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Mucus Plug/Bloody Show

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I am like obsessed with looking for this. I'll be 37 weeks on Sun, and I haven't seen it yet. My OB just had her second baby, and she said she never saw hers.

I was just wondering for those who have seen it, how far along were you? I am already starting to dialate a little (1cm) but haven't seen anything. Will I?

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With dd I lost my mucus plug a day or so before labor. I have heard many women never see it and if you do labor could still be up to a week away. But it sure does not hurt to keep watching! Anything to be hopefull about is fun to look for!
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I've seen bits and pieces of mine over the past couple of weeks. I was at 3 cm yesterday so I've been slowly opening up enough to cause it to come loose. None of it has been bloody thus far.
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I have never seen mine before either. However I think I did see a bit of it yesterday. But no blood with it, just the mucus, and just a little at that. I will be 37 weeks this Sunday. So I suppose it could be time to look for it. Also maybe to set up a plan incase I go into labor while hubby is away at work!! :
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I had some bloody mucus discharge Wed evening and all day yesterday, but since I had two vaginal exams on Wednesday (at my reg appt in the morning and due to the false labor thing that night) I wasn't sure how much of it was spotting from that, and how much was actual bloody show from the dilating. I was 2 cm Wed morning, 3 cm that night. It was more than the light spotting you typically get from a vag exam, though, very red in the morning and turning brown by last night, and definitely mucus and not just blood.

With my first two I never saw a distinct plug - I think I saw a small amount of blood-tinged mucus after my water broke with Jenna, and had some spotting the day I went into labor with Noah because I had my membranes swept that morning. I guess for some women it's a big event ("Woh - there's my plug!") and for some it's more a gradual process that's easy to miss.
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OK, then!! I just went to the bathroom after getting off the computer, and (sorry for the TMI!) passed a HUGE glob of very thick, sticky mucus! At LEAST enough to be the same size as a grape! Never saw anything quite like that before...guess that can definitely be considered a "Woh - there's my plug!" moment, huh?
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I lost mine about 2 weeks ago, it wasn't bloody. This is the first pg I've ever noticed it before. I am about 2 cm now.

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Wow Dana! Sounds like you've definately got something going on!!

With all three of mine, I lost my mucus plug (it was very obvious) and had a baby within 24 hours. But I know it's different for each woman. This time, every time I go to the bathroom there's mucus - not always a lot, but some.
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With dd, I lost my plug w/ a bit of bloody show about 2 hours before my water broke---I didn't have any more show until I was about 4-6 cm the following afternoon. I never did have any of the copious mucousy discharge leading up to losing the plug so not expecting that this time around either.

Dana--woohoo! Hope we can meet Ian conceivable miles soon!
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I've had some more bloody mucus (just a small amount) almost every time I've been to the bathroom today since that plug came out. Contractions haven't changed, though. So it could still be a while...but my sister will be SO disappointed if he doesn't wait for her! I just hope if he does decide to come now that he's really ready...I'm only 37 weeks tomorrow and I really don't want him to end up in the hospital because of not breathing well enough or something like that! Maybe he'll hang out in there another week and a half or so...
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I never saw any sign of "losing" it (despite expecting to and carefully looking!) with my DD, so I guess it came out gradually. No sign of it yet this time, either....

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I just wanted to say how exciting!! It makes me think back to when I was waiting for dd. Such a great time.
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Thanks so much everyone. I'm actually going to stop looking for it. It's just making this pregnancy seem longer. On Wed, OB said I was 1cm, but my cervix was still hard and long. I'm soo ready to have this baby. Oh the pains!!!

Thanks again
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