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"Stomach Stiffies"

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Well, that's what I call them at least. With DS, when everything got all hard, I thought it was the baby pushing every direction at once. This time, I was talking to a friend due 5 days before me and she was asking about it. As I listened to her description, I knew it was BH. Then I realized that's what I was doing too! Second time around, certified CBE, goodness, you'd think I'd know these things! Well, knowing for other people is good too, I wish I could figure them out for what I'm going through too.

Fun part is, my friend and I are very much in sync. When she asked, and I felt her "stiffy," right after I had one too. She's the one I want with me to help with DS at the birth, so I hope I go into labor first. Then she can follow and my MW can catch her baby too. If she goes first, and I'm there to support her as planned, then I might end up with an unplanned hospital birth. =)
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Having alot of Braxton hicks this time around also...
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I've got BH CONSTANTLY! I've been getting them since around 20 weeks or so, they are much more frequent now, like at least one every hour or so
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Oh man, THOSE are BHC?! I thought they were supposed to hurt or something...

and all this time, I thought my baby was just a big pusher or something.
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