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Bloody, bloody gums

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Anyone else having some EXTREME bleeding gums? Up until this point it has been no big deal--regular (though not daily), light pink in the sink when I finish up.

This morning, though . . . you would've thought I had been punched in the mouth. Yuck!

Something to ask about at my prenatal tonight, I suppose . . . I know that bleeding gums are common during pregnancy, but today was a bit ridiculous!
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Just bloody noses here :
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Nope, not here. I've had one minor episode of bleeding gums w/ each PG. What happened to you does sound a bit extreme. Poor thing...I'll bet that was a shocker when you looked in the sink!
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Do you floss? I floss religiously every night, very vigorously. I have one spot that was bleeding the whole pg but recently stopped. I had a dentist appt a couple of weeks ago, just a cleaning & they really got up there just to make sure there wasn't anything causing it - like plaque build-up, maybe that's why it stopped bleeding??
I always pay extra attention to my oral care while pg.

Oh yea, never had a nosebleed before this pg & have had at least 6 this pg.
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me too. and flossing is really bad-I always hope no one comes in and sees the sink during. I also had to switch to only using my homeopathic lemon toothpaste because I was too sensitive to everything else.

I was going to go to the dentist for a cleaning, then I read the other thread and realized that I wouldn't even be able to sit in the chair.
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In the past 2 weeks my gums have been bleeding like crazy...maybe 2 times a week. Particularly b/t my front two teeth....

I remember during my last pg, the dentist said it was not uncommon due to the increased blood flow in the body...

If you are concerned I would definetly call the dentist and get things checked out....
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More bleeding here recently too........especially on the rare occasion that I floss!
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Yeah, I've been having bleeding gums since about week 20. One place worse than others. I have seriously never bled so much in my mouth before! It doesn't hurt at all, but man, it just flows and flows!

I have found that when I floss regularly (sometimes 2 times a day) it gets better.
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