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I'm initiated into the world of the "false alarm"...

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We had our regular appt at the birth center yesterday morning - I was 36w 4d. All was well, the midwife did a vaginal exam... our birth center is 1 1/2 hrs away, and because I have a history of going a bit early and fast, and I've been feeling like something was probably changing with all the BHs lately, we wanted to know where we are starting from should I go into labor any time now. She said I was 2 cm, 60-70% effaced, and baby is head down at -1 station.

So, we had lunch, spent the afternoon a our friends' house, then headed home after stopping to have dinner. Just as we were arriving back to our town, a little after 8 pm, I noticed that I had just had 3 contractions that were 7-8 minutes apart (something made me look at the clock in the car). I mentioned it to DH, and said we'd go ahead and run the errand across town we had planned to do before going back to our house. Meanwhile I kept writing down the times, and continued to have contractions an average of about 8 min apart (some 5, some 10 or 12). Not painful, but uncomfortable.

I've never had false labor before - even being dilated early with Noah, I never had regular contractions before I actually went into labor with him. So, instead of going home, we just turned around and headed back up the freeway towards the birth center again (we had everything in the car already, thankfully). Got to the birth center another 1 1/2 hrs later, where one of the midwives was already with another mom in labor, so she let me in and checked me...3 cm now, but contractions weren't getting any stronger or closer.

So we went back to my friend's house, stayed the night to see if anything was going to progress. I kept having contractions, but they didn't get worse or closer and we all slept some. Had some bloody show this morning (a bit heavier than the spotting I had already had after the vag exams), but contractions were no longer regular. So we came back home again!

I'm crampy, sore, tired, don't feel great...but not in active labor. Which really is a good thing - the water birth room at the birth center was already in use last night, and then they had a couple more moms go into labor after I got there, so they were unusually busy. Plus my sister is coming in a week and a half and I really want her to be here for the birth...

It was just weird, confusing, and a little embarrassing to think things might be starting up and then they don't go anywhere! So I'm just going to take it really easy, make sure things stay "ready to go", and wait for the little one to decide he's ready to make his appearance for real!

OH! One kind of nice thing came out of it...DH suggested a new middle name for Ian (rather than the "Conceivable" name he's been insisting on lately, LOL!). He said as we were heading back up to the birth center for the second time last night that we should name the baby Ian Miles (in honor of the approx 400 miles we drove yesterday because of him!). It's not a bad name, so it might just stick!
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Sounds like prodromal labor land...very irritating. I had that with DS but I also had the flu so I couldn't tell whether they were ctx or I just felt like crap

I think Ian has been waiting for his middle name, so it shouldn't be long now!!!
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I'd have to guess with your cute belly that Ian *was* concievable. =)
But then, my DH likes the name Justin Casey so... (no, not going to happen!)
I'm sure you are not the first laboring-but-not-laboring mom your MW's have seen, nor will you be the last. It's a fun story to put in a baby book/pregnancy journal! =)
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"Justin Casey"

What is it with our DHs and their name humor issues??
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I think I've entered prodromal land. I've been contracting fairly regularly, non painful for the most part, since Wednesday night. Joy joy joy .

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Well, that was exciting to read!!! Have you had any contractions since then?

I love the names!! LOL
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Well, it certainly sounds like your body is getting geared up but I hear you on wanting the baby to wait awhile longer. My MIL flies in on the 24th and I'm being induced on the 25th and everything would fall so nicely into place if the baby just waits until then.
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Originally Posted by danav
"Justin Casey"

What is it with our DHs and their name humor issues??
I KNEW dd1 was a girl, but we wanted a boy's name as well on the off chance that SHE came out a HE - I had Justin something or other and my mom said we would just call him Justin Case
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I remember reading in Ina May's new book that have one or more starts to labor that don't continue through birth is actually more common with subsequent babies. My mom had "false labor" with me (her second) and the nurses chastised her for "not knowing real labor from false" after she'd already had a child. So when I read that I told her it was common and thought what a$$es those nurses were. Of course some call this prodomal or prelabor, but Ina May's approach seems to be that labor all "counts" - it's just that sometimes it brings on a baby and sometimes your body pauses for a few days and restarts. I like that way of looking at it. Hope baby decides to arrive when your sister's visiting!

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