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I'm so upset...update

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Well, I found a group of midwives who actually practice out of a local hospital (why I couldn't find them before I don't know!) that I'm meeting with tomorrow. I actually have a phone interview with one tonight and then a consultation tomorrow. I've been crampy and spotting occaisonally so I'm interested in getting some idea if anything is happening. Headaches are gone and I pretty sure blood pressure is fine. I'm just waiting to get everything in order after tomorrow. I'm glad I decided to switch-someone pointed out to me that a doula just might anger a "bully" doctor more so I'm glad I decided to switch all together. Now, though, we are 1.5 hours from the new hospital so we'll have to plan our leaving a little earlier. I'm excited though-I've heard great things about these women!
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Good for you! I hope the interviews with them go well.
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I'm so happy you found this group! Must be quite a relief to have another option!
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I am so glad you found a midwife to work with you
Ours is an hour and forty minutes away but it is soooo worth the trip!
This will be our 3d baby with a midwife and I can't say enough about the difference from my friends births with doctors, so much better!
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That is great - I'm glad you found a better practice to switch to!

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Sounds good. Have fun.
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