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This blasted nipple...! Help!

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I keep having problems after months and months of perfectly successful breastfeeding. First I had a clogged milk pore in my nipple, then a month or so later I had mastitis in that breast, and now the nipple is all pinkish and sore. Thrush, maybe? But why am I developing all these problems on one side only? It's really uncomfortable, and I feel like there's always something, but only on the right side. Can anyone help?
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What led you to think it was a clogged pore in the nipple itself? Did you see a white dot or blister? If so, it could have been an abrasion brought on by improper nursing. You may have developed mastitis because of a clog or other trauma on that side. Does your child nurse differently on that side or prefer a side? Has s/he recently gotten teeth or become more mobile? Are there new nursing positions?
You may have thrush, but you may also be sore for other reasons. Address the above possibility first. Have you taken antibiotics lately, like for the mastitis?
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I did take antibiotics for the mastitis, and finished them about two weeks ago. The clogged pore was very clear-- a white dot, and lots of dried milk behind it. Abby is teething but doesn't actually have teeth yet. Do you think she's nursing differently on one side for some reason, even though it has been fine for months?
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Hmmm. Since you did just finish a course of antibiotics, you should probably be checked for thrush. Antibiotics can predispose you to it by wiping out your natural flora that would normally keep it at bay. An acidophilus/lactobacilli supplement could help.

Did the soreness you have now start after the mastitis or before? It could be trauma that caused both, and it is taking you a while to heal. Evaluate how your baby nurses. It is possible that she is nursing differently than before on that side.

I'd see a LLL Leader in person or lactation consultant if you don't get better soon. They can watch the baby nursing and examine the nipple itself to help you narrow down the cause.
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Thanks! I've never been to LLL. Do I have to join to call one of their leaders?
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Nope! We're all volunteers. LLL is a great organization to support, but it's available to any mom, free of charge.
Tell the Leader you speak with about your problem, and ask her if you can meet with her in person--it can really help with tricky diagnoses.

Good luck. I hope they can be of help to you.
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