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Help find me a new OB in Northern Virginia

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My husband's new job comes with new insurance which is not accepted in and around where I live. I will have to travel into Northern Virginia (Leesburg and surrounding areas, Manassas) for care.
Obviously from the location of this post, I am a c-section only kinda gal. So, I am looking for an OB that will support my decision and help make it a great birth experience. I would like to hold and nurse my next child in recovery, I have yet been able to do that.
Any experience with hospitals in the above areas is also welcome for comment, since usually it is hospital policy that henders you more than your doc.
I don't think I am pregnant yet, but I am hoping to be by this summer. I'm still nursing
I have so time to do some research on the docs and hospitals, but nothing compares to what others have experienced. I want to hear the good and the bad and the I wish I hads.
Thanks so much.
BoobieBoys Mommy
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My first was with a midwife in Bethesda, and my second was with an OB I loved but whom closed up shop soon after Sophie was born, so I can't help you, except to wish you good luck.

HeatherE is from Manassas, you might ask her.
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BirthCare, the birth center in Alexandria might have some suggestions. And hospital advice.
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Hi! I am mainly a lurker here. I live in Northern Virginia (Fairfax area) and had a C section in August of 2001. My OBs were really warm and supportive. The office is Doctors Anderson, Davis, Maanavi, Muasher, and Taber. They are all women and are all young-ish and very modern. They deliver at Inova Fairfax which is near Highway 50 and Gallows Rd in Falls Church. I had a great delivery experience with them at Inova Fairfax. I had very little pain and a very fast recovery.

When you see them as an OB patient, you rotate through all 5 doctors. Whichever one is on call delivers you, and they always have someone at the hospital.

I am actually not sure if I am going to continue to use them with a second pregnancy, since I am leaning toward VBAC and they are only mildly supportive of VBAC. But if I wanted to do a repeat C, then I would use them again in a heartbeat.

I just had my yearly and I had a long talk with Dr. Taber about VBAC. At least she was very open and honest with me about their policies (they really prefer to repeat C and want to do repeat if no spontabeous labor by 39 weeks). At least they don't do the bait and switch that so many OBs seem to do with VBAC (talking the good talk until 38 weeks and then pushing for a C).

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I have heard bad things about fairfax H. for bonding and protocol leniency. Knowing your having a c-section, I would recommend Fair Oaks H. (they are more mother//baby friendly and even have lactation consultants on hand.
I would also try and meet with tepeyac Family Center in Fairfax www.tepeyacfamilycenter.com. They are a pro-life catholic practice (I am not either of those) but I go there because they seem less rigid about certain things and Dr. B and Gina Halderman CNM are very warm and open people. We are with them now and I am due with #2 in June. I had our c-section (not planned) at fair Oaks and as far as hospitals go, they are my pick by FAR in this conservative area.
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My understanding is that the policies at Fair Oaks and Fairfax are very similar. My Csection was at Fairfax, and I thought it was a very positive experience. They support rooming in (my DD roomed in 100% after our C), have a large lactation center on-site, do breastfeeding classes in the hospital for newly delivered moms, etc. My DD had a big "breastfed only" sign on her layette and the nurses were NOT shy the couple times she was in the nursery to bring her to me to feed her.

What I HAVE heard is that since Fair Oaks is a smaller hospital, it is warmer and friendlier. Also, they have a much larger percentage of private rooms which is nice. Fairfax delivers 3 times the number of babies that Fair Oaks does, so they are quite the "baby factory".

I am curious, were you able to nurse your baby in the OR at Fair Oaks? I would like to be able to do that in the event of another Csection. I did not at Fairfax, but I was having low oxygen levels and was pretty woozy.
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Sounds like we both had a similar experience after our c-sections (i.e. rooming in, breastfeeding support etc.) that is encouraging :-) I would not say Fair Oaks is even close to perfect! AS I am sure Fairfax is as well. I think, like you said.. because Fairfax is bigger it can be less personable?

I was not able to breastfeed while being stitched up and I really wish i had. If I happen to have another c-section (not planning for it) I am not sure the practice/hospital would allow it? I can say one thing though, I would make sure we have a c-section birth plan this time. I would include, 1) that our baby does not get the eye ointment prior to nursing for the 1st time and is not bathed (I want to be part of that for the first time + takes more time to be separated until baby is brought to Mommy. I would love to hear stories of hospitals that allowed baby to nurse while Mom was being sutured up and never left her side.

We went from a dark, private room to the OR with bright lights and a radio playing! I would of said to turn off the radio if I had been more with it!

It took about 20 min for our dd to be brought to me for the first time in post OP. Felt like a lifetime!
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one thing that i forgot to mention was Fair Oaks does not have LDR rooms, only LD rooms (that are nice) but if your an unlucky one you might be stuck in a semi private recovery room? if so dh can not stay the night! awful! we did not have that issue, but can you imagine! how scary, especially after a c-section.
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