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when to start using training pants?

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(*I posted this earlier, but I don't think it worked, I don't see it anywhere*)

When should I start using training pants on DS during the day? He is 19 months and just now VERY interested in the potty (his own decision). He has peed in twice today, and he has been sitting on it looking at books for 30 min at a time the last few days!

I plan on using Gerber training pants and Bummis pull ups as covers for a while. Does anyone know if they are true to size?

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I don't know, we never used them

I bet you'll get a better response in Diapering
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From my own experience I would say hold off on moves towards PTing! My dd was the exact smae way- at 19 mths she got a bad tummy virus and would get up in the middle of the night nad beg for the potty to go poop on, and she was peeing in it everyday, of her own accord. So I tried training pants and potty-training her, and it back-fired.
To make a long story short, she is 28 mths now and almsot fully PTed, but I wish I had just encouraged the potty without any true PTing, like the training pants.
So, I'd say just make a quick, happy comment to show your approval when goes potty but don't make a big to-do over it- this looked like it worked for my dd, but really just turned her off. At 19 mths he is most likely not mature enough to stop playing and go to the potty everytime he needs to.
The good news is that with the gentle encouragement but no pressure, he may very well PT by 2- 2.5! I say they do it when they are ready and all you really have to do is stand by and offer simple praise and talk about the potty.
Also, the Bear in the Big Blue House video "Potty Time with Bear" and the "once Upon a Potty" book are both excellent, cute, and factual resources to help him out!
Good luck, you will have to feel this one out and you both will learn from the experience!
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"at 19 mths he is most likely not mature enough to stop playing and go to the potty every time he needs to".
I totally disagree. Maybe this is true for some but my son began using the potty (his choice) at 14 months and gave up diapers for the day at 17 months and for day and night by 18 months with only a few limited accidents after that, and he would always stop and ask for the potty even when he was really engaged in an activity. It is sooooo child specific. We didn't make a big deal about accidents but we clapped and danced when he used the potty. Everything was at Isaiah's pace, but I would prompt him about using the potty about 15-20 min after eating or drinking a lot of whatever (I took this hint from the EC discussions I read), but again, if he didn't want to I didn't pressure just prompted him once.

In relation to the original question, we did not use training pants although we bought some really great ones from eco-baby. They were too confusing for Isaiah. It was like wearing a diaper. I think the best thing for Isaiah was naked time. It lets them see what happens when they have that pee or poop feeling inside KWIM, something actually comes outa there!!!!!!

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I love the idea of naked time, Pottermama, but we are renting right now and have carpet everywhere

But we hope to be in our own place by the summer.

I was thinking of using the Gerber training pants and Bummis pullup covers just bc it would make getting the diaper off easier and faster, and he could do it himself.

Hmmm...honestly, I don't plan on pushing him at all, just following his lead, but I am thrilled that he is showing interest!!!

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Pottermomma- Great point! I myself was one of those that was ready early and I was fully PTed before 2- my Mom not only did not pressure me, but by the time she realized I was ready (she had 2 older boys that were not PTed until almost 3, so she wasn't even looking for the signs!), I was almost begging to use the potty and trained very quickly.
However, I have seen only a very few kids trained at 19 mths, so that is why I said "Most" kids were not ready then.
I also want to clarify that I never pressured my dd at all, in the sense that if I asked and she didn't want to go I left it at that, and I when she did use the potty I clapped and danced and told her how great it was. I never made a deal over accidents, and if she wanted to not go in the potty at all for days, that was fine too!
And that is what I meant by "pressure"- though pressure is really not the correct word.
I think making a to-do over the potty- as in putting her in training pants and getting pretty excited when she had success, turned her off. This is just my experience with my dd! It's just my story, not meant to be that it is like this for all kids. Hope that clarifies!
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Ksmeadowlark ~ we had a friend that was renting with carpet when her son was wanting to learn to use the potty and they did naked time (this is how I got the idea) and then rented a steam cleaner after he was done (along with cleaning the carpet really well each time). We had an area rug when Isaiah was learning, but, we were already committed to getting rid of that thing when he was done, so no big deal for us, the rest of the house is tile. The weather will be getting warmer soon too (hopefully ) and I have another friend that waited until the summer with all 3 of her kids and just put the potty outside and/or would let them have their naked time outside so again, they could see what actually goes on down there!!!!! Just some thoughts!!!
Nanner ~ sorry if I sounded harsh (i re-read my post and thought maybe????) and I only disagreed with the idea that a child couldn't stop playing to use the potty, not your whole process, sounds like you and your dd had a nice and successful journey to the end of the potty using road

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