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And all this time I thought it was the kids!

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I'm so embarrassed to admit that I was coming to really FEAR late April/early May, when I am expecting our 3rd child. It seemed to me that my children had been possessed, my husband was in a permanent bad mood, and my house was just too tiny to fit our growing family.

What a surprise when I hit that point in pregnancy when you begin to freak out about getting ready for the baby. I started out small with keeping the dishes clean and put away and doing smaller loads of laundry every day rather than spending all day doing laundry once a week. Then I de-toyed the living room and banished all the dolls and play food and wooden puzzles to the kids' room. Wow. At the end of the day, I actually felt like cooking dinner. Hubby came home to a clean-ish house and the smell of food cooking and his "funk" disappeared. I found this forum and began to lurk. More organizing/reorganizing, more trashing stuff, more giving away... nicer hubby, better mood for me, and my children started behaving better! Now I wonder if it was, all this time, ME that was the main culprit, or was it that the junk everywhere had us all in a bad mood??

I get on here and read, read, read every day for more encourgement and enlightenment. You can actually SEE the carpet in most every room... Every shelf is not filled to overflowing... Dresser drawers close all the way... Best of all, we are a happier family.

I'm here to stay. I love my new, cleaner house and my new, nicer family (and self!)!!

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woo-hoo!!!!!!! it's a great feeling, isn't it? this is a very inspirational forum.
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YAY!!!! for you! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story. It's very uplifting.
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Happened to us too! This year has been amazing for us. Dh has been so pleasant. We started the decluttering/cleaning/organizing process after Christmas and it has just about improved everything!
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Originally Posted by dkenagy
and my children started behaving better!
Interesting! I think they respond to my stress in keeping it all clean and also I am less tolerant of them. Also, I have noticed they play with things MORE when they have less to play with. It has got to be overwhelming for them as well. Every time I threaten to clean out their rooms (often I actually do it), they cry and complain. But they are always excited to come into their room when I am done and *every* single time have told me that they LOVE it!

My plan is one very large pile (i.e. a whole bedroom) and one smaller pile this weekend. (Also one complete drawer full of papers in need of shredding if I get the time.) And it all has to get loaded up in the car and donated. I already have 1/4 of a van "trunk" from the other night. Your post is inspirational and I will think of it as I am working on decluttering tomorrow.
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Congrats!! My 5yo has also started to behave better since I culled the toys. She actually picks up her room by herself b/c it's not so messy that she doesn't know wher to start.
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Thanks, ladies! I plan to keep this up for a long time... it's so much nicer around here. I mean, it's still a tiny rental with not a whole lot going for it, but it's mine (for now) and it should at least be comfortable (and comforting!).

I vow never to let my house get away from me like that again! It takes work, but it's amazing how good it makes you feel when you are looking around at the disappearing clutter!
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