester thing that will go away...
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EVERYTHING smells wrong to me. And yes, people breathing on me, even if their breath is fine. I just can't stand hot air, I can't stand near the heating vent when it comes on. Popcorn most definitely makes me lose it.

- Krista
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Hee hee... YES. Me, too. I've always had a sharp sense of smell, but this is ridiculous.

Let's see... what smells make me queasy/upset?

*commercial perfume and potpourri (big problem at the movies or dr. office!)
*perfume oils with cinnamon, clove, spices (normally my favorites)
*plastic (inside of milk carton, tupperware, prescription bottles)
*cookies or cakes or anything "bakery"
*cooked broccoli
*that "steakhouse" smell you get at Outback or Longhorns or Taco Mac
*the cat while/after bathing himself-- just cat spit!
*husband's breath

And, worst of all:
*my own body, especially my armpits and hair

What's funny is that every since college, i've thought my husband just didn't smell... right. His skin, his hair, his armpits, his breath. I even wrote a poem in college about it. As soon as I went off the pill and got pregnant, though, he smelled just fine to me. Barely any smell, even after working out, and then just pleasant. Yay for hormones! Now, if only *I* didn't smell so horrible to myself...
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:Puke Pizza, lasagna anything Italian looking or smelling

Also, Swiffer wet floor wipes. I can smell them even after my husband has taken out the trash.
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Oh, I was just thinking about this last night. I turn into a bloodhound when pregnant and dh HATES it!

My aversions change frequently, but most recently it's been chicken which is the bulk of what we eat. fish has also been another culprit.

I've always loved ds's breath, esp after nursing - but his breath actually smells bad to me right now.
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Oh, it changes everyday.

The smell of dirty dishes, specifically the one that had some terrible Barilla pasta sauce in it (that sauce was yucky!). This had me dry heaving, for the first time this pregnancy.

ONIONS! I used to love onions, and I cut a bunch up, and put them in the fridge. The fridge reeks!
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DH's coffee breath.
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Originally Posted by peilover010202
Oh, I was just thinking about this last night. I turn into a bloodhound when pregnant and dh HATES it!
I hear you! This is becoming a daily conversation...
ME: Do you smell that? I smell something gross.
DH: (sigh)I don't smell anything.
ME: Did you take out the trash?
DH: Yes, dear.
ME: Then what is that d@mn smell?!
DH: (sighs again)I don't smell anything, I think you're losing it.
ME:Fine, whatever, but something stinks
...and then I go through the house trying to find whatever it is that smells while dh looks at me like I am a mad person
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Nice to know I'm not the only super-sniffer right now! I should have realized I was pg right away when I could smell DH's strap wrench from 4 feet away when it was under a blanket! I had to hunt all through the family room to figure out what that horrible rubber smell was.

At least DH's breath wasn't bugging me again last night, because I'd really hate to quit kissing the guy!

My last pg I developed a horrible smell aversion to Degree antiperspirant--while I was wearing it at work. I had to go scrub my pits in the bathroom, and then any time for a few years afterward I would start to feel gaggy if I smelled that stuff. I guess it was psychological at that point...since it made me want to hurl all through the pg, I couldn't get rid of the association after I had DD!
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My first pregnancy symptom was when I was working at a craft fair in early December and I could smell a woman's Egg Nog Latte across a crowded room.

Current offensive smells:
* Eggs cooking (but once cooked, ok)
* The broiler pan from steak dinner on Saturday which I have yet to wash b/c I can't get close enough to it due to the smell
* Bad breath
* Uriny diapers (but poopies ok)
* Any kind of sausage smell but especially keilbasa
* Milk but only if it is in a plastic jug
* Almost anything I cook for dinner but that's b/c dinner is during my "bad" time of the day.

I'm waiting for food aversions to really sink in. I can no longer drink OJ (happened with ds) b/c it tastes very sour to me, but I could drink pineapple juice all day long. Last time I couldn't stand soy milk but cow's milk ruled. This time soy is ok but cow's milk is giving me issues. And last time beans gave me a hard time, but this time I seem to be craving them.
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